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  • World War II - Pearl Harbor - USS Oklahoma

    USS Oklahoma (BB-37), the only ship of the United States Navy to ever be named for the 46th state, was a World War I-era battleship and the second of two ships in her class; her sister ship was Nevada. She, along with her sister, were the first two U.S. warships to use oil fuel instead of coal. The Oklahoma which was commissioned in 1916, served in World War I as a member of BatDiv 6, protect...

  • Zilversmeden ‧ NLD ‧ Noord-Holland

    Zilversmeden ‧ NLD ‧ Noord-Holland ▶ AMSTERDAM ARNOLDI WIELICK Frederik van STRANT Johannes A. van GEFFEN ▶ ENKHUIZEN ▶ HOORN ▶ etc.

  • Speakers Of The House Of Delegates, Commonwealth Of Virginia, USA

    Back To: (The Commonwealth Of Virginia) Over To: (Wikipedia) Speakers All the past Speakers of the House Of Delegates for the Commonwealth Of Virginia. Pendleton, Edmund Wythe, George Harrison, Benjamin Lee, Richard Henry Tyler, John Sr. Harrison, Benjamin Prentis, Joseph Mathews, Thomas Wise, John Smith, Larkin Harrison, Edmund Holmes, ...

  • United States House of Representatives from Connecticut

    As described, the member of the United States House of Representatives for the State of Connecticut.

  • Sons of Liberty

    The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization of landowners in the 13 American colonies. The society was formed to protect the rights of colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. Their motto was "No taxation without representation." Although others were used, in 1767 the Sons of Liberty adopted a flag called the rebellious stripes flag with 5 red and 4 white vertical stripes. ...

  • Medal of Honor recipients for the Korean War

    During the Korean War war, 133 Medals of Honor were presented for bravery in action, 95 of them posthumously. Hall of Valor

  • Did Robert Poage (1700-1774) of Augusta County marry Elizabeth Preston or Elizabeth Renick?

    UPDATED 2015-06-30, 3:14 PM: PRIMARY PA SOURCES SHOWING A POAGE-RENICK CONNECTION: There are multiple primary sources from the 1700s suggesting that Robert Poage's wife Elizabeth was actually a Renick. Here is a list of those from Pennsylvania: 1711 – The earliest record of George Renick comes from a document signed by members of a new Presbyterian community in the town of Abington...

  • PALING ❧ family ‧ genealogy

    PALING ❧ family ‧ genealogy METO-NYMISCHE BEROEPS-naam Paling-VISSCHER ~ VISSER Paling-ROOKER PALING vissoort, gevangen in het IJSSELMEER voordat de sluizen dicht gingen... zie ook Paling-..(werkers) als beroep ALIAS PALING PAULING PALINGS genitivus van PALING : kind van Paling of ... zoeken we op. betekenis BRON :

  • Oldest Homes in New Hampshire

    We love old houses so much we're starting our OWN list! Send a message to collaborate, help find our ancestors homes and while we're at it, our ancestors .... Profiles Robert Lee Frost (1874-1963) The Robert Frost Farm Historic Site was home to Robert Frost and his family from 1900-1911. Frost, one of the nation's most acclaimed poets whose writings are said to be the epitome of New Engla...

  • Notables of Newburyport

    Come on over and bring your "notable" ancestors with you. Profiles must be set to "public." Newburyport, Massachusetts: Founded 1764 (from Newbury) from The history of Newburyport prior to 1764 is largely the history of Newbury. As a farming community, Newbury expanded rapidly, outgrowing the land along the Parker River. In 1642, a "New Town" was laid out beside the Merrimack River an...

  • Jewish Families of Konstantynow Lodzki

    Konstantynow Lodzki on JRI-Poland Konstantynow Lodzki on Konstantynow Lodzki Jewish Cemetery Project Konstantynow Lodzki Jewish Cemetery Project on Facebook Konstantynow Lodzki Yizkor Book on Konstantynow Lodzki on Konstantynow Lodzki International Jewish Cemetery Project

  • Tallinna Aleksandri Gümnaasium

    Tallinna Aleksandri gümnaasium 1871 - 1917 1871. aasta paiku müüdi hoone Tallinna linnale ja kohandati kooliks, Aasta hiljem alustas siin tööd Aleksander Nevski Poeglaste Gümnaasium. Kauplused ja hoones asunud korterid ehitati ümber, trepid lammutati. 1900. rajati koolimajale uus peatrepp ja selleks laiendati ka hoonet hoovi suunas. Poeglaste...

