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  • H11 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup H11 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested.

  • Group of Seven Artists

    A Project for the Group of Seven Artists (Canadian Landscape Painters)

  • Dundas Cousins

    Families with roots in Dundas Ontario

  • Families of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

    Families that have settled in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. Help explore how families within this geographic area are linked together.

  • Families of Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

    Families that have settled in Hastings County in Ontario, Canada. Help explore how families within this geographic area are linked together.

  • Peebles Family

    Building the family tree for Robert & Sarah PEEBLES.

  • 6th Infantry Division (United States)

    The 6th Infantry Division was a unit of the United States Army in World War I , World War II , and the last years of the Cold War. Known as "Red Star", and formerly called the "Sight Seein' Sixth". World War I Subordinate units 11th Infantry Brigade 12th Infantry Brigade 51st Infantry Regiment: 16 November 1917 – 22 September 1921 52nd Infantry Regiment: 16 November 1917 &#...

  • Rubinshteyn Revision Lists

    Please click on "Photos and Documents" in the right column.

  • Setser / Setzer / Sester

    I am interested in gathering together all the descendants of Johannes Adam Setzer. Please send me a friend request and look me up on Face Book.

  • Pochinka Family Tree

    Pochinka Family Tree

  • Tundmatud fotod a 1938 - 1958

    Sõber leidis kuskilt pööningult suure hulga (tuhandeid) vanu negatiive aastast 1938 -1958. Kõik ilusti ümbrikutesse pakitud ja osadele ka väike info peale kirjutatud,pildistatud 6x9 filmile. Enamus ilusti säilinud ja hea kvaliteediga. Esimesel pildil siis fotograafi autoportree, ei tea kas see nimi seal nurgas ka tema oma? Põhiliselt on pi...

  • Golub Family Tree

    Jacob Golub

  • Zilver uit Amsterdam

    Amsterdamsche zilversmeden alfabetisch François LAMBREGTS - - silversmith's guild member 1720-1747 - Pieter van der TOOREN - A'dam 1790 - 1772-1808 Lucas van GEFFEN II - 1775-1791 - Groningen, 1778-79 documentatie in boeken Twee eeuwen tafelzilver : de Amsterdamse zilversmeden Helweg, 1753-1965 door Barend J. van Benthem digitale documentatiet internetverwijzi...

  • Koenig Family

    This project is for the Koenig family originating in Central Europe. The frame of this project is take from the House of Names website section on Koenig Surname History . Koenig Surname History Koenig Family History Koenig, King, Konnig, de Koenig Koenig Early Origins Koenig Early History Koenig Early Notables The Great Migration Surname Notables: some noteworthy people of...

  • Lebanese Americans

    The backbone of this project is from an online article, Lebanese americans, by Paula Hajar and J. Sydney Jones. (See links below). Overview The earliest immigrants from the Eastern Mediterranean were generally lumped together under the common rubric of Syrian-Lebanese, and it is consequently difficult to separate the number of ethnic Lebanese immigrants from ethnic Syrian immigrants. Neithe...

  • Iceland Master Project

    This is a master project for Iceland and its history. Iceland[7][8] i/ˈaɪslənd/ (Icelandic: Ísland, IPA: [ˈislant]; see Names for Iceland), described as the Republic of Iceland by many foreign authorities,[6][4][5] is a Nordic European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.[9] Iceland also refers to the main island of the co...

  • Lazzaro, Family

    A história da chegada dos Lazzaro (s) está registrada no documento de entrada no Memorial do Imigrante, cuja cópia faz parte deste projeto. Que diz: 'Luigi (Giuseppe) Lazzaro, com 22 anos, e sua família, constituída dos pais Giovanni, 50 anos, e Maria (Tereza Favaretto), 52 anos, a esposa Angela (Zopas), 22 anos, partiram Gênova em 31.12.1897 pelo navio...

  • A-V50 (Y-DNA)

    For people who have tested and been assigned paternal haplogroup (Y-DNA haplogroup) A-V50 or are believed to have had this haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations V50, V82, V198, V224, M276, L600, L601, L602, L603 Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades A-M114 A-P28 A-P262 Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Proj...

