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Evi&Vam. Aavik Wed..pdf

May 25, 1947

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Buffalo, Erie, NY, USA

People: Vambola Aavik and E. Aavik

Tina and Kevin's wedding invite.pdf

June 5, 1999

Castile, NY, USA

Wedding invite

People: Kevin Michael Shortt, Tina Mai Shortt, Vambola Aavik and 3 others.

Marie Aavik's Passport

November 14, 1944

Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

German Passport. interesting note: There is a NAZI insignia still on the cover. German forces did not surrender u...

People: Marie Aavik, U. Aavik and Vambola Aavik

Marie and August Aaviks Eesti Certificate

August 2, 1945

Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

People: Marie Aavik, August Aavik, Vambola Aavik and 1 other.

August Aavik's Immigration Card

October 14, 1949

Boston, MA, USA

August Aavik's immigration card, Shows personal identification, and the date and location of the families admittance ...

People: August Aavik

wesenberg germany - Google Maps

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People: Marie Aavik

Marie Aavik ID camp Augsburg

November 9, 1945

Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

1945-1950, the Displaced persons Camp: Haunstetten, created near the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany was for war...

People: Marie Aavik, Vambola Aavik and M. Gränberg

August Aavik's Driver's liscense.pdf

May 13, 1903

Lockport, NY, USA

August Aavik's driver's License, Shows date of birth and place of reidence.

People: August Aavik

Vambola's Report Card


Buffalo, NY, USA

Vambola Aavik's report card, Which shows that he was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1951, nad in 1953-1954 the family ...

People: Vambola Aavik

Aavik Family Tree by Liivi Aavik

This a write up of the Aavik Family Tree provided by Liivi Hurt, most likely in the late 1980's. There are some na...

People: P. Hurt, Johannes Awik, Leena Marie Kirsch and 49 others.

E.Tali Family Tree Schematic 1769-1991 (9 pages total)

August 29, 2009


This is a schematic drawn up by Enn Tali, who researched our tree at the Estonian National Archives. This goes all th...

People: A. perekonnanimeta, M. Gränberg, Juhan Granburg and 124 others.

Vambola and Evi Mets Wedding Invitation

May 25, 1957

People: Vambola Aavik, E. Aavik, L. Mõts/Jaanson and 3 others.

August Aavik Death

February 6, 1972

Buffalo, NY, USA

Death Announcement for August Aavik's Funeral

People: August Aavik, Marie Aavik, Vambola Aavik and 1 other.

VeeGee Construction- Dad's Card


Buffalo, NY, USA

My father's buissness card. Including his nickname because no-one was able to pronounce his name properly. :) Vee ...

People: Vambola Aavik

August Aavik's Death Church flyer

February 6, 1972

Lockport, NY, USA

People: August Aavik

Uno and Janie's Wedding invitation

July 4, 1964

Transfiguration Church, Buffalo, NY, USA

People: U. Aavik and J. Aavik

Haley's Aavik's Birth Announcement

August 21, 1993

Fort Ord, Salinas, CA, USA

Haley's birth announcment, Sent form California, When her mother was in the service, at Fort Ord.

People: H. Keeley, J. Keeley and K. Aavik

Tina's Greenburg Family Tree-1


Buffalo, NY, USA

This was the original Master family tree for the Aavik/ Greenburg line. Done on a Typewriter. The oldest generations...

People: J. Awik, J. Saare, P. and 54 others.

Tina's Greenburg Family Tree -4


Buffalo, NY, USA

Fourth Page of Tina's Greenburg Tree- Siblings: This was the first draft that I typed out (yes, on a typewriter!)....

People: H. Tali, Edgar Tali (Gränberg), Aliide Tali and 38 others.

Names and Birthday's


Buffalo, NY, USA

This is just a simple list of birthday's and wedding dates. However I have included it here as, presently, it seems t...

People: August Mõts, E. Cronk, A. Simmers and 7 others.

Karen Aavik Brief autobiography

Buffalo, NY, USA

Brief Autobiography written as an Alumnus of Canisius College by Karen Aavik

People: K. Aavik and H. Keeley

Uno Aavik's Kittenger Article


Buffalo, NY, USA

HOW THE TRADITION BEGAN For more than six generations, The Kittinger Furniture Company has set an unparalleled stand...

People: U. Aavik, August Aavik and Vambola Aavik

Picture of Uno at work, Kittenger Article

April 1995

Buffalo, NY, USA

Kittinger creditors seek sale of Elmwood Ave. plant. (Kittinger Furniture Co.) Business First of Buffalo | August 2...

People: U. Aavik

David Bell Letter refered to in Haley's paper


Buffalo, NY, USA

This is what I (Tina Shortt) BELIEVE to be the letter to the editor that Haley refers to in her paper about her Dad's...

People: H. Keeley and U. Aavik

Haley Aavik's paper pg2 end


Buffalo, NY, USA

This a paper written by Haley Aavik, in her Junior year (3rd year/out of 4) in High school. It chronicles Uno's trip ...

People: U. Aavik, J. Aavik, K. Aavik and 2 others.

Haley Aavik's Paper pg 1.


Buffalo, NY, USA

This a paper written by Haley Aavik, in her Junior year (3rd year/out of 4) in High school. It chronicles Uno's trip ...

People: H. Keeley, U. Aavik, Vambola Aavik and 2 others.

E. TALI Archivial Research 6 OF 21


Buffalo, NY, USA

People: Marie Aavik, U. Aavik, Vambola Aavik and 18 others.

E. TALI Archivial Research 4 OF 21


note: The top of this document and the bottom of the last (3), talks about Ann's descendents. As of 10/2010 I do not...

People: A. Peterson, P. Peterson, L. Preimann and 23 others.

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