  • The Schenectady (NY) Massacre of 1690

    The Schenectady Massacre. It was an attack against the village of Schenectady in the colony of New York on 1690-02-08. It was carried out by a party of over 200 French and Sault and Algonquin Indian raiders that set out from Montreal to attack English outposts to the south, and was intended as retaliation for a series of devastating Iroquois raids for which the English had provided weapons and ...

  • Exilados brasileiros: os 70 do Chile

    Anos 1970, ditadura militar no Brasil. Um grupo de 70 presos políticos, membros das mais diversas organizações políticas clandestinas, é enviado ao Chile como exigência para a libertação do embaixador suíço Giovanni Enrico Bucher por parte de seus seqüestradores. Ver: Trailer do documentário Setenta Decr...

  • Pijpenmakers in de familie

    Pijpenmakers in de familie Hier genoemde steden met KLEI-PIJPEN-makers met vroegst bekende vermeldingen: Alphen a/d Rijn - Amsterdam 1607 - Delft - Dordrecht 1617 - Gorinchem~Gorkum 1630 - Gouda - Leiden 1612 - Schoonhoven - Utrecht - Zwolle ‧ NOTA BENE ! Aanvullingen op deze lijsten zijn meer dan WELKOM ! Ik heb ze samengesteld op basis van soms willekeurige vondsten op ...

  • Boyle Farm, Surrey, England

    Boyle Farm, Surrey, England This Large and Very Elegant House Over two hundred years ago, Hannah More, the writer and evangelist, visited Boyle Farm and immediately reached for her pen to tell her sister: "I was never so astonished as to see this large and very elegant house". This visit, as we shall see, she was pleased to repeat on several subsequent occasions. The house she so admired ...

  • Mannee familienaam

    Onderzoek naar de herkomst van de familienaam Mannee

  • Mormon War of 1838

    The Mormon War is a name sometimes given to the 1838 conflict which occurred between Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and their neighbors in the northwestern region of the US state of Missouri. This conflict is also sometimes referred to as the Missouri Mormon War to differentiate it from the Utah Mormon War (also known as the "Utah War") and the lesser known Illinois Mormon War. The specific date...

  • United States Coast Guard Academy

    in 1876, the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is the military academy of the United States Coast Guard. Located in New London, Connecticut, it is the smallest of the five federal service academies. The academy provides education to future Coast Guard officers in one of eight major fields of study.Unlike the other service academies, admission to the academy does not require a congressio...

  • Sailmaker

    sailmaker makes and repairs sails for sailboats, kites, hang gliders, wind art, architectural sails,[1] or other structures using sails. A sailmaker typically works on shore in a sail loft. The sail loft has other sailmakers. Large ocean-going sailing ships often had sailmakers in the crew. The sailmaker maintained and repaired sails. This required knowledge of the sailmaker's craft and the too...

  • Jews of Illinois

    This is an umbrella project for all projects related to Jews from Illinois . Subproject: Jews of Chicago Virtual Jewish World: llinois, United States The first known permanent Jewish resident was John Hays , grandson of an early New York Jew, who settled in Cahokia in 1793. Farmer, trader, and soldier, Hays served as the county's postmaster until 1798, when he was appointed sheriff. The o...

  • Nederlandse volkshelden

    Nederlandse volkshelden Een volksheld is een held van het volk. Zijn (vaak zwaar geromantiseerde) heldendaden hebben in de ogen van velen de natie mee gevormd of van de ondergang gered en spelen een (vaak symbolische) rol in nationalisme en patriottisme. Dikwijls gaat het om een leider van het verzet tegen een bezetter, een strijder tegen de heersende macht of een rebel die mogelijk een revol...

  • Clandon Park, Surrey, England

    Clandon Park, Surrey, England Clandon Park is an 18th-century Palladian mansion in West Clandon just outside Guildford, Surrey, England. It has been a National Trust property since 1956 and is a Grade I listed building. The house was substantially damaged in a fire in April 2015, which left it "essentially a shell". History The house was built, or perhaps thoroughly rebuilt, around 1730...

  • Inmigración Italiana en Chile

    Genealogía de las Familias Chilenas de Origen Italiano Inmigración Italiana en Chile Chilenos de Origen Italiano Presencia Italiana en Chile Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Santiago Inmigración italiana a Chile (1880-1930) La presencia de italianos en Chile se remonta a la época colonial, cuando misioneros jesuitas y franciscanos de origen italiano reco...

