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  • Access to Geelong Cemeteries Trust

    If you are researching your family history in the Geelong area here is a link to the Geelong Cemeteries Trust. This covers Geelong and Surrounding areas. I will update the latest deaths when i can. DOB - Date of Birth. DOD - Date of Death. DOS - Date of Service. (Dates from Geelong Cemeteries Trust) (Deceased names from Geelong Adevertiser) GEC - Geelong Easte...

  • mtDNA T2 (Ashkenazi & Sephardi)

    16126C, 16241G, 16294T, 16304C, 16519C 73G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C

  • Alabama Family Tree DNA Home

    Black Belt of Alabama DNA Project--Family Tree DNA Home

  • Levitte Family

    Jean (Konke) Levitte married to Earl Levitte, and they have two grown children Troy, and Tanya. We would like to hear from them if anyone knows where they are..

  • Hawaii Ohana Project

    Aloha, In the Hawaiian language, Ohana means family, and this project has been created to help link together the families of Hawai'i into a bigger tree, and ultimately to the World Family Tree. The geographic isolation of Hawai'i provides, in essence, a "small town" of a million inhabitants. Everyone is your auntie's cousin's brother-in-law's nephew, or so it seems. This is readily demonstr...

  • The Vine and Olives - The French in Alabama

    Purpose of Project The purpose of this project is to identify the settlers of the Vine and Olive colony in Alabama, to build their trees on Geni, and to determine where the families went after the colony collapsed in the late 1830's. Even though this project focuses on Bonapartist exiles, it complements the many Huguenot projects, in that these were French immigrants to an English-speaking na...

  • Tinnegieters in de familie

    Tinne-gieters in de familie Cornelis van CLEEFF ‧ ‧ Tinne-gieter ende Loot-vercoper ‧ w: Utrecht: Oude Kerckhoff ‧ & Jacomyntgen~Jacomyna Willems van der STEECHT~VERSTEECH ‧ x ‧ 1656: jan-10 Testateur lyftocht langstlevende ‧ Notaris: J. van SNELDERWEERT ‧ voogdbenoeming stief-vader CvC. Fredrick van VLOOCK ‧ zilversmid ‧...

  • Snilsberg

    Å Samle flest mulig slektninger med opprinnelse Snilsberg.

  • Iranian/ Persian Kings and Queens

    List of kings of Persia:

  • Släkten collin mm

    Här forskar vi om Collin

  • Gospel Music Hall of Fame

    Gospel Music Hall of Fame= (with incomplete list of those inducted)The Gospel Music Hall of Fame, created in 1971 by the Gospel Music Association, is a Hall of Fame dedicated exclusively to recognizing meaningful contributions by individuals and groups in all forms of gospel music.Gospel Music Hall of Fame website: By Year:

  • Fourth Crusade (1202–1204)

    Crusade=The Fourth Crusade (1202–1204) was originally intended to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem by means of an invasion through Egypt. Instead, in April 1204, the Crusaders of Western Europe invaded and sacked the Christian (Eastern Orthodox) city of Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). This is seen as one of the final acts in the Great Schism bet...

  • South African Indians

    ARRIVAL OF INDIANS In Natal, the arrival of the Indentured Indian in 1860 marked the beginnings of an organised scheme whereby approximately 152,184 Indians arrived to seek gainful employment in a fledgling sugar industry. While many worked on the sugar fields, others worked on the wattle and tea plantations and in the coal-mines . Some came as domestic servants as Dhobis, waiters and house-s...

  • Schonken Family

    Just when you think there could be no surname more uncommon than SCHONKEN, you open a can of beans. Tracing the family back to Venlo, Netherlands - and even as far as finding the original German originin SCHONKE, when the family originally landed in the Netherlands in the 1600's, and uncovering the family crest. After 7 years of research (which is nowhere near complete), I sit with so much disj...

  • Bermuda

    Scope of Project This is a project to focus on developing the profiles of the people of Bermuda and members of the Bermudan diaspora on Geni. Special emphasis is made on using Bermudan sources, especially government records and credible Bermudan histories. Since modern Bermudans find their roots in many other ethnicities -- this project aims to also provide information on how these people c...

  • LDK Kučinskai

    Kučinskai (Kučinskiai) Lietuvos Didžiojoje Kunigaikštystėje.

  • Indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America -Portal

    This portal is meant to be a jumping off place for all Nations, Tribes, Clans. When finished it will contain no profiles but it will contain the links and documents that will help you name historic individuals. In the related projects you will find projects of specific groups. Since there are so many Indigenous peoples that will fit under this portal, it is Important that we remember that eac...

