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  • Family of Alling Ball (d. 1689, Massachusetts)

    This family is in disarray, with very little documentation. The wives are also entangled, and help in documenting would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a well researched website.

  • Jose Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Jose Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . H...

  • London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Cycling

    London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Cycling Work in Progress This sub-project of the London 2012 Paralympic Games project lists the events, records and results for the following events: Cycling Road Cycling Track This page will be adapted for Rio 2016! There are separate pages for the following disciplines: ... in order to make the page more manageab...

  • Indian Wars of the Caribbean

    Wars involving American Indians of the Caribbean/West Indian Region. This Project is a subproject of the West Indies - Caribbean Region Master Project. What can you do here? Ask questions. Collaborate on your research. Share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in a specific area. Problem finding an ancestors , open a discussion here and we all try to help ...

  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Portal

    This portal is meant to be a jumping off place for all Nations, Tribes, Clans. When finished it will contain no profiles but it will contain the links and documents that will help you name historic individuals. In the related projects you will find projects of specific groups. Since there are so many Indigenous peoples that will fit under this portal, it is Important that we remember that eac...

  • La Aldea

    La Casa de los Cortón o Quinta de San Victorio o La Aldea --en San Fiz de Vixoi, Betanzos, La Coruña. La casa la compró y amplió don Pascual LC. Fue centro del ILE al pasar aqui tiempos largos Manuel Cossio, esposo de Carmencita Lopez-Corton Viqueira, hija de D Pascual. Se criaron en La Aldea Vicente Viqueira y su hermana la Tia Ma Luisa. El abuelo Vicente y la...

  • Spruill / Singleton / Cherry - Beaufort, NC

    Godfrey Spruill was reportedly the first doctor in North Carolina. He lived in Beaufort County, North Carolina. His descendents included the Singleton and Cherry families who also lived in Beaufort. The scope of this project is to help consolidate and clean up Beaufort profiles. This project is not intended to follow the families that moved elsewhere, such as Tennessee or Arkansas.

  • Honel-Honl Project

    Help us build the family tree of Honels. We are looking to connect to others living and also to go back to our ancestor, Baron Karl von Honl who was a Captain in the Swedish Army and went to the Czech lands during the Thirty Years War. He settled there and had a family. This information is recorded in some church there. We are descended from him.

  • Pongrácz

    Pongrácz Genealogy (Nemzetség) The original letter of Lörinz Comes (1241) shows that his ancestors were high nobility of Czech origin. King Béla IV. gave to Lörinz’s sons, Serefil and Bogomér, the territory of Mátéföld which already in 1268 was named Zent-Miklós. In the same year, the eldest son of Lörincz, Bo...

  • visperud autosalg

    It just became a lot cooler to drive a hybrid. That is, if your hybrid system also includes a 510 hp direct-injected turbodiesel V6 like the one powering the rear wheels of Audi’s R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 race car.

  • Galpen-Krieger

    Test to see if this will give access to Freya's profiles

  • Hernandez Family of the Philippines

    This surname was included in the alphabetical catalog accompanying the Claveria Decree of 1849, requiring Filipinos to "select" new last names. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Hernandez Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national at...

  • Computer

    კომპიუტერი ინგლისური სიტყვაა და გამომთვლელს ნიშნავს

  • Alcuin of York's ancestry

    I would like it, if we could determine the ancestry of Alcuin, and whether or not he had descendants.Apparently he was of royal or noble blood, born in c735 Yorkshire, Northumbria.I'm sure someone would know which royal family was living in Yorkshire, in this year, and who died around this time, as he was an orphan.Please people, we need to discover it.

  • Obitelj Vranyczany-Dobrinović

    VRANYCZANY-DOBRINOVIC Ambroz (1801-1870) Janko (rođ. 1920) Klothilde udana Buratti (1838-1913) Lujo-Ludwig (1840-1922) Vladimir (1845-1929) oženj. s Paula Kiepich Paula od Kiepach (1856-1892) Theresia od Modrušan (1814-1838) Viktor (1860-1887) Zdenka von Hellenbach (5.8.1861-1921) udaje se 1886 u Veneciji za Viktora Vranyczany-Dobrinović iz Gornja...

