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  • 4th Texas Cavalry

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS 4th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (4th Mounted Volunteers) The Texas 4th Cavalry Regiment was organized with about 1,000 men during the late summer of 1861. Its members were from Gonzales, San Antonio, Bonham, Austin, Livinston, Crockett, and Alto, and Milam and Parker counties. The unit served in Henry H. Sibley's Army of New Mexico, then was assigned to Green's and Hard...

  • 1st Texas Infantry

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS 1st Texas Infantry Regiment Also Called the "Ragged Old First" The 1st Texas Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the "Ragged Old First," was an infantry regiment raised in Texas for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia. The 1st Texas Infantry Regiment was assembled at Richmond, Virgini...

  • 13th Texas Infantry

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS 13th Regiment, Texas Volunteers (Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry) 13th Infantry Regiment was organized during the fall of 1861 and included Bates' Texas Infantry Battalion. The unit contained artillery, cavalry, and infantry companies and was reorganized several times. Attached to the Trans-Mississippi Department, it served in Texas guarding the coast between Galve...

  • Hood's Brigade

    HOOD'S TEXAS BRIGADE Hood's Texas Brigade was organized on October 22, 1861, in Richmond, Virginia. It was initially commanded by Brig. Gen. Louis T. Wigfall and composed of the First , Fourth , and Fifth Texas Infantry regiments, the only Texas troops to fight in the Eastern Theater. The First was commanded by Wigfall and Lt. Col. Hugh McLeod, the Fourth by Col. John Bell Hood and Lt. Col. J...

  • Waul's Legion

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS Waul's Texas Legion Waul's Legion completed its organization at Brenham, Texas, during the summer of 1862. It contained a cavalry battalion and an infantry regiment. However, the legion did not serve as one command. The cavalry battalion contained six companies, later increased to seven. It served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, skirmished in Mi...

  • McCord's Frontier Cavalry

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry (McCord's) The Frontier Texas Cavalry was organized by order of the Texas State Legislature in order to "constitute a command for the special protection of the frontier against Indian depredations." The unit was organized in late 1862 and accepted into Texas state service on January 1, 1863. It remained in state service until finally...

  • Dickert Family Tree

    Since everyone was trying to figure out who is who where, why not use this project to allow people to add their details to extend our tree?

  • Casa de Aragón

    La Casa de Aragón fue la primera dinastía que ostentó el título de Reyes de Aragón. A lo largo de sus cinco siglos (XI-XVI) de vigencia gobernaron veintiún monarcas, manteniendo, en líneas generales, una cierta proyección mediterránea y una política de acercamiento a Francia y a otras grandes casas reales europeas. La actua...

  • Celebrity Family Tree

    Yeah Buddddddddddyyyyyyyy

  • Mickel Andersson 1762-1825

    Hvem var Mickel Andersson's forfedre, hvor var han født - svensk eller finsk opprinnelse .- eller ? Det ser ut som at de fleste i den slekta på den tiden og før det var Tornedalinger. (Før 1750 var det Svensk, alt sammen !) Finland var bare en "fantasi". Grenseoppgangen i 1747-1751 definerte hva som skulle bli "Norge", som da tilfalt Danskekongen. Hvis man leter i ...

  • 3rd Iowa Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 3rd Iowa Infantry was organized at Keokuk, Iowa and mustered into Federal forces on June 8, 1861. The regiment was consolidated into a battalion of three companies in July, 1864 after those members of the regiment who did not reenlist mustered out and the survivors were transferred to 2nd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry as Companies "A," "F," and "I" on November 4, 1864.

  • Förteckning över präster - Sund

    Nämnt som pastorat redan år 1352. Kyrkoherdar Ragualdus (1322) Laurentius Arnberni (1352-53) Johannes (1363) Nils (1397) Jöns (1431-32) Clemet (1538) Petrus (1548) Simon (1553-55) Martinus Clementis (1558-) Eschillus Johannis (1568-72) Laurentius Magni Ekroterus (1590-1631) Barthollus Hodelius (1632-34) Martinus Clementis (1635-55) Bryniel Ma...

