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People: Benjamin L Baker, Jr.

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People: Ruby Baker

White, Peter & Sarah, 1870 Census, Castor, Stoddard County, Missouri.jpg

June 1, 1870

Castor Township, Stoddard County, Missouri, United States

Peter Smith, Head of Household, Event Type: Census, Event Year: 1870, Event Place: Missouri, United States, Gender...

People: Henry Charles White (1868-1937), Margaret (White) Baker (1864-?), Nelson White and 7 others.


March 6, 1973

Poem written about is grandmother Catherine Baker. This was included in the correspondence to Cecil Shuford

People: Adolphus L. Shuford, John M Shuford, Wallace Pinkney Shuford and 3 others.

Spencer Line - CHART

Bedfordshire, England Family photo of Michael Spencer, Gerard Spencer, Elizabeth Tomlyns, ...

People: Anne Agnes Merrill, John C Spencer, II, Gerard Spencer and 34 others.

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