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  • Origin of Humans

    Purpose: To provide the Geni Community with a view of what the scientific community believes in regards to the origin of humans.

  • Рождественская церковь села Оскуй

    Рождественская церковь села Оскуй Грузинской волости Но...

  • Имения Аракчеева

    Поскольку мои предки были крестьянами Аракчеева, то эта т�...

  • Historic families that lived in Attleborough, Bristol, Massachuestts. Or the "Rehoboth North Purchase"

    In working on my other Attleborough, project, I have found tons of information on the founding families in the Rehoboth North Purchase", later to become Attleborough. There is a wealth of history on land, names, and dates, and even some great stories. I will be posting this information soon. If you are interested in this project, please let me know.

  • Blacks in World War I

    Black soldiers served in the First World War, just as they served in the Civil War (on both sides), and the Spanish American War. The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918, mostly in Europe, but also spread to the Far East and Africa. The United States did not get involved until 1917, when president Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany. My wife's great uncle, Willie B. Daniel, served in...

  • United States Colored Troops

    History Former Georgia slaves played a critical but little-known role in the historic struggle that pried open the door to black enlistment in the U.S. military during the Civil War. The courage and bravery of the men who served in experimental all-black regiments helped convince President Lincoln to "rewrite" his historic Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln's revision was the catalyst for t...

  • ענפים משפחה שהקשר שלהם לעץ הראשי לא ידוע

    כאן ירוכזו ראשי ענפים של אנשים עם שם המשפחה 'קרול' מפולין מהמ...



  • Canon van Amsterdam

    Canon van Amsterdam De vijftig vensters chronologisch 1250 : De Dam 1275 : Het tolprivilege 1345 : Het Mirakel van Amsterdam 1421 : Stadsbrand 1482 : De stadsmuur 1485 : Het oudste koopmansboek 1535 : Het Wederdopersoproer 1578 : De Alteratie 1596 : Het tuchthuis 1602 : De VOC 1609 : Amsterdamsche Wisselbank 1612 : De grachtengordel 1617 : De Spaanse Braban...

  • Martin Luther

    Everyone who has a relation to this femous historical person. My own relation to him is that he is my 11th great grand father. Regards Paul Westerlund.

  • Aleifantis Family

    This is a Greek surname and its common spelling in English is: "Alifantis" (or in several cases of mis-spelling: "Alifandis", "Alifantes", "Alifadis"). In Greek apears in several forms due to mis-spelling in in the past. In addition, spelling variations apear in several cases within the same family-branch (even the same close family). These forms are: "Aleifantis" (Αλε&#x...

  • mind vaevab ...

    ... haigus puue Tõbi suurusehullustus fantaasiapuudus igavus laiskus Palun kutsuge mulle :: KIIRABI ! sanitar ? põetaja . Hooldaja Sarviktaat Ͼ LK surnumatja Hõissa ja pudel Rummi Vajan VEEL häda@bi füsioteraapia empaatiavõime silmakl...

  • abc


  • Find More Family Members

    I have created this new project so that all family members who have joined can help me update current family member profiles, as well as add new profiles that I have not yet added. As a collaborator you will be able to make necessary adjustments. Thank you for your help.

  • Kappers in de familie

    Kappers in de familie organisaties beroemde soortgenoten

  • Kuivjögi Family

    Kuivjõgid pärinevad Saaremaalt Lümanda Vallast Kipi Külast.

  • Klimt

    Familiäre Beziehungen rund um Gustav Klimt

  • SS Gellert

    This Project is for those that immigrated aboard the SS Gellert. The Gellert was operated by the Hamburg American Line(1) from 1875 to about 1895. It's maiden voyage being 26 May 1875. It was a 3533 gross vessel measuring 375.4ft by 40ft. (2) According to information available from the National Archives, the Gellert made approximately 132 voyages during it's service. More then Forty-Six Tho...

  • florence

    I need more info on my family.

  • Memons in South Africa

    An attempt to connect as many Memons in South Africa as possible in Geni, develop a Facebook page to popularise it amongst youngsters and use LinkedIn to connect up professionals/businessmen etc. Open to more ideas on networking!


    Tikana : JAKHAN (RAWLOT BHATI GEN) NAKH: HARAJOT GOTAR: AATRI GHARD: DERAWARIYA =भाटी देरावारिया ठिकाना:जाखन ( रावलोत ) गोत्र:अत�...

  • Dabrowa Ghetto

    The place name "Dąbrowa", derived from the Polish word dąb (oak), denotes an "oak grove", as the territory of the original village is believed to be covered by oak forests back in the early days of its existence. Since in the 19th century the settlement grew to be an important coal mining center, its name was supplemented by the adjective "Górnicza" ("mining") in 1919. Du...

  • Piteå lands

    -- Project "Piteå lands" / "Personer fra området Piteå i Sverige". This is a project to get a common, complete, and correct tree built of ancestors from Piteå country, Norrbotten county, Sweden. If you have people in the tree you are working on from Piteå who you could use help with, add their profiles to the project. You can also start a discussion. L...

  • Lord's Meade Budget

    The purpose of this project is to build and maintain a detailed worldwide digital family tree based upon the Lord's Meade Budget Group.