  • Zeugschmidt/Zugsmith Family

    This project seeks to document and trace the Zeugschmidt family, also anglicized by some to Zugsmith. My great grandmother was Rossa Zeugschmidt Hoechstetter. If you are a member of the family, please join in and contribute to the tree. I don't know much more about this branch of my family than the names I presently have in my tree, and would love to learn more.

  • Marchese Family

    born in sicillia 02/25/1874 died 05/24/1948

  • Wapnowitz Family of Lomza, Poland

    Welcome! This project is intended to facilitate genealogical and historical collaboration among those interested in the Wapnowicz ( Variants: Wapnowitz, Wapner ) family of the Lomza region of Poland. How can you participate? (1) Add your branches to the Geni tree. This is a 100% shared collaboration and the tree belongs to all of us. Please do not duplicate existing entries. (2) Upload ...

  • Shergrotzki Family

    משפחת שרגרודצקי מוצאה מרומניה מהעיר קשיניב שעברו אח"כ לבס�...

  • London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Page 2.

    London ‪2012 Paralympic Games‬ - Events and Results: Page 2. Work in Progress This page will be adapted for Rio 2016! This sub-project of the London 2012 Paralympic Games project is Page 2 of the Sports Events and results page, listing records and results of the following disciplines: Rowing Sailing Shooting Table Tennis Sitting Volleyball Wheelchair Basketball ...

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen

    < BACK Antwerpen: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) Antwerpen: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) Antwerpen: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government) Antwerpen: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) Antwerpen: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion) Antwerpen: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • Inca Empire

    The Inca Empire , or Inka Empire (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu), was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The Inca civilization arose from the highlands of Peru sometime in the early 13th century. From 1438 to 1533, the Incas used a variety of methods, from conquest to peaceful assimilation, to incorporate a large portion of western South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges, incl...

  • Chapman Roll, Eastern Cherokee

    CHAPMAN ROLL EASTERN CHEROKEES 1851 The Chapman Roll was taken in 1851 by Alfred Chapman . This roll, which followed almost immediately the Siler Roll, was a result of many complaints by various Cherokees of having been omitted by Siler Siler added interesting family information on many of the enrollees - who was married to whom, who a child belonged to, full-blood, mixed, or white married to...

  • Anne Elisabeth Nielsdatter Friis

    A request for more information about Anne Elisabeth Nielsdatter Friis has been raised, the current documentation on her profile is suggesting a questionable connection to the Friis and Gyldenstierne families as currently outlined on Geni, and additional information provided may suggest an alternative ancestry, as outlined below. If any of the managers, or other geni members, have additional i...

  • Gelsenius Family

    The Gelsenii were a Swedish family of parish priests. Their ancestor Thorerus Caroli came from Horn. The name Gelsenius was inspired from the parish name Gärdserum. In past the parish name was spelled Gärserum, Gälserum Gelserum, Gälvesrum and Gellersrum. Later generations modified their surname to Gerdeman . Resources Adelsvapen, Gerdeman Family Tree DNA, Ge...

  • 4

    Don't remove this project this is ideal for testing, becouse standing before others Henn

  • Stadsmuseum Harderwijk ◦ Gelderland ‧ NL

    Stadsmuseum Harderwijk ◦ Gelderland ‧ NL Koloniaal werfdepot 1815-1910 : vertrokken c.150.000 militairen vanuit Harderwijk naar het Oost-indische leger om het Nederlands gezag in Indië te handhaven. Zij werden in Harderwijk getraind in het vrm. Muntgebouw, vanaf 1844 'Koloniaal Werfdepot', Recruten waren 'gewone', maar ook gestrafte militairen, gevangenen, bedelaa...

  • Caton-Westerman Families

    This project is to assist members of the Caton and Westerman families in their genealogical research and collaboration: a place to tell "family stories" as well as to have discussions about ambiguities and other sources of information about these two families!

