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  • Iglesias

    Para tener unificadas las iglesias (si no encuentro iglesia o no la se, pongo población); de ANCESTROS BLANCO

  • Moona Family

    Moona: origin of this surname can be traced to our ancestor Shri Mohan Das ji. Prior to him, no surnames were used as was common in India. Our Gotra is Bhattar. When the then Government was defining surnames, a government enumerator was told the name of sh Mohan Das ji as surname. Mohan Das ji was a young boy and was called Mohna by people. Thus came the surname "Mohna" which got refined to...

  • Rejowiec Ghetto

    The Rejowiec Transit Ghetto Transit stop for the murder of Slovak Jews Map of Rejowiec in the Krasnystaw districtRejowiec in the district of Chelm, acquired municipal rights during the 16th Century and became famous thanks to Mikolaj Rej, a distinguished poet of the Polish Renaissance. At the end of the 16th Century Rejowiec was populated mostly by Jews, and by the 20th Century the Jews account...

  • Avadic Family of Romania and Bulgaria

    The purpose of this project is to facilitate collaboration among families interested in the Avadic Family of Romania. We will use this page as a resource for documents, photographs and other information pertaining to individuals with this surname.We have identified several different branches, although whether these branches are part of the same overall trees is a yet unknown.Noson Nota Avadic, ...

  • Recherche genealogiques

    Pour l'instant on se focalise sur la recherche autour de Bouculat Lucien

  • Jewish families from Dueren, Germany

    DÜREN is a town near Aachen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Jews from Dueren are mentioned in 13th-century records. In 1238 Anselm of Dueren and his wife, Jutta, acquired some property in the Jewish quarter of Cologne. In 1241 the Jews of Dueren paid ten marks imperial tax. Judah of Dueren was involved in a famous controversy over a marriage mentioned in a responsum of Meir b. Bar...

  • Pauline Miller

    We can work together on completing Pauline's tree.

  • Jewish families with the surname Bee

    The surname Bee, is quiet unique within Jewish families especially from Eastern Europe. This project is to find possible explanations for the name and find connections between families with this surname.

  • Wholesale clothing

    Included in Jon Lauren apparel offerings are wholesale sweatpants, various styles of sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, swimwear, thermal clothing and flannels.

  • Nepomuceno Family of the Philippines

    The surname Nepomuceno is taken from the Spanish byname of the 14th-century saint Johannes Nepomucenus, patron saint of Bohemia. The surname appears in many Spanish-speaking nations. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Nepomuceno Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, sch...

  • Zialcita Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Zialcita Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ....

  • Noel Family of the Philippines

    The surname name 'Noel', which may have originally meant a person from Noailles( 1 ) (and not Christmas), is believed to have origins in the Gallic tribes of Normandy in the north of France. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Noel Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, s...

  • Hakim Maulvi Syed Muhammad Aziz Ghaus

    Short Family History and Life -Sketch of Late MAULVI HAKIM SYED MUHAMMAD AZIZ GHAUS Maulvi Hakim Syedna Aziz Ghaus,born towards the turn of the last century Hijra in a reputable family of saint-scholars lived upto the traditions of his illustrious forebears. By one of te strangest freaks of misfortune recorded in history, the Abbasside rulers,under whom the civilization and culture of Islam...

  • Logan Toes

    I have been researching crooked first and second toes and crooked pinkies within the Logan family. So far i have found them in Britain, Oregon and Ontario.Do you have them?

  • Luxzenburg

    Deze pagina is speciaal voor de afstammelingen van de families van Lutzenburg en van Luxzenburg en eenieder die een van Lutzenburg of van Luxzenburg kent! Doel van deze pagina en zuster pagina's op Google+ en facebook wordt er kennis en informatie gedeeld over de familie van Luxzenburg, het erfgoed van de familie beheert en familieleden ondersteunt bij hun ontwikkeling, carrière en ond...

  • waltrip


  • Great Black Migration (US)

    Around 1910 until the late-1930s, there was a massive movement of African Americans (Blacks) that relocated from the "Deep South" (Southern United States) into Northern, Midwestern and Western U.S. industrial cities. Crop failure was one of the main reasons these Blacks left their traditional homes, some of it started by the Boll Weevil that had traveled from Mexico into Texas, then travel east...

  • R-L257/S186 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1a4a (R-L257/S186) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants.