  • Jewish Families from Sadská, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Sadská, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Cemetery used cemetery at Kovanice. This town in the Central Bohemian Region at 50°8′21″N 14°58′56″E with around 3,100 inhabitants near Sadská is the River Labe and a lake, Jezero Sadská [ ]

  • Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II

    This project identifies the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith . Elizabeth II Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born 21 April 1926 is the reigning queen and head of state of...

  • Royal Company of Archers

    The Royal Company of Archers is a ceremonial unit that serves as the Sovereign's Bodyguard in Scotland, a role it has performed since 1822 and the reign of King George IV, when the company provided a personal bodyguard to the King on his visit to Scotland. It is currently known as the Queen's Bodyguard For Scotland, and is located at Edinburgh. The Royal Company of Archers has a long history in...

  • Romani Gypsy Notables

    Romani music has also strongly influenced Bolero, Jazz, and Flamenco (especially cante jondo) in Europe. Some prominent individuals with Romany ancestry are Elvis Presley , Bill Clinton , Michael Caine , and the English Romanichels of England & Scotland, the Welsh Kale, the German Sinti, the basque Romani. Romani music plays an important role in Central and Eastern European countrie...

  • Jewish families from Kundratitz/Kundratice

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kundratitz/Kundratice, Czech Republic. Location : Kundratice German: Kundratitz) is in Bohemia-Klatovy at 49º10 13º28, 9 km SW of Susice and 62 km S of Plzen. Cemetery: 1 km NE of town. Present population is under 1000 with no Jews. History : Earliest known Jewish community was 1794. 1930 Jewish populati...

  • Battles in 1863 - US Civil War

    This project is used to relate all battles of the Civil War that were fought in 1863.

  • Cinema Brasileiro/Brazilian Film

    O cinema do Brasil existe como exibição e entretenimento desde julho de 1896, e como realização e expressão desde 1897. Embora nunca tenha chegado a se estruturar plenamente como indústria, o cinema brasileiro, em seus mais de 110 anos de História, teve momentos de grande repercussão internacional, como na época do Cinema Novo, e de...

  • 37th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (CSA)

    HistoryThe37th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry was organized at High Point, North Carolina in November 1861.It was reorganized in April 1862. It surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on 9 April 1865.[1]"Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.[2]Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of OriginThe Civil War Soldiers and Sa...

  • Compositeurs Belges

    Tout compositeur né en Belgique, ou y ayant travaillé ou vécu (ou si un parent ou grand-parent remplit ces conditions) trouve ici sa place. Voir aussi Liste de compositeurs belges Jean ABSIL ‧ 1893-1974 ‧ Flor ALPAERTS ‧ 1876-1954 ‧ Jan BROECKX ‧ 1880-1966 ‧ Lodewijk MORTELMANS ‧ 1868-1952 ‧ Herman ...

  • Anglo-Scottish Wars

    Anglo-Scottish Wars= Anglo-Scottish Wars were a series of wars fought between England and Scotland during the 16th century.After the Wars of Scottish Independence, England and Scotland had fought several times during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. In most cases, one country had attempted to take advantage of weakness or instability in the other. For example, James II of Scotland had attempt...

  • Bradley-Edgecomb

    Betty & Clyde Edgecomb do not have much information, and unfortunately they have no heirs to backtrack any information either. Where did Clyde come from? All I can gather is that they lived in Georgia and Florida, and that they enjoyed traveling the country in their RV. According to Robert, his family uses the excuse that Clyde was "very selfish" and did not want to be bothered by children....

  • The Lakefront Streeter Homestead

    History of the lakefront Streeter homestead

  • Molenaars ‧ NL ‧ Noord-Holland

    Molenaars ‧ NL ‧ Noord-HollandZie voor Molens in Schermerhorn: * Komt U ook uit ...Schermerhorn?

  • Jewish families from Štenovice (Stienowitz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the village of Štenovice (Stienowitz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic Cemetery Stenovice is located in Bohemia-Plzen-jih (Pilsen-South) at 49º40 13º24, 8 km S of Plzen. Cemetery: 550 meters E of chateau and 700 meters NE of Catholic church. Earliest known Jewish community was second half of 18th century. 1930 Je...

  • Koostööprojekt

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NB! tutvuge: Kirjutage Genile novembri lõpuni jutuke sellest kuidas hooldajad/kuraatorid on teid aidanud ja võite võita 6 kuud tasuta Geni PRO-ks olemist või koguni pakitäie Geni nänni (Geni T-särk, pastakas, nokamüts vms - paki sisu pole veel t...

  • Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) JACOBS SIDING Kamp/Camp

    Jacobs Siding picture by coutesy of eGGSA tombstone project. People in this camp 3080 People who died in this camp 44 A little history It is extraordinarily difficult to describe some of the Natal camps since many of the records were destroyed at some point by the Natal Archives Repository. In addition, Jacobs Siding camp was established after the visit of the Ladies Committee, so...

  • Friar Park, Oxfordshire, England

    Friar Park, Oxfordshire, England Friar Park is a 120-room Victorian neo-Gothic mansion in Henley-on-Thames once owned by eccentric lawyer Sir Frank Crisp and purchased in January 1970 by musician George Harrison. Overview Since the early 1970s, the property has become synonymous with the former Beatle's home studio, known as FPSHOT. Harrison biographer Alan Clayson has described the Friar...

  • Bradley-Gallaher

    Unfortunately, James Wesley Bradley, Jr. passed away and no other information beyond his parents (James Wesley Bradley, Sr. and Anna (Gallaher) Bradley is reported. Hopefully, someone out there will know more information. There are a lot of Gallaher people in Tennessee.

  • Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) Vredefort RC & Native Camp/Kamp

    VREDEFORT ROAD CAMP AND NATIVE CAMP Photo’s from the website of eGGSA link above People in this camp 627 People who died in this camp 540 2 persons Vredefort Road Vredefort Road was the orphan of the camp system. It was located in the flat maizelands of the Free State highveld, at a station now known as Greenlands, on the railway line south of the town of Vredefor...

  • People of Interest in My Family (Cheever, Duffey, Dolata, Eberling)

    This is a list of people I find interesting. Fear Allerton Jedediah Sprague

  • Celjski grofje / Grafen von Cilli

    Celjski grofje (nemško Grafen von Cilli) predstavljajo najbolj znano in najpomembnejšo plemiško in vladarsko rodbino, ki je imela svojo matično posest na območju današnje Slovenije. Potomci grofov Celjskih živijo še danes. Žovneški gospodje Družina se prvič omenja okoli od leta 1130, ko so se imenovali kot g...

  • American Revolution: Georgia Militia and Military

    This project is a subdivision of the The Colonies during the American Revolutionary War References and Links Georgia Militia List of United States militia units in the American Revolutionary War

  • Georgia Revolutionary War Patriots

    This project is for Revolutionary War soldiers and patriots who primarily fought elsewhere and settled in Georgia after the war. Columbia County (Columbia County was created from Richmond County on December 10th, 1790. Columbia is Georgia’s 12th county and from her original boundaries were formed parts of Warren and McDuffie counties.) Captain Thomas [Addison] Cobb (1722-1832), a...

  • Bratteberg

    Personer som är födda eller har bott i Bratteberg i Södra Råda

  • Eesti kaugesõidukaptenid

    Siia projekti koondame Eesti kaugesõidukaptenid enne II ilmasõda.

  • Essex Class Carrier Ships

    I have created a project for those who served on board Essex Class Carriers. Instructions and update 6/30/2015:The Essex Class Carrier Project is completed.All ships used in the class have their own projects and tied to other projects. Please place relative in the Essex Class Carrier first and then place the relative in appropriate Carrier project.Thank you. Chris L.Mathews resources

  • Jewish Families from Loštice (Loschitz), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Loštice (Loschitz) in the Czech Republic. History of Jews in Lostice LOSTICE HISTORY OF JEWISH COMMUNITY SYNAGOGUE Lostice around 1930 9th cent. The presence of Jewish merchants in the Greater Moravia is documented by the Raffelstetten Customs and Shipping Regulations written in the...

  • 't Geslacht PLUUT

    't Geslacht PLUUT

  • U5a1 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested their mtDNA and are assigned the haplogroup U5a1 or are believed to have had this haplogroup based on tested descendants

  • St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    This project is to explore the connections between all people who are associated with St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

  • Mayors of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    This project will list all the mayors of the city of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. 55 T. Roy Adams

  • Random Acts of GENI Kindness - South Africa

    Random Acts of Kindness - South Africa This project is an experimental exercise inspired by the Random Act of Kindness which was widely publicised by Danny Wallace's book Join Me in 2002. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. Random Acts of Kindness - South Africa is similar to Genero...

  • Jewish DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

    This Geni project is intended, at this stage, as a vehicle for testing possible ideas for links between Geni and the "Jewish DNA Project" that I manage at Colorized Database of Project Participants I have created this Geni project at my own initiative, and I do not wish to imply that it has the approval of either or Your comments are welcome,...