  • Luukased Olustverest

    Otsin oma vanavanaisa hõimlasi Luukaseid, kes pärinevad Olustverest, Rahvusarhiivi kodulehelt leidsin ma Anna (Mark) Luukase ja Juhan Luukase abiellumise Olustvere kirikus, seda ma tean, et Anna Mark Jüri tütar pärines Vastse-Kuustest ja leidsin ka tema perekonna rahvusarhiivist. Aadress kust ma leidsin abiellumise andmed:

  • Sumodiwiryan

    Keluarga ngangkatan

  • New Zealand ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    New Zealand ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics New Zealand citizens with life-long Olympic-respect & proud Olympic Medals for New Zealand GOLD Valerie Adams , athletics, women's shot put Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan, rowing, men's double sculls Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, rowing, men's coxless pair Mahé Drysdale , rowing, men's single sculls Jo Aleh...

  • Albury Family of the Bahamas

    This project is for the Albury family and related families of the Bahamas. This is a subproject of the Bahamians master project. Description: This project is for the Albury family and related families of the Bahamas. To connect, meet and find out more about the Albury and other related families originating there. This is a subproject of the Bahamians master project. Share your family ...

  • Golden Ages - Brugge

    < BACK . 1134-1482 (Tentative Period) . History Rise 1134, storm surge that made Bruges accessible through the Zwin inlet Decline 1482, death of Marie de Bourgogne 1486, crowning of Maximilian I von Habsburg 1488, Maximilian kidnapped and emprisoned in Bruges 1493-1519, true reign of Maximilian over Flanders, marked by permanent Flemish revolt Bloccade of the por...

  • Christian Study of Little Cove, Pennsylvania

    Researching Christian Study of Little Cove, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Trying to determine his origins



  • Lapidus-Lapedus-Lapides-LaPidus Master Project

    This project aims to allow collaboration in working on connecting the many different Lapidus (and variant spellings) trees.Please also join our googlegroup "LapidusFamily", and our "Lapidus" group at FamilyTreeDNA.

  • Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie ‧ 1721-1802

    Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie ‧ 1721-1889 ‧ ‧ Geschiedenis 1720 : Middelburgse kooplieden verenigen zich in de Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie. De MCC dreef aanvankelijk vooral handel op de Middellandse Zee en West-Indië. Er waren handelscontacten met de Oostzee, de IJszee, de Witte Zee, Frankrijk en het Iberisch schiereiland: Spanje & Portugal. Men dre...

  • Soriano Family of the Philippines

    Soriano is originally a toponimical surname of someone from Soria, Spain. It was also included in the 1849 Catálogo alfabético de apellidos from which Filipinos were required by law to select their "new" surname. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Soriano Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de b...

  • The Irish emigrant from Antrim to the United States of America

    Many Irish and Scots - Irish emigrated from County Antrim in northern Ireland to the United States. Most entered from New York and Pennsylvania but also all along the Eastern Seaboard. If you have Ancestors from Antrim, enter them in this project. Tracing Irish roots in northern Ireland is difficult because most records were destroyed and most of the ones remaining are in individual churches. H...

  • Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

    All people, places and things relating to Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

  • Greenleaf Family

    Come on over and bring your Greenleaf ancestors with you. Profiles must be set to "public." Oulde Newbury as it was anciently called, was settled, incorporated and paid its first tax in the spring of 1635. It derived its name from Newbury, a town in Berkshire, England, about fifty miles from London. Until its incorporation, it was called by its Indian name Quascocunquen and was one of the l...

  • Arbeitslager Riese

    THE “COMPLEX RIESE” Extensive construction work on a number of underground shelters and tunnels took place in the Owl Mountains (a part of the Giant Mountains) between 1943 and 1945. The exact purpose of these facilities remains unclear even today. German sources suggest that they were supposed to be turned into a huge underground shelter covering more than 35 square kilometres,...

  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Northeast

    North American Tribes Northeast Includes the following States Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont

  • Displaced Persons Camp

    A displaced persons camp or DP camp is a temporary facility for displaced persons coerced into forced migration. The term is mainly used for camps established after World War II in West Germany and in Austria, as well as in the United Kingdom, primarily for refugees from Eastern Europe and for the former inmates of the Nazi German concentration camps. Even two years after the end of World War I...