  • R-L1, DYS439=null (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all people positive for the genetic marker L1 and DYS-439=null. This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently labeled * R1b1a2a1a1a3. Family Tree DNA Project Page on R1b1a2a1a1a5b-U106-L1-Null-439 This haplogroup, found in less than 1/2 of 1% of R1b test subjects, is found in Germany. Hence it is likely to have arrived ...

  • The Claveria Heritage

    The Claveria Heritage is a genealogical project, started on June 6, 1998, in an attempt to construct the family history of the Claverias of Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines and all related families by blood and marriage. We encourage all our kinfolk to help by contributing information that would continually build and maintain this project. IF YOU ARE RELATED IN SOMEWAYS OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF...

  • Rucker Family in America

    This project will include all of the descendants of immigrant Peter Rucker as well as African-American families bearing the Rucker name. We will attempt to discover and verify the ancestry of Peter Rucker, a Huguenot immigrant to Virginia who was naturalized in 1704. Any Rucker descendants or researchers are welcome to join this project. We respect the work of the Rucker Family Society; their...

  • Clayton James Hanks

    I want to find the decendents of Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln, and her Hanks family side-like sisters,etc. I am allegedly a distant relative of her or her family.

  • Otis Family

    Oattis is one of the original spellings of this name To document the descendants of Thomas Oattis . Sources Généalogie de la famille Otis: branche canadienne (1921) Full text , Read Online , PDF

  • Migrations: Emigration from Europe

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Motives Colonizing Powers Colonization of the Americas Colonization of Asia Colonization of Africa Merchant Companies British East India Company Dutch East India Company Dutch West India Company Swedish East India Company Compagnie des Moluques

  • abijahshomes

    The real estate professional in Yorktown your family can count on to work hard for you! Finding a superb real estate pro in the Yorktown area might be the difference between a joyful, worry-free real estate

  • Western Australian Pioneers - Their ancestors and descendants.

    Objective This project will collect and merge the profiles for any convict, free settler arrival or military personnel into Western Australia commencing with the establishment of the Swan River Colony in 1829. Historical Summary In 1826, the first British military outpost was established at King George Sound. This was followed by the establishment of the Swan River Colony in 1829, with to...

  • Hidalgo Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Hidalgo Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Goldstein Family Research

    The objective of this project is to figure out the first generation of The Goldstein family. There's some anonymous site ( ) that gives the following info: Unknown Goldstein had 2 children: +Löser GOLDSTEIN +Loeser Eliezer Samuel GOLDSTEIN The Geni tree reflects this. For the sake of this discussion let's call the first Löser, Löser A, and the second Löser (ou...

  • Notable West Indian Americans and Canadians

    This project represents notable West Indian Americans and Caribbean Canadians. These are Americans with origin in the Dutch-, English-, and French-speaking lands of the Caribbean. Their population of 2,532,380 accounted for 0.83% of the U.S. population in 2008. The majority of Black Canadians are of Caribbean origin. Many Canadians identify as Black even though they may have multi-ethnic ...

  • Jewish Families from Kolovec, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Bohemian town of Kolovec in the Czech Republic.

  • Hausmann Family of Colmberg, Bavaria, Germany

    The Hausmann Family Project was created November 18, 2012 and will be updated soon. Please feel free to participate in this 100% collaborative project. Adam Brown

  • Breslauer Family of Wroclaw, Poland

    We started this collaborative project on November 18, 2012 and welcome participation from all family members. Adam Brown and Andrew Klein

  • Jewish Families from Osoblaha (Hotzenplotz), Silesia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Silesian town of Osoblaha (Hotzenplotz) in the Czech Republic. OSOBLAHA (Ger. Hotzenplotz), village in Silesia, Czech Republic. Osoblaha was the seat of an important Jewish community during the Middle Ages, under the protection of the bishopric of *Olomouc (Olmuetz), and had its own municipal administration (see...

  • Jewish Families from Veselí nad Moravou (Wessely), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Veselí nad Moravou (Wessely) in the Czech Republic. Earliest known Jewish community was 16th century. 1930 Jewish population was 64. The Jewish community was a self-standing political community 1890-1919. Ludvik Ehrenhaft, painter, lived here. The Jewish cemetery originated in 18th centur...