  • Reinos de España

    Lista de reinos Reino de Aragón (1035 - 1516) Reino de Mallorca (1231 - 1344) Reino de Valencia (1238 - 1707) Reino de Astures (718 - 910) Reino de Castilla (1035 - 1516) Reino de España (1516 - hoy en dia) Reino de León (910 - 1230) Reino de Toledo (1085-1469) Reino de Galicia (910 -1157) Reino de Navarra (824 - 1841) Convenciones d...

  • Gårdsslekt i Lier og Røyken

    Forfedre og slekt i Lier og Røyken. Min pappa, Sverre Berntsen (1908-1989), vokste opp på Lierskauen, på Heia, der bestefar Paul Eriksen Berntsen ( 1872- ) var lærer og kirkesanger. Han var gift med Anne Kristensen Støle, hvis familie og slekt kommer fra Risør og Tvedestrand. Paul Eriksen Berntsen var sønn av lærer Erik Berntsen Funnesda...

  • Klausen Kristoffer

    Kristoffer Klausen er min morfar. Han var gift med Ågot Gurine Østrem min mormor

  • Dubrovnik - Small church for sale / Crkvica na prodaju

    The church is known as Mater Dolores (Sorrowful Mother), is somewhat away from the promenade of King Zvonimir, the path that leads to Gimanu and Primary School Lapad. Church of Mater Dolores found herself in a strange combination of forgotten past, smallish structure from the past. The front is facing the wall of the building, and alongside her in an inclined old cypress, and you get this unu...

  • Palju õnne sünnipäevaks + pulmaaastapäevaks!

    Su kallitel on tulemas sünnipäev või pulmaaastapäev? Kui tahad oma sugulastele avalikult õnne soovida: märgista ta/nad selles dokumendis või lisa enda lemmik pilt, foto või kaart dokumendi või fotona Kui tahad õnne soovida peresiseselt : lisa selle pildi link dokumendina ning muuda see privaatseks (vaikimisi o...

  • Андреевский Грузинский собор село Грузино

    Андревский грузинский собор село Грузино Грузинской вол...

  • Rupià

    Rupià és un municipi de la comarca del Baix Empordà. Llista dels membres del ajuntament Alcaldes 1685 : Baldiri Carbó 1693 : Pere Rupiana 1757 : Sebastià Pigem 1779 : Magí Figueras 1829 : Joan Soler 1830 : Esteve Viñas 1841 : Sebastià Vila 1854 : Joaquim Pagès 1861 : Francesc d'Asis Presas 1875 : Vicen�...

  • Martinez Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Martinez Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ....

  • Gens du voyages

    Le projet.... Ca serait juste d'arriver à retracer la généalogie des gens dites "du voyage" et surtout, d'en écrire l'histoire. De rapporter les histoires telles qu'elles se sont transmises et pouvoir dresser un portrait à la fois, sincère et contradictoire de ce qui est une "grande famille" avec les aléas de la vie des uns et des autres. La vi...

  • Loewinsohn

    I am looking for the ancestors of my great-grandfather Rudolf Hartmann. His mother's name was Martha Loewinsohn and his father's name was Ruediger Hartmann. I believe both are from Berlin Germany. At least that's where Rudolf Hartmann was born in 1874.

  • Мой проект

    Все данные по родне

  • Medal of Honor recipients, Philippine–American War

    The Philippine-American War was an armed military conflict between the United States and the First Philippine Republic, fought from 1899 to at least 1902, which arose from a Filipino political struggle against U.S. occupation of the Philippines. While the conflict was officially declared over on July 4, 1902, American troops continued hostilities against remnants of the Philippine Army and othe...

  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

  • An Exploration of the Origins of Ancient Semetic Peoples and their Sacred Sites

    'Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis ', R. Graves and R. Patai p.13 “…Abraham, the Aramaean patriarch who entered Palestine with the Hyksos hordes early in the second millenium B.C….” p.13 “Jacob’s twelve ‘sons’… seem to have been once independent tribes which banded together to form the Israelite amphictyony or federation. Thei...

  • Claimed historical profiles

    For fake profiles including those from movies, books, and video games, please see the Fake profiles project. Claimed historical profiles are profiles of historical individuals on that are claimed by a user as one's own personal account. This in turn makes it difficult to resolve duplicate profiles and is in violation of article eight (8), paragraph nineteen (19) of's Terms o...

  • adding amma family

    We will try to complete amma family tree

  • seima

    noriu pakviesti Algirda Deltuva bendradarbiauti kuriant seimos medi

  • lilyy

    jj kk jjj 'mmmm '

  • Mary Kay Sr. Beauty Consultant

    Independent Business Owner Sr Beauty Consultant Website: Shop Online Today! Thanks

  • Henrick Rijss

    Soldaat in Bredevoort. Geboren 1615? Eerst gehuwd met Aeltien Rijkmans, daarna gehuwd met Enneken ten Blancke. Geen verdere informatie gevonden. De kerkboeken beginnen rond deze tijd. Geen idee of deze soldaat met het leger van de Hertog van Alva meegekomen is of een locale recruit was. Wie kan helpen?

  • Lizares Family of the Philippines

    The Lizares Family were among the landed gentry of Negros Occidental. Their ascendants of the clan spawned an enviable list of politicians, hacienderos and capitalists. The heritage homes they built during the golden years of the sugar industry are historical landmarks. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . How to Contribute Please click the "Join ...

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