  • Malerier av Jørgen Margido Raknes (f.1888)

    Jørgen Raknes, født 29. juni 1888. Gift med Ingebjørg Rømo født 21. juli 1897. Født og oppvokst på Sparbu Han malte både bilder og hus, og det var det de levde av. De fikk bygget eget hus på Malvik etter krigen, men hadde bodd i bygda også før det. De var aktive medlemmer av Metodistkirken i Trondheim. Dessuten har h...

  • a 1928 juuni Ungaris: eestlased visiidil

    Fotole on lisatud ka nimekiri, ehk keegi oskab seostada nime ja Isiku

  • Beckford Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Beckford and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. Naming Conventions See generic Naming Conventions page. Names For consistency, please make sure the name fields of Master Profiles are first name, middle name, last name, maiden name if known, otherwise blank. Notables Beckford Street, Savanna-la-mar, Westmo...

  • Quizon Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Quizon Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • work on FORTES family from Orlim, goa and Mascarenhas family from cansaulim

    kindly work on the project of fortes and mascarehas family

  • I Mosconi emigrati a Lubiana (Slovenia)

    Mosconi (ted. Moschkon zu Thurnam e zu Ortenegg ), la famiglia nobile d'origini bergamasche che nel XVI sec. aveva possedimenti in Istria. Alessio (morto nel 1540), mercante di stoffe, il cittadino di Ptuj (Pettau), ha comprato nel 16 Agosto 1532 dall'imperatore austriaco Ferdinando I la contea di Pisino per 26000 fiorini renani ed ha avuto la giurisdizione civile e penale sui sudditi e il patr...



  • Komt U ook uit …Hardenberg ?

    Komt U ook uit …Hardenberg ? ) geschiedenis & time-lime eerst nederzetting Nijenstede Bouw Kasteel op de Herdenbach voor de Bisschop van ... bewoners Nijenstede verbleven rond/binnen de vesting van 't Kasteel op de Herdenbach c.1227 : Otto von~van der LIPPE, bisschop van Utrecht ~ Otto II van UTRECHT, Dom-proost ‧ x-1227 jul-28 Ane-bij-Coevorden-dr-NL ‧ ...

  • H1c1 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup H1c1 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve , Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Helena . Distribution (to be added) Subclades of H H (mtDNA) H1 (...

  • Find a Grave worldwide

    Have you tried to find a relative's grave and can't seem to locate it? Do you remember your parents talking about where grandma and grandpa are buried, but they have disappeared? Are you trying to track down your geneology and need birth and death dates of a specific relative? Just follow these few steps to find a grave. Sysoon is is a free resource for finding the final resting place of fami...

  • Primeaux Family

    Native-American and French-Canadian Primeaux and Primeau.

  • Suriname ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    Suriname ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics OLYMPIANS Surinaams Olympisch Comite FLAG BEARERS 2008 -s- Anthony Conrad NESTY ‧ 25-nov 1967 ‧ swimmer ‧ wiki-en ‧ • 2004 -s- Letitia VRIESDE ‧ Paramaribo 05-oct 1964 ‧ track and field athlete ‧ wiki-en ‧ • 2000 -s- Letitia VRIESDE ‧ idem ‧ &#x...

  • Angola ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    -under construction-till-the-start of the Games- Angola ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Angolians with life-long OLYMPIC ‧ respect ‧ proud ‧ & ‧ honour ‧ FLAG BEARERS 2008 -s- João N'TYAMBA ‧ ‧ • 2004 -s- Ângelo VICTORIANO ‧ ‧ • 2000 -s- Nádia CRUZ ‧ ‧...

  • Indonesia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    —2012-VII-12—13:07-am+GMT—jMu—team-members welcom to follow the games and add profiles a/o documentation f.i. by a discussing-thread. Asian Olympic Participants Indonesia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Indonesian OLYMPIANS FLAG BEARERS 2012 ? 2008 ‧♂‧ I Gusti Made Oka SULAKSANA ‧ Bali 29-apr 1971 ‧ sailing ...

  • Philippines ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    -2012-VII-12-12:53pm+GMT-summer-time-jMu-team-members from the Philippines welcome to follow the games and link profiles a/o documentation. Philippines ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Philippinian OLYMPIANS National Olympic Committee FLAG BEARERS 2012 -s- ? 2008 -s- Emmanuel 'Manny' Dapidran PACQUIAO ‧ 17-dec 1978 ‧ boxing ‧ wiki-en ‧ • ...