  • Jewish Families from Dačice (Datschitz), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Dačice (Datschitz) in the Czech Republic. The Jewish community was densely settled in the eastern part of the Nova Bystrice region with the only remainder after the Holocaust being the desolate synagogues in Jindrichuv Hradec and Telc and cemeteries in Markvarec, Stare Mesto pod Landstejn...

  • Family Tree Shantanu Rawat

    Family Tree Shantanu Rawat

  • Build on Briscoe

    Add on to Briscoe Family Tree.

  • Baghdadi Trade Diaspora: Jews in Hong Kong

    'The project is under construction from Wikipedia: History of the Jews in Hong Kong 1800s-1960s: origins Jews first arrived in Hong Kong when the territory was ceded to Great Britain by China in 1842. The Jews transferred their offices from neighboring Canton to Hong Kong and helped to develop this new port. The Hong Kong Jewish Community was first established in 1857. The first s...

  • Action / Drama / War Television Shows

    Televisions shows that depicted Action / Drama / War that ran approximately from 1940 to the present. List of British television programmes Japanese television drama List and the seasons the show ran Hogan's Heroes , Ah life in a POW camp. This comedy had a mixed group of the various allied nations solders all in the same camp (each with their own skill) with officers and enlist...

  • Medal of Honor recipients War in Afghanistan

    The War in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001, (On Going) as the armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom, and the Afghan United Front (Northern Alliance), launched Operation Enduring Freedom in response to the September 11 attacks on the United States, with the stated goal of dismantling the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation and ending its use of Afghanistan as a base. The Me...

  • Medal of Honor Recipients, Native American

    In the 20th century, eight American Indians have been among those soldiers to be distinguished by receiving the United States' highest military honor: the Medal of Honor. Given for military heroism "above and beyond the call of duty," these warriors exhibited extraordinary bravery in the face of the enemy and, in two cases, made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Jack C. Montgomery. A ...

  • Crowninshield Family Association

    This project is a place for the Crowninshield Family Association to track all Crowninshields and their descendants on Geni and to work together on developing stronger profiles and sourcing. We are focusing on the blood descendants of the Crowninshield progenitor, Johannes Kaspar Richter von Kronenschildt. The goals are to: - Clean up and expand Crowninshield profiles - Merge Crowninshield...

  • Shemashendi Ancestor Research

    Research into the Shemashendi family surname and specifically the direct family ancestors, their origins, Mardin, other cities were they lived or emigrated, geography, way of life etc.

  • Verroen genealogy

    Beschrijving nog formuleren. Zoektocht naar alle Verroenen en hun onderlinge 'genetische' relatie. migratie Z. E.C.M. Verroen van Schoonhoven naar Leiden Bron: De Rijnbode 4-11-1938 pg.2/6 beroepen goud-smid ~ goud-graveur ~ zilver-smid ~ juwelier ~ koper-slager [ ] ~ blik-slager ~ loodgieter ~ .... Woonplaatsen [adres-gegevens welkom]: ~ Schoonhoven ~ Rotterdam ~ Delft ~ Rijswijk ~...

  • Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    October 6, 1683 - Thirteen families from Krefeld, Germany, arrived in Philadelphia to begin Germantown, one of America's oldest settlements. (Today in History, Antelope Valley Press, Thursday, October 6, 2011, p. B2). Germantown was founded by German settlers, thirteen Quaker and Mennonite families from Krefeld (Germany),[1][2] in 1681. Today the founding day of Germantown on October 6, 1683,...

  • Derby Family California

    Northern Ireland New York California mining & engineering arts Richard "Dick" Derby (1881-1963) Surgeon M.D. Birth: Apr. 7, 1881 New York, USA Death: Jul. 21, 1963 Brattleboro Windham County Vermont, USA Ethel Roosevelt and Richard "Dick" Derby married On April 4, 1913 Dick's Father Dr. Richard Henry Derby born 1844 Boston, Massachusetts married Sarah Coleman Alden1 November 1877 ‎...

  • London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Page 1.

    London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Page 1. Work in Progress This page will be adapted for Rio 2016! This sub-project of the London 2012 Paralympic Games project is Page 1 of the Sports Events and results page, listing records and results of the following events: Archery Boccia Equestrian Football 5-a-side Football 7-a-side Goalball Judo Powe...