  • PPC - Palestine Pioneers Corps - החפרים הארצישראליים במלחה"ע ה-2

    הפרויקט בשלבי הקמה שמות לחיפוש קרקוב אייזנברג, דב ברל 1921, פו...

  • Early Families of Hubbardston, Massachusetts

    Marean marriages in Hubbardston-Worchester: Marean married Browinng, Greenwood, Brigham, Holden, Fletcher, Brown, Bennet, McClanathan, Mason, Grimes, Hinds, Blood, Wilbur, Wright, Witt, Church, Wheeler, Pond Asa Marean/Lucy Browning 17Apr1823 Augusta Marean/Lyman Greenwood 19Nov1829 Betcy Marean/Asa Brigham 23May1791 Charlotte Marean/Justinian Holden 1Sep1835 Eliza Marean/Joseph F...

  • Nantucket Island

    Nantucket is an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States. The history of Nantucket's settlement by the English did not begin in earnest until 1659, when Thomas Mayhew sold his interest to a group of investors, led by Tristram Coffin, "for the sum of thirty Pounds...and also two beaver hats, one for myself, and one for my wife". The "nine original porchasers" were T...

  • Order of British Columbia

    Official Site * Wikipedia

  • Aner og etterkommere etter N.A. Biørn Lian i anledning 100-årsjubileum

    I år 2015 er det 100 år siden Nils Andreas (N.A.) Biørn Lian stiftet N.A. Biørn Lian Ltd AS . I den anledning har vi etablert dette prosjektet her på geni for å samle informasjon om liv og levnet både for aner og etterkommere av ham. Status Alle etterkommere etter N.A. er kartlagt. Han etterlot seg to barn, Ebbe og Hans som hver fikk tre ba...

  • V (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup V or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations Coding mutation 4580 Origin Haplogroup V has an estimated age of about 16,000 years. In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve , Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Velda . It is one ...

  • The Anthony Travers - Otto Roubicek Relatives Project

    This project's aim is to identify and possibly connect with relatives of Anthony Travers, my father, who was born in the northwest of what was then Czechoslovakia in 1923 with the name Otto Roubicek.He emigrated to the UK from Czechoslovakia in 1939 on a Kindertransport. He subsequently emigrated to the U.S. in 1950 and eventually settled in Evanston, Illinois.

  • Great Migration: Passengers of the Mary & John, 1633/4

    Bring your ancestors on over. Profiles must be set to public. from Phelps Family History in America Ship Mary and John Passenger List for 1634 The Passenger Ship Roster is Only Partly Accurate The second trip of the Mary and John to colonial America began shortly after March 24, 1633/4, in London. The master was Robert Sayres (or Sayers).   It is not possible to const...

  • Dinsmore Homestead

    from  The Dinsmore Homestead is located at 5656 Burlington Pike (Kentucky Route 18), 6.5 miles (10.5 km) west of Burlington, Kentucky and was completed in 1842.  In 1839 James and Martha Dinsmore purchased approximately 700 acres (2.8 km2) in Boone County, Kentucky.  He and his family settled there, growing grapes, raising sheep and growing willows for a basket...

  • Fort Belvedere, Surrey, England

    Fort Belvedere, Surrey, England Fort Belvedere is a Grade II* listed country house on Shrubs Hill in Windsor Great Park, in Surrey, England.[1] The fort was predominantly constructed by Jeffry Wyatville in a Gothic Revival style in the 1820s. The fort was occupied by numerous members of the British royal family and associated personages from 1750 to 1976. From 1929 Fort Belvedere was the ho...

  • Holocaust in Poland

    The Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland took the lives of three million Polish Jews, destroying an entire civilization. Poles represented the largest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. To date, 6,135 Poles have been awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by the State of Israel 700 of which received their awards posthumously. Between October 1939 and July 1942 a sy...

  • 26th. Battallion, Virginia Infantry (CSA)

    26th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment raised in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia and in South Carolina.The 26th Virginia was organized during May and June, 1861, with men recruited in the counties of Gloucester, King and Queen, and Mathews.The 26th was assigned to G...

  • Jews of South Dakota

    This is an umbrella project for all projects related to Jews from South Dakota . One of the people mentioned in this article is Blanche Colman, one of the first women to practice law in South Dakota. Her picture is available here.

  • Читкан

    Первые упоминания о селе Читкан относятся к ХVII веку. Именно...