  • Bjerregaard

    Bjerregaard- Source of Name- Hvor stammer navnet fra ? ' Der ligger flere gårde i Danmark, ved navn "Bjerregaard", og der er flere forskellige slægtsgrene med efternavnet "Bjerregaard". I dette projekt vil vi gerne samle så mange oplysninger, som muligt, om disse gårde - og deres slægter. Alle, som er interesseret, er velkomne til, at komme med komment...

  • Johnson County, Georgia

    This project is a compilation of the research recently done for Johnson County, Georgia. Johnson County, Georgia Welcome to Johnson County Georgia Johnson County

  • Identify Family Members in Photos

    Please help identify these unknown family members in photos:

  • Kahn - Arkin Project

    Researching Mom and Dad's family background

  • Greek Coffee Corner

    Greek Coffee Corner

  • Commonwealth War Graves - Bergen op Zoom (Canadian)

    The list below is extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission databases . About this project This project honors the military who died for the liberation of the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom in WW II, and who were buried at the Canadian War Cemetery . In total, 1,087 people are buried at this cemetery. This includes 964 Canadians, the remainder being mainly British. For infor...

  • Vietnam ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    Vietnam ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Asian Olympic Participants -2012-06-14-07:48+GMT-jMu-UNDER CONSTRUCTION- etc. Vietnamese OLYMPIANS 19#?-2012 Summer : ⓿ ‧ x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 0x - SIL 2x - BRO 0x 19#?-2012 Winter : ⓿ ‧ 0x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 0x - SIL 0x - BRO 0x 2012 summer : Nominations & Selections : Good luck to all of...

  • Romero de Tejada

    Familia materna de Carolina Coronado Romero de Tejada --poetisa romántica TEJADA Señorío del Solar de Tejada

  • Sahu Family

    Dear brothers / sisters / friends, Please find all relevant details of our lineage/ancestry and update (send it to me for updation) so that we have on record our Heritage for Posterity's sake. regards Dinesh

  • Komt U ook uit …Raalte ?

    Komt U ook uit …Raalte ? region SALLAND 52°38' NB - 06°28' OL prov. Overijssel Nederland INFO : wiki-NL - wiki-en - wiki-fr - wiki-de - wiki-id bekende Raaltenaren —A— —B— , —C— —D— —E— —F— —G— Gerrit Jan GORTER ‧ Raalte 23-jun 1960 ‧ 2007:...

  • Military orders

    For naming conventions, please see Medieval Kingdoms of Western Europe . A military order is a Christian society of knights that was founded for crusading, i.e. propagating and/or defending the faith (originally Catholic, after the reformation sometimes Protestant), either in the Holy Land or against Islam (Reconquista) or pagans (mainly Baltic region) in Europe. Many orders became secularize...

  • London FILM museum

    London FILM Museum film museum chronological 2008 start London Film Museum alfabetical Jonathan ...

  • Barlas Family

    Royal Barlas Family in India Nawab Qasim Jan was a courtier in the royal courts of Mughal Delhi . He first lived in Lahore, attached to the court of the Governor, Moin-ul-Mulk, in the 1750s, thereafter he moved to Delhi, and joined the court of Delhi, in reign of Mughal Emperor, Shah Alam II (r. 1728–1806 ). Soon he was given the title of Nawab, and given the region of and thereafter...

  • Smithsonian Institution

    James Smithson, FRS, MA (1765 - 27 de junio de 1829) fue un mineralogista y químico británico conocido por haber dejado un legado en su testamento a los Estados Unidos de América, que se utilizó inicialmente para financiar el Instituto Smithsoniano.Contenido [ocultar] 1 Biografía2 Carrera científica3 La conexión Smithsoniana4 Ancestros5 Vé...

  • Bürgermeister ‧ DE:EU ‧ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    Bürgermeister ‧ DE:EU ‧ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ürgermeister_in_Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Landkreises Vorpommern-Greifswald Greifswald ~Griepswoold~ c.54.000 Einwohner - Universitäts- & Hanse-stadt Universität - Greifswald c.12.000 Studenten + 5.000 Universitäts-angehörige Bürgermeister - Greifswald

  • Österreich-Rundfahrt ~ since 1947 ~ Hervis-o-Wiesbauer Tour

    -under construction-2012-VII-07-)7:39-jMu-Bitte NUR Profilen linken und NICHT im text andern, denn ess is noch im Redaction - auch Discussions-mitarbeit und Document-Linken sind hochst WILKOMMEN ! - danke. Internatiole Österreich-Rundfahrt ‧ Hervis‧o‧Wiesbauer Tour ‧ since 1947 NL : Ronde van Oostenrijk DEU : [ Internationale Österreich Rund...