  • Jamaican Music

    The music of Jamaica includes Jamaican folk music and many popular genres, such as mento, ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub music, dancehall, reggae fusion and related styles. Jamaica's music culture is a fusion of elements from the United States (rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul), Africa and neighboring Caribbean islands such as Trinidad and Tobago (calypso and soca). Reggae is especially po...

  • Thomas Norcross - Steam Sawyer of Preston Lancashire

    This is a large branch of a family I THOUGHT was connected to me by John Norcross whose actual birth year I couldn't establish, until I realized while researching the siblings of this John Norcross that he had siblings born every 15 months or so over the period that my GGF John should have been born. I don't want to just trash this branch as they must be related to SOMEONE, and because there ...

  • Rhodesian Bush War - Grey's Scouts

    This is project will concentrate on the existence of Grey’s Scouts , a predominantly ‘white’ mounted infantry battalion that fought insurgents in the Rhodesian Bush War between 1975 -1979. The unit was disbanded at the conclusion of the Bush War in 1979 and became a regiment of the Special Forces of Zimbabwe in June 1980. It was totally disbanded in July 1986 due to lack of...

  • The Amador Family World Genealogy Project

    The Amador Family World Genealogy Project Our Mission is to create a Book and Manuscript with as much Historical and Genealogical information on the descendants of this Family Name from all over the world for future preservasion, safekeeping, and distribution. We invite all Amador Family members world wide to add their family trees to our world wide registry and data bank for future generat...


    I am looking to trace the descendants of Anne Jouws Keuning and Geertje Martens Bouma.

  • Order of the Golden Spur

    The Order of the Golden Spur (Italian: Ordine dello Speron d'Oro, French: Ordre de l’Éperon d’or), officially known also as the Order of the Golden Militia (Latin: Ordo Militia Aurata), is a Papal Order of Chivalry conferred upon those who have rendered distinguished service in propagating the Catholic faith, or who have contributed to the glory of the Church, either by f...

  • Channer Family of Jamaica

    Will be renamed Ancient Planters Channer Family My godfamily is Channer (originally from St. Elizabeth). In the last year, after talking to them, it seems we might actually be related. (KKW) Links and resources Channer family reunion

  • Tanchangco Family of the Philippines

    Also includes Tanchanco. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Tanchangco Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, ...

  • Greek Jews

    History of Jews in Greece The first recorded mention of Judaism in Greece dates from 300-250 Before Common Era (BCE) on the island of Rhodes. In the 2nd century BCE, Hyrcanus, a leader in the Jewish community of Athens, was honoured by the raising of a statue in the agora. According to Josephus (Contra Apionem, I, 176-183), an even earlier mention of a Hellenized Jew by a Greek writer was...

  • Mr Bee

    projek ternakan LEBAH MADU

  • 1850s-1880s The English in Imperial St. Petersburg

    Source: Turtle Bunbury's FAMILY HISTORY The Whishaws: From Rudheath to Russia.  J. Whishaw 1992, p. 171:  "Despite the animosity between England and Russia in the Crimea, the Emperor [Czar] Nicholas took the English in St. Petersburg under his protection and indeed he frequently walked the quays of St. Petersburg........... England had effectively monopolized trade with Russia f...

  • Puduru Dravida

    This is a project to create the geni database for Puduru Dravida community.

  • euflosino domingues neto

    familia euflosino domingues neto

  • John Wesley Miller and Mamie Lee (Burns) Family Tree Research

    This project will determine the correct family history for the Miller Family Reunion.

  • Public Welfare Medal winners

    The Public Welfare Medal is awarded by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences "in recognition of distinguished contributions in the application of science to the public welfare." It is the most prestigious honor conferred by the Academy. First awarded in 1914, the medal has been awarded annually since 1976. (includes list of winners)

  • Uruguay Projects Directory

    This Project is a Directory of all Uruguay Projects. Please add your project to the directory in alphabetic order. G Gobernación del Río de la Plata I Inmigrantes Canarios fundadores de Montevideo M Milagro de Los Andes P Presidentes de Uruguay R Río de la...

  • Latin Americas Umbrella Portal - Redirected

    The Latin Americas Umbrella Project Portal , due to duplication has been re-directed to Portal Latinoamérica

  • Kozhikote

    Present Kozhikote family is believed to have its origin in Kozhikode, present day Calicut. It is also believed that Kozhikote Nair (Nayanmmar) was one of the important leaders in Zamorin’s troups at that time and occupied important position in the Palace, having unhindered access to Zamorin. Though it cannot be substantiated or stated with any accuracy that our descendents, the Kozhiko...