  • Early Portugese Hawaiians

    Using this project to identify Portugese immigrants to Hawaii prior to 1900. These are ancestors that were born in the Azores, Madeira and Portugal and immigrated to Hawaii prior to US annexation.

  • Anakkara Vadakkath Family

    The 116-year-old Vadakkath Tharavadu at Anakkara, a Nalukettu of architectural beauty, near Kootanad, in Palakkad district has given birth to generations of illustrious men and women like Captain Lakshmi (Dr. Lakshmi Sehgal). Its branches have spread across the world, having produced great freedom fighters, political leaders, artistes of the high order, scientists and legal luminaries. The ...

  • Aṣṭavaidya (अष्टवैद्य) Families: Mooss

    Project to map the relationships in the Mooss family of Aṣṭavaidya physicians in Kerala.

  • Estirpe Lavarello

    Hipótesis de Carlos Lavarello Moya, de Chile: Hace muchos milenios, el hombre llegó a los países nórdicos; y otros fueron al oriente y volvieron a Europa. Entre los nórdicos se encuentran los Normandos, que algunos miles de años después comenzaron a buscar más el sol y lo encontraron en el Mediterráneo. De los pueblos provenientes...

  • Silk Road

    Silk Road The Silk Road The Silk Road was one of the most important institutions of the ancient world. It was (and actually still is) a web of caravan tracks that snakes it’s way across Eurasia from China to the Mediterranean. It also has caravan routes extending into north Africa and across the Sahara into Sub-Saharan Africa. So, though we think of Rome as the terminus o...

  • Slekten Munkvold, Sør-Trøndelag

    - Ett slektsforskningsprosjekt dedikert til Munkvoldgårdene på Oppdal i Sør-Trøndelag. Oppdal Historielag skriver nå på en bok om gårdene på Oppdal,kommer i 2012! Se [ ] Les mer om gårdene her: [ ] - Register over dødsbuskifter i Oppdal i tida 1689 - 1870 - Munkvold Ole Andersen 178...

  • Kattayat

    Kattayat Nair tharawad ia respectable Nair family in Malabar District in Madras Presidency of British India.

  • Heusdens Walraven

    A project revolving around the Heusdens and the Walraven families.

  • World War II - American - Waves

    After a twenty-three-year absence, women returned to general Navy service in early August 1942, when Mildred McAfee was sworn in as a Naval Reserve Lieutenant Commander, the first female commissioned officer in U.S. Navy history, and the first Director of the WAVES, or "Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service". In the decades since the last of the Yeomen (F) left active duty, only a rela...

  • Blato

    Surnames/Prezimena Surnames from Blato: Zaknic, Bacic, Cetinic, Padovan, Kunjasic, Gavranic, Kastropil, Sardelic, Zanetic, Borovina, Prizmic, Kovacic, Separovic, Nadilo, Farcic, Protic, Tatkovic, Milat, Bosnic, Marinovic, Martinovic, Surjan-Bilac, Surjan-Fode, Andrijic, Telenta, Favro, Burmaz, Simoni, Franulovic, Zuvela, Seman, Donjerkovic History of Blato Blato got its name after the l...

  • Monroe Doctrine

    The Monroe Doctrine is a policy of the United States introduced on December 2, 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.[1] The Doctrine noted that the United States would neither interfere with existing European colonies nor meddle in the inte...

  • Mačiulis

    Sveiki, šiame projekte renku informaciją apie savo senelį ir prosenelį.

  • ◦ 1830 ◦ de Belgische Revolutie ‧ Opstand ‧ Omwenteling ◦

    ◦ 1830 ◦ de Belgische Revolutie ‧ Opstand ‧ Omwenteling chronologisch 1579 noord: Verenigde Provincien 1579 zuiden: Spaanse Nederlanden -later- Oostenrijkse Nederlanden 1810 beiden deel van Franse Keizerrijk - Napoleon BONAPARTE 1813 terugtrekking Franse troepen internationale druk & ambitie Willem I : vereniging Noord & Zuid Groot-Brittanie waarborgt...

  • Katinas

    Čia mano senelio giminės medis. Senelis gyvenVo ir mirė Anykščių apylinkėje Viešintų miestelyje

  • Totoraitis

    Sveiki, malonu, kad prisijungėte prie šio profilio, rašykite man padėsiu kuo galėsiu.