  • Kasdiyah Alibasya

    Silsilah Keluarga Kasdiyah Alibasya

  • testingproject


  • Sephardic Levy Family Reunion 1912

    ARE YOU RELATED? The Levy Sephardim Cousins Reunion October 2012 in Westchester, NY YOU ARE INVITED if you are a second or third generation Sephardim descendant of Vita Gentil Barocas & Elihua Levi, our Great-Grandparents from Corlu, Ottoman Empire, Turkey and their Corlu-born children, siblings-Morris-Salomome-Charlie-Nissim-Abraham-Isaac-Israel-Jenny and Dave Levy. We are originally des...

  • Finlands präster Namn-Nyckel ~ Suomen papit Nimi - Avain

    Under den katolska epok använde prästerna enbart sina förnamn, dock tillsammans med Herr, t.ex. Herr Lars, Herr Olof, Herr Hans etc. För att kunna särskilja präster med samma förnamn började man under 1500-talet att använda en latinsk form av deras patronymikon. Exempelvis: Abraham Eriksson = Abrahamus Erici Erik Steffans...

  • Pochodzenie Szementów

    Historia i pochodzenie rodziny Szement i ich bliskich.


    Bialystok Births 1835,39,46,48,56-66,69 Grodno Gubernia / Bialystok Province Located at 53°08’ 23°09’ Last updated July 2000 Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Father Grandfath Mother Mothersurn Grandfath2 Date Birth_date Fathertown Mothertown Occupation Comments Film Town KATZ-RAPOPORT Srol 1846 Birth; Akt: M53; Father: Shliomo; Grandfather: Symkho; Mother: B...

  • Medal of Honor recipients for the Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Movement, or Boxer Rebellion, was a Chinese uprising from November 1899 to September 7, 1901, against foreign influence in areas such as trade, politics, religion and technology that occurred in China during the final years of the Manchu rule (Qing Dynasty). The members of the Chinese Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists were simply called boxers by the Westerners due to the ...

  • Army of the Cumberland (USA) US Civil War

    The Army of the Cumberland was one of the principal Union armies in the Western Theater during the American Civil War. It was originally known as the Army of the Ohio . History The origin of the Army of the Cumberland dates back to the creation of the Army of the Ohio in November 1861, under the command of Brig. Gen. Robert Anderson. The army fought under the name Army of the Ohio until Maj...

  • Irish music & musicians

    ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫ Music of Ireland (Feel free to add material to this project) Irish Music is the generic term for music that has been created in various genres on the island of Ireland. The indigenous music of the island is termed Irish traditional music. It has remained vibra...

  • Roy Muermann family tree

    My family tree

  • Oosthuizen Family

    Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page See Also Related Geni Project Pages: Index of Other SA Surname Projects SA Progenitors on Geni

  • Het Drostenhuis in Ootmarsum

    Boek over het voormalige Drostenhuis aan de Walstraat 1 in Ootmarsum. Tekst en eindredactie: Paul Brood Het huis dankt zijn naam aan de laatste drost van Twente die het huis bewoonde: mr. Hendrik Knijpinga Cramer. Mijn betovergrootmoeder Euphemia Cramer-Hugenholtz (kleindochter van de drost) is de laatste van mijn voorouders die hier geboren is. In het boek komen een groot aantal personen v...

  • The Fainshtein Family

    Viktor Fainshtein's Story Ivan and Pelageya Yeremin, Baptist farmers, lived with their eight children in the Kauchuk Sovkhoz, an agricultural settlement in the county of Lgov, Kursk district. The area was occupied by the German troops in late October 1941. In April 1942, when ten-year-old Sim Yeremin went into the workers’ rest area in the settlement, he found a child lying on the fl...

  • Z1a (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup Z1a or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of Z Z (mtDNA) Z1a (mtDNA) Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Projects Page To ...