  • Obituaries

    Collecting obituaries of the Silberstein family (Massachusetts/Maryland).

  • United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842)

    United States Exploring Expedition The United States Exploring Expedition was an exploring and surveying expedition of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lands conducted by the United States from 1838 to 1842. The original appointed commanding officer was Commodore Thomas ap Catesby Jones. The voyage was authorized by Congress in 1836. It is sometimes called the "U.S. Ex. Ex." for short, or ...

  • New Zealand Settler Ships -Nimrod 1836, 1837, 1839, 1840, 1840

    NIMROD 231 ton barque Sydney (20 Apr 1836) to New Zealand (whaling grounds) Under Captain Brown Price Rev Mr Price Mrs Price Family Source: The Commercial Journal, 16 Apr 1836 Sydney (22 Oct 1837) to New Zealand Under Captain Brown de Thierry Baron Charles de Thierry Family Hargraves John Edward Hargraves Mrs Hargraves Family Cook Edward Wiseman Cook F...

  • Norwegians on Stamps

    Norske Frimerker "Posten Norge AS" avbildede merker fra , er gjenngitt med tilatelse fra Posten Norge AS. merkene må ikke bearbeides,eller manipuleres på noen måte. frimerker hentet ifra , merkes med dette som kilde. med Norske personligheter avbildet. enten som fotografi,eller som illustrasjon. Liste over personer på norske frimerker, wik...

  • NZ Pioneer Muster Roll Check list

    Papers Past Muster Roll from The Evening Star 23/1/1890 For cross checking purposes only OUR PIONEERS MUSTER ROLL. „.It. would 1 be dh 6soeodingiy interesting f eatpi'o in Connection with Such an foiskrtical event as tha' of y^tfrdjily. to platfe on ietioti the names of all the 6aily settlers who were present. Wo havo gone to co'n'e^dertiblo trouble to compile a list of these wil...

  • The Confederate Armies (CSA) of the US Civil War

    If you are new to research, the organization and terminology used for Civil War armies can be very confusing. Terms such as corps, battalion, regiment, company, brigade, theater, and divisions have little reference to non-military people today. This section explains the basic terms and structure. The study of the war is divided into three major areas: Eastern Theater (Virginia) Wester...

  • Virginia in the US Civil War (CSA) 1861-1865

    The Commonwealth Of Virginia during the Southern War for Independence. See these related projects as well for other details: The Army Of Northern Virginia The Army Of The Potomac

  • Illinois in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Illinois who served in the Union Army.

  • Maryland in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Maryland who served in the Union Army. See Maryland (CSA) for units that served in the Confederate Army.

  • Maine in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Maine who served in the Union Army.

  • Kasteel CROY ‧ nld ‧ Aarle-Rixtel

    NLD : Huizen als Kastelen Kasteel CROY ‧ nld ‧ Aarle-Rixtel we zijn geinteresseerd in • bewoners • gebruikers • huurders • genieters • klanten (van de tuinopbrengst) • pachters • eigenaren • concierges • personeelsleden • tuinlieden • hoveniers • architecten • renovateurs • ...

  • The Sinking of the SS Tuscania

    Scope of Project This project aims to identify the victims and survivors of the sinkning of the SS Tuscania. Overview The Gilded Age, whose time has come and gone. This was a time when society was divided by the rich and the poor. This was an age known for great Transatlantic Ocean Liners. An era that came to an end shortly after Word War I. The Titanic, the Lusitania, and the Tuscania we...

  • Bandyopadhyay Family

    This project is for all the Bandyopadhyays who wants to trace their ancestry back to Bhattanarayana. Please join in and add your bit. Even if you are not Bandyopadhyay but want to enlighten us, you are welcome. I have scribbled whatever I know or found about Bandyopadhyays. Feel free to add whatever you know. My family tree have 2 Bandyopadhyay lineage - my very own paternal lineage who u...

  • Negro League Baseball

    At one time, baseball in the United States was segregated. The Blacks played with the Negro Leagues! The Negro leagues were United States professional baseball leagues comprising teams predominantly made up of African Americans. The term may be used broadly to include professional black teams outside the leagues and it may be used narrowly for the seven relatively successful leagues beginni...