  • Burgermeister ‧ DE:EU ‧ Baden-Württemberg

    Burgermeister ‧ DE:EU ‧ Baden-Württemberg —A— • * Karl ALBER ‧ ‧ Fußball-spieler ‧ ‧ • Martin ALBERS ‧ ‧ • * Jörg ALBRECHT ‧ Politiker ‧ ‧ • * Adolf ALTER ‧ ‧ • * Wolfgang AMANN ‧ ‧ • * Horst ARMBRUST ‧ &...

  • Tarombo Tanah Batak

    Mencoba mempelajari Tarombo (silsilah); salah satu aspek budaya Batak.

  • 'n Geslacht uit …LEERDAM misschien?

    uit …LEERDAM misschien? Well know Leerdam-FAMILY-names Companies from Leerdam GLAS-fabriek Leerdam since ... (zoeken we op!)

  • Leipsigid

    Katsuks siia koondada Leipsigite järeltulijad:)

  • Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence

    Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence by Harry Clinton Green, and Mary Wolcott Green. Originally penned in 1912, this historical reprint showcases individual portraits of the fiercely courageous women who endured tremendous hardship as their husbands fought to build an independent nation. Women such as Abigail Adams, Dorothy Quincy Hancock, and Julia Stockto...

  • Rachbach

    Rachbach Family Tree

  • משפחת שייפר Family Schaefer

    משפחה שייפרהיא גדולה יש הרבה אנשים במשפחתירבים מי בני משפ�...

  • Clan of Sauks(e)

    Stories of all Sauks(e) people

  • Museum SLAGER ‧ NL ‧ 's-Hertogenbosch

    Museum SLAGER - NL - 's-Hertogenbosch==drie generaties Bossche kunst-schilders=info & contact* Achter de statige gevels van Museum Slager aan de ...-straat te 's-Hertogenbosch hangt 'n uitgebreide collectie schilderijen, tekeningen en voorwerpen tussen1861-1994 gemaakt door acht schilders uit de Bossche kunstenaars-familie SLAGER.Uit de collectie wordt de steeds wisselende, vaste tentoonstellin...

  • Koning Willem I Stichting ‧ Nederland

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION !- Koning Willem I Prijs - voor Ondernemers sinds -- de nationale ondernemings-prijs De Koning Willem I Stichting doel: info & contact - p/a Nive - Managers Platform Nederland - 's-Gravenhage NL-2594-AH187-A - T+31.707.118.729 - F+31.703.351.080 - - Bestuur Dick BERLIJN - generaal b.d. Laureaten 2012 Categor...

  • The Perrier family name.

    The project aims to uncover the history behind the name. Identifying the different branches and to help fellow Perrier's in their research. I started this project on FamilyTreeDNA. Where you can get DNA testing for a lower fee if a member of the group. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO TEST DNA TO PARTICIPATE. On Facebook you can join the page: Hope to hear from a lot of Perrier's from all over th...

  • huwelijken-de MOUCHERON-marriages

    huwelijken-de MOUCHERON-marriages familie-namen~sur-names ‧ partner-ouder-getuige ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ BARDET ‧ ‧ BERGERON ‧ ‧ ‧ DANIELS ‧ de FEYDEAU de SAINT-CHRISTOPHE ‧ ‧ ‧ JUCEREAU ‧ ‧ ‧ PINEAU ‧ ‧ ‧ de la ROCH ‧ ‧ d'ORVILLE ‧ ...

  • Gyldendal

    Gyldendal fundet i Hals. Find link til resten af Gyldendal grenen, og muligvis Andersen.

  • История фамилии Крутохвостовых

    Попытаемся совместно воссоздать истоки семьи. Истоки фаC...

  • Ober‧Bürger‧meister ‧ DEU:Vorpommern ‧ Greifswald

    Ober‧Bürger‧meister ‧ DEU:Vorpommern ‧ Greifswald ürgermeister_von_Greifswald Universitäts- & Hanse-stadt ——MCCC—+—MCD——13. & 14. Jahrhundert 1250-1262 ‧ Jakob von TREPTOW ‧ ‧ • * 1300-1301 Arnold von GREIFENHAGEN ‧ ‧ • * 1300-1317 ‧...

