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December 28, 1973

People: Goolshan Ali


Obituary of my father Yusuff Ali published in a local newspaper (most likely the Trinidad Guardian)

People: Yusuff Esuf Ali


December 26, 1914

Barnet, Greater London, UK

People: S. Wajed Ali and Nellie


Lineage of Rahmani family to Ali and Fatimah radiallahu Anhuma

People: Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib, Hasan ibn Ali, Pak Pak Mula Raja Damanik and 1 other.

1914m4-s-0126 nellie marriage.jpg

December 1914

Hendon, UK

Nellie Saxby and Wajed Ali's wedding record

People: S. Wajed Ali and Nellie

Nellie record.jpg


Sussex, UK

Nellie nani's birth record

People: Nellie

YouTube - Haji Khairul Imam Baksh (May God have mercy on him)

Addressing family, relatives and friends at the marriage of his eldest grandchild Alimuddin to Zen on January 9th 198...

People: Khairul Emam Baksh, Zanisha Ali, Ali and 1 other.

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