  • lerena bros

    Que todos los hermanos y medio hermanos, "lerena bros" compartan sus datos genealógicos. Pasar la voz

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Trade & Industry

    < BACK Antwerpen: Handel & Wetenschap (Trade & Industry)

  • 6th Vermont Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 6th Vermont Infantry, while formed separately, was combined with other Vermont state units to create the 1st Vermont Brigade. Colonels: Nathan S. Lord, Oscar S. Tuttle, Elisha Leonard Barney, Sumner H. Lincoln Lieutenant Colonels: Asa P. Blunt, Oscar S. Tuttle, Elisha Leonard Barney, Oscar Adrian Hale, Franklin George Butterfield , Sumner H. Lincoln, William J. Sperry Majors: Oscar ...

  • Land Grant -Grantees oF Narragansett No.7-GORHAM,MAINE

    Gorham was born out of the Narragansett War, one of the 7 townships granted by the General Court of Massachusetts to 840 people who either fought or were descendants of fighters (or closely allied to them) who fought. The Narragansett War is called King Philip's War. Mr. McLellan's book says, "that a proclamation was made to the army in the name of the government, before they began their march ...

  • the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA

    the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA history collection chronological p:portret French - Italian - Dutch - Spanisch - Swiss - German - English - Unknown Ⓘt © 1450-1500 p:Young Man p: Isabella of Portugal Ⓥl © c.1450 WEYDEN p: Man with a Pink Ⓥl © c.1500 SITTOW p: Young Man in Red Ⓘt © c.1505 Circle ...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Utah

    Links Naming Conventions


    The Gay Holocaust - Lagers 4 - The Lagers = Deportation and Death CampsNazi Germany, planned and implemented their plan to rid Europe of those whom they considered sub-humans. Accurate numbers for exactly how many people died as a result of the Nazi plans are simply not available and probably never will be. The Nazi massive concentration camp system, with well over one thousand camps of various...

  • Martynas Brunius (1825-1908)

    Martyno Bruniaus (1825-1908) ir Veronikos Kairytės (1830-1903) giminės medis. Į šį projektą bus kviečiami ne tik visi giminiečiai bet ir jų šeimų nariai. Junkitės ir kartu kurkime savo giminės ir artimųjų istoriją. Kadangi nemokamas (Basic) planas leidžia kurti medį ti...

  • US Politics

    Issues of Concern We the People Direct Line to White House When I ran for this office, I pledged to make government more open and accountable to its citizens. That’s what the new WE the PEOPLE feature is all about – giving Americans a direct line to the White House on the issues and concerns that matter most to them. – President Barack Obama ----------...

  • Partongah Partuanon Pamatang Sipolha

    ini turunan mahasa damanik di tano djawa

  • British & Commonwealth Military Honours and Awards

    Military Honours & Awards Members of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces can be awarded via the UK Honours system for exceptional gallantry, achievement or service. They are eligible for the military divisions of civilian honours as well as for decorations and medals for gallantry and distinguished service which are exclusive to the Armed Forces. Nominations for these awards are rec...

  • Royal Family Orders

    Royal Family Orders George IV started the formal practice of presenting Family Orders, or portraits of the Sovereign set in diamonds suspended from a ribbon. Before 1820, the Sovereign's portrait set in a jewelled frame had been worn by both ladies and gentlemen at Court, and especially by female members of the Royal Family. George IV's successors continued this practice, with most sovere...

  • Order of Bath

    The Order of the Bath The Order of the Bath is mainly awarded to officers of the Armed Services, as well as to a small number of civil servants. Numbers may be increased in times of war or in the event of any military or civil action or service which merits 'peculiar honour or reward'. In 1971 women were admitted to the Order for the first time. The Order now consists of the Sovereign (...

  • Medal of Honor recipients, Puerto Rican

    Puerto Rican Medal of Honor recipients Puerto Ricans and people of Puerto Rican descent have participated in every conflict in which the United States has been involved, from World War I to the Iraq War. The following five soldiers of Puerto Rican descent have made the ultimate sacrifice and were posthumously awarded the nation's highest military decoration - the Medal of Honor, sometimes ref...

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