  • Anglo-Mysore Wars

    This project covers southern India in the 18th century. The Anglo-Mysore Wars were a series of wars fought in India over the last three decades of the 18th century between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company, represented chiefly by the Madras Presidency. The fourth war resulted in the overthrow of the house of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan (who was killed in the final war, ...

  • Шәҗәрә

    Перевод сайта на татарский язык. Дорогие друзья, очень хоч&...

  • Kielce Ghetto

    Kielce was occupied on 4 September 1939 by the German army. Approximately 24,000 Jews lived in the town, a third of all inhabitants. Like in all other occupied towns anti-Jewish actions took place immediately: Lootings, expropriations, forced labour and killings were the order of the day. Soon a Judenrat was established. Its first chairman was Moses Pelc who refused to collaborate with th...

  • Burgemeesters van Terschelling

    Burgemeesters van Terschelling ‧ prov. Friesland of Noord-Holland ‧ Nederlanden burgemeesters 1813-1837 : Pierre ESCHAUZIER 1837-18-x : Alexander SWAAN 1860-1876 : Alexander Bastiaan Mentz 1876-1906 : Dirk Reedeker 1906-1913 : F. de Wit 1913-1927 : I.J.M. van Heusden 1927-1930 : F.Chr. H. Hirschmann 1930-1931 : Douwe Hendrik Doeksen 1931-1941 ...

  • French Intervention in Mexico, 1862-1867

    This project is about the ill-fated French intervention in Mexico to support Emperor Maximillian of Austria as the "Emperor of Mexico" introduced the Foreign Legion into that theater. Summary The French intervention in Mexico (Spanish: Segunda Intervención Francesa en México), also known as the Maximilian Affair, War of the French Intervention, and the Franco-Mexican War, wa...

  • Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada

    This project is to explore the connections of various people and families who lived in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, CanadaSources:

  • Maison d'Évreux

    For naming conventions, see Medieval Kingdoms of Western Europe . La Maison d'Évreux a été une famille noble française, une branche cadette de la dynastie capétienne. Il a été fondé par Louis de France, qui a été donné le comté d'Evreux par son père, le roi Philippe III de France. Son fils, Philippe d'E...

  • House of Orléans

    For naming conventions, see Medieval Kingdoms of Western Europe . Orléans is the name used by several branches of the Royal House of France, all descended in the legitimate male line from the dynasty's founder, Hugh Capet. It became a tradition during France's ancien régime for the duchy of Orléans to be granted as an appanage to a younger (usually the second surviving) s...

  • Third Crusade (1189-1192)

    For naming conventions, see Medieval Kingdoms of Western Europe . The Third Crusade (1189–1192), also known as the Kings' Crusade, was an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin (Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb). It was largely successful, yet fell short of its ultimate goal—the reconquest of Jerusalem. After the failure of ...

  • Mendoza Ancestors Research

    The Mendoza family was a powerful line of Spanish nobles. Members of the family wielded considerable power, especially from the 14th to the 17th centuries in Castile. The family originated from the town of Mendoza in the province of Álava in the Basque countries. The province became part of the Kingdom of Castile during the reign of Alfonso XI (1312–1350), and the Mendozas partici...

  • Casa de Bragança

    A Casa de Bragança é um ramo cadete da dinastia dos Capetos, que governou o Reino de Portugal. Fundada em 1442, quando o rei Afonso V criou o Ducado de Bragança por seu tio Afonso, conde de Barcelos. Ramos cadetes Casa de Bragança-Saxe-Coburgo e Gota (1836 - 1932) Casa de Orléans-Bragança ( Família Imperial Brasileira ) (1864 - hoje)


    RECETTES DE CUISINE ************************* xôi dua bac ca² nêp$noix de coco surgelé thailande sésame grillé == bà Dang trinh Ky : 1KG GAO NEP 350 .400 G DAU XANH NGAM 1 DEM . DE VAO RO². 1CS RASE MUOI. 3CS HUILE DE COLZA. HAP 20MN. METTRE UN TORCHON. FIN DE CUISSON AVANT DETEINDRE LE FEU .+ CREME DE COCO + 3CS DUONG LA...

  • Storm Family of South Africa

    This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the Storm family of South Africa. Please also come and join us on our Facebook Group

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