  • Morehouse-Gayton

    The core of this project is 2 families that came together in Kilburn, New Brunswick, Canada... The Gayton name has been documented to The Doomsday Book (roughly 1,000 years ago) and many interesting details are in the Albert Gayton booklet "The Gayton Genealogy and Descendants of Thomas Gayton of Argyle" published in 1918... I'm in contact with a Gayton on the webby site...a se...

  • Förteckning över präster - Mariehamn

    Avskildes till eget pastorat 1900, vilket förverkligades 1905, då staden fick sin första präst. Huvudkyrkan, S:t Görans kyrka, byggdes 1927. Församlingen har tre andra kyrkor: S:t Mårtens kyrka i Hindersböle (byggd 1969), kyrkan på Lemböte lägerområde (1974) samt kyrkan på Margaretagården (1990) s&...

  • Ongsiako Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Ongsiako Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ....

  • familia materna

    Este proyecto es para recordar la evolución del apellido lopez

  • Hofileña Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Hofileña Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philip...

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  • Bergmannslekten tax com


  • Lintjesregen ‧ ⅯⅯ Ⅹ Ⅱ • Koninginnedag ‧ NL

    -2012-05-01-11:48+GMT-summertime-jMu-etc. Lintjesregen ‧ ⅯⅯ Ⅹ Ⅱ • Koninginnedag ‧ NL 2012 apr-30 : total 3429 Koninklijke onderscheidingen DECORANDI 2012 TITEL Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw : 11 x Orde van Oranje-Nassau : 3418 x SEXE : 1194 vrouwen = 34.82 % ‧ 2235 mannen = 65,18 % LEEFTIJD oudste heer : L. ...

  • Translators: Swedish Kinship Proband

    The purpose of this project is to assist in the eventual translation of Geni's kinship relationship paths into Swedish. The inspiration to the project comes from the Estonian initiative with the same goal and is also closely connected to the Translators project. The basic idea is to build a tree around a proband from which all relationships are then defined, in Swedish, while considering gender...

  • rowthers turkish origin

    salam to all, going back to generations is always is interesting. its said that the rowther community we belongs came to south india during the vijaya nagara as turkish traders. any body having materials proofs as links, articles, photos pls send me . jesssakallah khiren dr sajan

  • O V I I R 5o!

    This project is focused to Estonian Oviir and related families. Goal is to share and discuss their 5o years anniversary in 2013. Tere kallid sugulased! Seoses 50 a juubeliga 2013 teen ettepaneku koondada Oviiride elulugusid ja okupatsiooniaja mälestusi ning talletada nad kirjas. Trûkis tuleb A-4 formaadis, vôibolla 20-60 lehte. Seda vôib ka nimetada infovihikuks. ...

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  • Le Roy Family


  • Searching for missing sons of Martin Nejezchleb

    Martin Nejezchleb game to the USA in 1878 with his wife Francesca Kupka and several children. He went back to the Czech Republic in 1888 with several sons. We have tracked down Martin and his wife to Brno, but not his sons. Martin Jr, born apx 1858 went back to Moravia in 1888. Paviel born apx 1869, went back to Moravia in 1888. Johanka born apx 1874, went back to Moravia in 1888. They had ...

  • Warmbrand Family from Galicia

    The purpose of this Project is to facilitate collaboration between individuals researching the Warmbrand / Warenbrand family from Galicia.

  • Opole Ghetto

    On February 15, 1941, and February 26, 1941, two deportation transports with 2,003 Jewish men, women and children on board left Vienna Aspang Station bound for Opole, a small town south of Lublin. Opole had a long established Jewish community; when war broke out about 4,000 Jews lived here, i.e. about 70 percent of the population, a proportion which rose further after the beginning of the war...

  • car

  • Jennifer Rose Swales

    Hi iam researching my family tree , names in my tree are as above. I am also looking for info on my mams dad who was born in Dudley Wolverhampton had connections with the ring o bells pub and thats all i know if any0ne has any info would be most grateful

  • VEM

  • Spry's of Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee

    John Spry had at least two children in Delaware. He later moved to Rowan North Carolina and they all move out from there to many places across america.