  • Jewish Families from Kostelec nad Orlicí (Adlerkosteletz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kostelec nad Orlicí (Adlerkosteletz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Kostelec nad Orlici was the home town of the grandparents of Madeleine Albright and of the violinist Egon Ledec .

  • harry fairfield

    born in england wife millicent smith

  • Zagorje i Zagreb

    Ovaj projekt je dio projekta Unutrašnjost Hrvatske This project is a part of the project Continental Croatia Prezimena / Last names: Bekina Bočkaj Bokun Boroša Breber Brlek Čmarec Dijanić Drempetić Đurđević Gabud Gospočić Haramustek Herceg Horvat Hren Ilinić Ivanić...

  • A Origem Nobre dos Quintanilha

    Família Quintanilha GENEA PORTUGAL: Quintanilha = História Trata-se do apelido de uma antiga família da nobreza de Castela (Medina del Campo), da qual passou um ramo a Portugal em 1524, com a rainha D. Catarina, irmã do Imperador Carlos V, que veio casar com D. João III. Nessa altura, passaram a Portugal três irmãos desta família: D. GAS...

  • 10th Virginia Infantry - Company L (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company L ( "Jeff Davis Guards") Madison Courthouse, Madison County Capt. Elliot Blankenship The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • FAK Afrikaner Geskiedenis/FAK African History.

    Under construction 'To be translated by our English Curators. frames # Pioniers (1652–1820) Groot Trek (1820–1845) Presidente (1845–1902)“Ons mense in die hele Suid-Afrika moet met vuur en bloed gedoop word voordat ons ons plek in die wêreld se volkery kan inneem. Óf ons sal geheel uitgewis word óf ons sal ons pad boontoe uitveg.” Generaal...

  • Ducatus Estonie - Capitanei Revalienses 1219–1346 / Taani kuninga asehaldurid Revelis

    Capitanius doniini regis et iudex in Reualia Danske Kongelige Statsholdere i Estland NB! Neli erinevat asehaldurite nimekirja - vaja korrigeerida ja mestida! / Four different lists - need for corrections and merge! In English In 1219 the Danish fleet landed in the major harbor of Estonia and defeated the Estonians in the Battle of Lyndanisse that brought Northern Estonia under Danish re...

  • Popular Musicians of the United Kingdom (1950s)

    Musicians of the United Kingdom (1950s) Music of the United Kingdom began to develop in the 1950s from largely insular and derivative forms to become one of the leading centres of popular music in the modern world. By 1950 indigenous forms of British popular music, like folk music, brass and silver bands, music hall and dance bands, were already giving way to the influence of American forms o...

  • Edmund Rice Descendants- double

    This project is for identifying profiles where both parents are Edmund Rice descendants, and their descendants (ie double lines of descent from Edmund Rice.) Couples who are both descendants: Jonas Baker and Betty Wilder Sidney Banks and Sarah Jane Parker Lowell aka Lovewell Barnes and Rebecca Eager Lowell aka Lovewell Barnes and Lucretia Fay

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - Decuple

    For people who have 10 lines of descent from Edmund Rice.

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - Nonuple

    For people and their descendants who have 9 lines of descent from Edmund Rice.

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - Octuple

    Couples whose children 8+ Robert Alonzo Drury and Alice Katherine Fuller

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - Sextuple

    6 lines of descent Couples whose children have 6+ George William Perry and Mary Alice Rice

  • Edmund Rice Descendants- Quintuple

    This project is for descendants of Edmund Rice with at least 5 lines of descent. Couples whose descendants would have at least 5 lines of descent: Robert Alonzo Drury and Alice Katherine Fuller Abel Rice and Mary Howe Bigelow

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - Quadruple

    This project is for Descendants of Edmund Rice with at least 4 lines of descent. Couples who both had at least 2 lines of descent from Edmund Rice: Abel Rice and Mary Howe Bigelow John L Rice and Lucy Evaline Ward

  • Edmund Rice Descendants - triple

    This project is for people/profiles with at least 3 lines of descent from Edmund Rice. Couples with at least one spouse having at least 2 lines of descent: Thomas Davis and Lettice Rice Robert Alonzo Drury and Alice Katherine Fuller Jeremiah Haynes and Olive Morse

  • Order of the Golden Spur

    The Order of the Golden Spur (Italian: Ordine dello Speron d'Oro, French: Ordre de l’Éperon d’or), officially known also as the Order of the Golden Militia (Latin: Ordo Militia Aurata), is a Papal Order of Chivalry conferred upon those who have rendered distinguished service in propagating the Catholic faith, or who have contributed to the glory of the Church, either by f...

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