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Crispus Attucks Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -

Read about folk hero Crispus Attucks. Learn about his early life and how his murder during the Boston Massacre helped...

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Crispus Attucks (c. 1723 – March 5, 1770) was an American slave, merchant seaman and dockworker of Wampanoag and Afri...

People: Crispus Attucks

Boston Massacre Obitituary

March 12, 1770

Boston, MA

Boston Gazette and Country Journal Monday, March 12, 1770

People: Crispus Attucks, Samuel Maverick, Samuel Gray and 1 other.

America The Story of Us — Episode 1: Rebels —

How did it America get its name? And how much tea was dumped at the Boston Tea Party? Find out, plus get to know the ...

People: Patrick Henry, Sr., George Washington, 1st President of the USA, Gov. Edward Winslow, "Mayflower" Passenger and 7 others.

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