  • Lutsk (Luck) Ghetto

    Lutsk is a city in Volhynia, the Ukraine and is situated on the river Styr, 470 km from Kyiv. During World War I the Jews suffered both from the armies and from war devastation, as the town changed hands several times and was occupied by Russian and German troops. Between the world wars the Lutsk community led a rich religious and cultural life as well as several social and medical organiza...

  • Видни калоферци

    Prominent Personalities from Kalofer (Bulgaria). Видни калоферци Ехото на историята и културата п...

  • New England

    This is a sub-project for the Colonial Americas Master Project. New England is a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. New England is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Canada (the Canadian Maritimes and Quebec) and the state of New York. In one of the earliest Englis...

  • Unfolding your Jamaican genealogy

    Jamaican genealogy is probably one of the most interesting race genealogies. This is because the country and its people has a long and diverse history. If you are from the Jamaican race, it will be fun tracing your origin!

  • تبادل اطلاعات و دانش

    این پروژه به منظور تبادل اطلاعات مفید بین اعضای عزیز خاندا&#x...

  • Bilgoraj Ghetto

    The town of Bilgoraj is the principal town of its county in Lublin province. As of 2009 its population was 27.341. It is located on Bilgoraj Plateau, on the Lada River (right tributary of the Tanew River), in the vicinity of Roztoczanski National Park. On August 2, 1919 the province of Lublin consisting of 19 districts was established, including Bilgoraj district with the principal town being B...

  • Grodno Ghetto

    Grodno Ghetto was created by Nazi Germans in November 1941, in the city of Hrodna (Grodno), which was part of the Second Polish Republic until the Soviet invasion of Poland, and subsequently incorporated by the Soviets into the Belarusian SSR. Hrodna (German: Garten) was annexed by the Nazis to the Bezirk Bialystok district of East Prussia in the aftermath of the German attack on the Soviet Uni...

  • Flossenbürg concentration camp

    Konzentrationslager Flossenburg was a Nazi concentration camp built in May 1938 by the Schutzstaffel (SS) Economic-Administrative Main Office at Flossenbürg, in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, Germany, near the border with Czechoslovakia. Until its liberation in April 1945, more than 96,000 prisoners passed through the camp. About 30,000 died there. -------------------------- ...

  • Dereczyn Ghetto

    This Ghetto contained Jews from Dereczyn, Halinka and Kolonia--Sinaiska. The Ghetto was liquidated by the SS Death Squads - Einsatzgruppen on July 24, 1942 or 10 day of Av 5702. -------------------------- El Moley Rachamim Holocaust Prayer

  • Bochnia Ghetto

    Bochnia Ghetto, Krakow In 1941, Bochnia Ghetto, Krakow , a closed ghetto, surrounded by a wooden fence, was established in Bochnia. At the beginning of April 1941, all “Aryan” inhabitants of the future ghetto area were resettled, and in July 1941 Jews were prohibited from leaving the ghetto without a special permit. From October 1941, by order of Hans Frank, to do so was pun...

  • Mirako Concept

    Acreditamos que a riqueza das nações resulta da atuação de indivíduos que movidos pelo seu próprio interesse, promovem o crescimento econômico e a inovação tecnológica. Hoje, ao invés de nos perguntarmos como fazer para nos transportarmos com energias mais limpas, devemos questionar por que estamos nos transportando ...

  • Moses Mathews Part of Our Line?

    William and his wife Mary are buried near the Glade in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. The Glade is located in the eastern part of Oglethorpe County a few miles from the Broad River. A marble slab with William Mathews and his wife marks their graves. William is listed as living in Pike County in the 1830 Georgia Census Index (page 116). Further descendants of William and Coleman Mathews can be foun...

  • Chauhan

    Rajput bardic accounts describe the Chauhans as one of the four Agnikula Rajput clans which claims to have originated from a sacrificial fire-pit (agnikunda) at Mount Abu to fight against the Asuras or demons whereas in context Agnikula is considered as another branch of Suryavanshi Rajput descent.[4][5] Descendants of these Chauhan Rajput ruled princely states in Western and Northern India unt...

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