  • sri sultan HB V

    Hamengkubuwono V(January 25, 1820 - 1826 and 1828 - June 4, 1855) named Raden Mas Menol small and crowned king in the sultanate of Yogyakarta at the age of 3 years. In his ruling council assisted guardianship among others consists of Prince Diponegoro until 1836. In his reign had been a significant event, namely the Java War or Diponegoro War that took placesung from 1825 to 1830.After the war ...


    Hamengkubuwana III(1769-3 November 1814) was the son of Hamengkubuwana II (Sultan Sepuh). Hamengkubuwana III came to power in 1810. A year later when the Dutch replaced the British Government under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Raffles, Sultan Hamengkubuwana III abdicated and the kingdom led by Sultan Sepuh (Hamengkubuwana II) back for one year (1812).During the leadership of Sultan Yog...

  • sri sultan hb ii

    Hamengkubuwono II(March 7, 1750 - January 2 1828) or also known by other names Sepuh Sultan. Known as the opponents of the Dutch, among others, opposed the Governor General Daendels and Raffles, the sultan against the creation of new rules of protocol Daendels the oversize tool Dutch resident, when facing the sultan for example only and do not need to use an umbrella to open cap, perdispute bet...


    Relations Uric Acid and Purine"The disease is caused by high uric acid levels of uric acid in the blood., And high levels of uric acid is caused due to the large consumption of foods containing purines" Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism in the body. While purine protein of group nucleoprotein is not so needed by the body. High uric acid levels cause tofus, hard lump sort of powd...

  • Sundquist - Andersson

    Hej Fredrik! Du bjöd in till ett projekt. Vad tänkte du göra med det? Josefine född Sundqvist inte Sundquist Den stavningen har jag inte hittat hos någon av mina släktningar.

  • They Came Before Columbus: The African and Others' Presence in Ancient America

    They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America This book makes it possible for us to see clearly the unmistakable face and handprint of Black Africans in Pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilization they found here. This controversial book by Ivan Van Sertima, the Guyanese historian, linguist, and anthropologist, claims that Africans had been ...

  • I2b2 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup I2b2 and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants.

  • Graduación F3 2007

    Fueron 5 años impresionantes que concluyeron en Julio 2007

  • Gala

    Hrvatske crkvene knjige dostupne preko Interneta - pogledajte Gala Croatia Births (Rođeni) 1830-1876 Deaths (Umrli) 1832-1869

  • Vrljičak

    Vrljičci su Hrvati, najvećim dijelom iz okolice Imotskog. U prošlih sto godina rođeno ih je razmjerno najviše u Krivodolu kraj Imotskog, gdje se svaki deseti stanovnik prezivao Vrljičak. U Hrvatskoj danas živi oko sto Vrljičaka u oko trideset domaćinstava. Podjednako ih je bilo i sredinom prošlog stoljeća. Vrlji...

  • Campbell

    Wayne county, Indiana & Brown & Paulding county Ohio and surrounding Areas Josiah & Levina Campbell Hamilton Campbell & Levina Ruth Campbell Hamilton Campbell & Mary Ann Anderson Taylor Foreman Campbell Nancy Levina Campbell & Christian Berlin Lucinda Ann Campbell & Frank Craft William Campbell & Fany Kirkpatrick Joseph Campbell & Julia Matilda " Dollie" McKevitt Roy Campbell & Elizabeth Klin...

  • Schindler

    Chicago, Cook co. Illinois, Paulding, Ohio, Wabash, Indiana, Iowa, & MichiganGeorge Jacob Schindler from Iowa married a Fr Canadian by the Surname of TiptonThey had 4 children Laura Belle, Pauline, Charlie Emil, & Agnes Schindler & Hellen Leonard in ChicagoLaura Belle Schindler married Franklin Blaine Campbell , they had 1 son Roy Everett Campbell in Michigan , moved to Paulding Ohio and they R...

  • Slavery in the United States

    Slavery in the United States was a form of slave labor which existed as a legal institution from the early colonial period. After the American Revolution, the northern states all abolished slavery, and Congress prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territory. However slavery gained new life with the cotton industry after 1800, and expanded into the Southwest. The import or export of slaves became...

  • Pastors and Ministers in Quebec

    Baptist Churches Baptist First Church, Montreal 1917-1918 Miles Franklin McCuthceon Baptist Olivet Chuch, Montreal 1917-1918 Frank Leslie Orchard Point St Charles, Montreal 1918 John Solomon LaFlair St. Paul Baptist Church, Montreal 1918 Arthur St. James Baptist Temple Church, Montreal 1918 Gordon H Baker

  • Notables of Newburyport

    Come on over and bring your "notable" ancestors with you. Profiles must be set to "public." Newburyport, Massachusetts: Founded 1764 (from Newbury) from The history of Newburyport prior to 1764 is largely the history of Newbury. As a farming community, Newbury expanded rapidly, outgrowing the land along the Parker River. In 1642, a "New Town" was laid out beside the Merrimack River an...