  • Italy ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    European Olympic Participants in LONDON 2012 -2012-jun-14-17:44+GMT-jMu-under construction till 01-jui-2012- Italy ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Italian OLYMPIANS x-2012 Summer : ⓿ ‧ x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 136x ‧ silver ‧ 120x ‧ bronze ‧ 140x ‧ x-2012 Winter : ⓿ ‧ x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 36x ‧ ...

  • Canada ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    Canada ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics The main-project focuses on the Olympic-Movement and the history of this Global-wide contest of free sporters & athletes and all future winners -a/o- participating sporters who will be part of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Since some sports are still holding their national team trials and qualifications, we first list confirmed Olymp...

  • Aase Synnøve Axling

    Aase Synnøve Axling sine forfedre

  • Leiden 15e - 18 eeuw (passage voor geloofs- en economische vluchtelingen)

    De komst van tienduizenden vluchtelingen deed Leiden groeien en opnieuw bloeien. Als gevolg van de voortdurende oorlog in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden ontvluchtten grote groepen calvinistische textielwerkers de textielcentra in Vlaanderen, Artois en de omgeving van Luik. In 1577 werden de eerste vluchtelingen naar Leiden gehaald, 'Zuidelijke Nederlanders ' die vanwege hun 'calvinistische geloof ...

  • Deense & Duitse - koor & orkest - Dirigenten

    ~under construction during summer-time 2012~ SORRY, dieses muss noch geandert werden in Danish & DEUTSCHE - UND SO WEITERES.... Deense & Duitse - koor & orkest - Dirigenten wiki-nl met Nederlandse oorsprong of nationaliteit [ met Deense oorsprong of nationaliteit] [ met Duitse oorsprong of nationaliteit] ZIE OOK : [ Nederlandse & Vlaamse Dirigenten] ZIE ook : [ Engelse, Iers...

  • Mosconi Family

    La nascita della famiglia Mosconi : La famiglia Mosconi anticamente dicevasi Fogaroli, quel cognome è antichissimo più volte rammentato sin dal secolo XIII. Nell’anno 1256 un Ottone de Fogaroli fu Console della giurisdizione della Città di Bergamo, posto e carica assai nobili e onorifici. Circa quel tempo sarà vissuto anche quel Pietro che è a capo de...

  • I Mosconi emigrati in Germania

    Elenco dei Mosconi emigrati in Germania

  • I Mosconi di Verona

    I Mosconi a Verona Il ramo Gelmino di Pietro dal quale si sono staccati i Mosconi di Verona che hanno fatto molto parlare sia in Italia che all’Estero; sono di questi Mosconi che si occupano i Dizionari di G.B. Crollalanza e dello Spreti, pur ammettendo tutte e due che si tratta dei Mosconi provenienti da Bergamo. […] a Verona presso quella Biblioteca Civica, ho avuto la fortuna...

  • Bergen op Zoom 1212-2012

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION . 800 jaar stad Hieronder, voorlopig wat ideeënsprokkels ----- Below, just a few random thoughts and notes, for starters . . Algemene links... Officiële feest-site van de gemeente Bergen op Zoom (official celebration site) Site van de gemeente (web site of the city) Historisch Centrum Markiezenhof (archives, genealogy, image bank...) De stad ...

  • Herman Family Tree

    Herman Family Tree

  • DOLLEE ❦ family ‧ genealogy

    huwelijk~ DOLLEE ~marriage with partners of the FAMILY-names : fam. BAX ‧ • ◦ ‧ fam. BOER-MAN ‧ • ◦ ‧ * fam. BOS ‧ • ◦ ‧ * fam. BOUWENS ‧ • ◦ ‧ fam. DEKKERS ‧ • ◦ ‧ * fam. van EIJK ‧ • ◦ ‧ * fam. EHLERT ‧ •...

  • Kern County, California

    Spreading across the southern end of the California Central Valley, Kern County is the thirteenth-largest county by population in California. Its economy is heavily linked to agriculture and to petroleum extraction, and there is a strong aviation and space presence. In the beginning, the area that became Kern County was dominated by mining in the mountains and in the desert. County government...

  • Kutasi család

    A projekt célja a sümegi Kutasi János és Bertalan Mária felmenőinek kutatása, illetve a meglévő emlékek rendszerezése a későbbi generációk számára.

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