  • Hegi Family of Texas, Switzerland

    Produce a complete Hegi family tree. Combine Anne Hegi Gregory with the rest of the Hegi family.

  • Montreal Flu Epidemic

    This project is to collect all the deaths in Montreal during the Flu Epidemic. Many times it will be impossible at least initially to determine when the death was caused by Flu so for now, I will be gathering all the deaths 1918-1920 in Montreal.

  • Eesti Rahvusmõtte Auhinna laureaadid

    Rahvusmõtte auhind on Tartu Ülikooli poolt alates 2004. aastast välja antav auhind, millega tunnustatakse inimest, kelle looming on silmapaistvalt edendanud Eesti rahvuslikku ja riiklikku eneseteadvust. Rahvusmõtte auhinna saaja kuulutatakse traditsiooniliselt välja Tartu Ülikooli aastapäevaaktusel 1. detsembril. Laureaat on saanud auhinnaks ...

  • Jamaican Creole

    Jamaican Creole traces the connections between early families from the British island whose port cities of Port Antonio and Kingston formed the basis for international trade, commerce and cultural exchange. Mary Seacole, Jamaican nurse

  • Karumathil Pullara

    Karumathil house is said to have been originated from PANNIYUR, Anakkara. Kerala, and is known as Panniyur Karumathil House. This house is still at Panniyur. Later on Karumathil house split into different branches like Karumathil Pullara, Karumathil Pokkavil, Karumathil Nellekkattu, Etc.

  • Hellendall and Related Families - Eijsden and Maastricht Netherlands

    This project relates to the interconnected families from the LImburg region: Hellendall Speelman Maisonpierre Daniels Caehn Israel

  • Hinerfeld Inerfeld Enerfeld Families of Myszyniec, Poland

    This project has been established to facilitate collaborative genealogical work on the family tree of the Hinerfeld and related families. Individuals with an interest in this project are welcome to join in. We are especially interested in any documents or photographs of the family, and other materials of historical interest. We know that all Inerfeld branches originate in Myszyniec, Poland,...

  • Tutak Family

    Calling all Tutaks - let's find out how we are all related! Earliest known ancestor: Jan Tutak 1796-1878

  • Jewish Scholars of Magical Provence, France

    Rabbinic Sages of Lunel, Marseilles, Avignon, Narbonne The bucolic countryside of Provence became part of France in 1481 . -------------------------------------- 10th Century Moshe ben Yosef HaLevi, Narbonne Meshullam ben Yaakov of Lunel 11th Century Moshe HaDarshan, Narbonne Yitzchak ben Mervan HaLevi, Narbonne 12th Century Yosef Kimchi, Narbonne Zerac...

  • Iglesias

    Para tener unificadas las iglesias (si no encuentro iglesia o no la se, pongo población); de ANCESTROS BLANCO

  • Moona Family

    Moona: origin of this surname can be traced to our ancestor Shri Mohan Das ji. Prior to him, no surnames were used as was common in India. Our Gotra is Bhattar. When the then Government was defining surnames, a government enumerator was told the name of sh Mohan Das ji as surname. Mohan Das ji was a young boy and was called Mohna by people. Thus came the surname "Mohna" which got refined to...

  • Rejowiec Ghetto

    The Rejowiec Transit Ghetto Transit stop for the murder of Slovak Jews Map of Rejowiec in the Krasnystaw districtRejowiec in the district of Chelm, acquired municipal rights during the 16th Century and became famous thanks to Mikolaj Rej, a distinguished poet of the Polish Renaissance. At the end of the 16th Century Rejowiec was populated mostly by Jews, and by the 20th Century the Jews account...

  • Avadic Family of Romania and Bulgaria

    The purpose of this project is to facilitate collaboration among families interested in the Avadic Family of Romania. We will use this page as a resource for documents, photographs and other information pertaining to individuals with this surname.We have identified several different branches, although whether these branches are part of the same overall trees is a yet unknown.Noson Nota Avadic, ...

  • Recherche genealogiques

    Pour l'instant on se focalise sur la recherche autour de Bouculat Lucien

  • Jewish families from Dueren, Germany

    DÜREN is a town near Aachen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Jews from Dueren are mentioned in 13th-century records. In 1238 Anselm of Dueren and his wife, Jutta, acquired some property in the Jewish quarter of Cologne. In 1241 the Jews of Dueren paid ten marks imperial tax. Judah of Dueren was involved in a famous controversy over a marriage mentioned in a responsum of Meir b. Bar...

  • Pauline Miller

    We can work together on completing Pauline's tree.

  • Jewish families with the surname Bee

    The surname Bee, is quiet unique within Jewish families especially from Eastern Europe. This project is to find possible explanations for the name and find connections between families with this surname.

  • Wholesale clothing

    Included in Jon Lauren apparel offerings are wholesale sweatpants, various styles of sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, swimwear, thermal clothing and flannels.

  • Nepomuceno Family of the Philippines

    The surname Nepomuceno is taken from the Spanish byname of the 14th-century saint Johannes Nepomucenus, patron saint of Bohemia. The surname appears in many Spanish-speaking nations. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Nepomuceno Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, sch...

  • Zialcita Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Zialcita Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ....

  • Noel Family of the Philippines

    The surname name 'Noel', which may have originally meant a person from Noailles( 1 ) (and not Christmas), is believed to have origins in the Gallic tribes of Normandy in the north of France. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Noel Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, s...

  • Hakim Maulvi Syed Muhammad Aziz Ghaus

    Short Family History and Life -Sketch of Late MAULVI HAKIM SYED MUHAMMAD AZIZ GHAUS Maulvi Hakim Syedna Aziz Ghaus,born towards the turn of the last century Hijra in a reputable family of saint-scholars lived upto the traditions of his illustrious forebears. By one of te strangest freaks of misfortune recorded in history, the Abbasside rulers,under whom the civilization and culture of Islam...

  • Logan Toes

    I have been researching crooked first and second toes and crooked pinkies within the Logan family. So far i have found them in Britain, Oregon and Ontario.Do you have them?

  • Luxzenburg

    Deze pagina is speciaal voor de afstammelingen van de families van Lutzenburg en van Luxzenburg en eenieder die een van Lutzenburg of van Luxzenburg kent! Doel van deze pagina en zuster pagina's op Google+ en facebook wordt er kennis en informatie gedeeld over de familie van Luxzenburg, het erfgoed van de familie beheert en familieleden ondersteunt bij hun ontwikkeling, carrière en ond...

  • waltrip


  • Great Black Migration (US)

    Around 1910 until the late-1930s, there was a massive movement of African Americans (Blacks) that relocated from the "Deep South" (Southern United States) into Northern, Midwestern and Western U.S. industrial cities. Crop failure was one of the main reasons these Blacks left their traditional homes, some of it started by the Boll Weevil that had traveled from Mexico into Texas, then travel east...

  • R-L257/S186 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1a4a (R-L257/S186) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants.

  • R-L1, DYS439=null (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all people positive for the genetic marker L1 and DYS-439=null. This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently labeled * R1b1a2a1a1a3. Family Tree DNA Project Page on R1b1a2a1a1a5b-U106-L1-Null-439 This haplogroup, found in less than 1/2 of 1% of R1b test subjects, is found in Germany. Hence it is likely to have arrived ...

  • The Claveria Heritage

    The Claveria Heritage is a genealogical project, started on June 6, 1998, in an attempt to construct the family history of the Claverias of Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines and all related families by blood and marriage. We encourage all our kinfolk to help by contributing information that would continually build and maintain this project. IF YOU ARE RELATED IN SOMEWAYS OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF...

  • Rucker Family in America

    This project will include all of the descendants of immigrant Peter Rucker as well as African-American families bearing the Rucker name. We will attempt to discover and verify the ancestry of Peter Rucker, a Huguenot immigrant to Virginia who was naturalized in 1704. Any Rucker descendants or researchers are welcome to join this project. We respect the work of the Rucker Family Society; their...

  • Clayton James Hanks

    I want to find the decendents of Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln, and her Hanks family side-like sisters,etc. I am allegedly a distant relative of her or her family.

  • Otis Family

    Oattis is one of the original spellings of this name To document the descendants of Thomas Oattis . Sources Généalogie de la famille Otis: branche canadienne (1921) Full text , Read Online , PDF

  • Migrations: Emigration from Europe

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Motives Colonizing Powers Colonization of the Americas Colonization of Asia Colonization of Africa Merchant Companies British East India Company Dutch East India Company Dutch West India Company Swedish East India Company Compagnie des Moluques

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