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John J. Baugh (1803 - 1836) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: John Baugh

WOMACK Genealogy - Vol. II, No. 1

Will of Thomas Womack 1697 Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia. Mentions god daughter Catherine Baugh.

People: Abraham Womack, Thomas Womack, Katherine Jones and 1 other.

Re: Ancient Planter Sharpe


Jamestown, Virginia

People: Samuel Sharpe, Sergeant William Sharpe, Elizabeth Baugh and 2 others.

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People: Alice Smith


People: D. McCRAY, V. Lindsey, A. McCRAY and 1446 others.


People: D. McCRAY, V. Lindsey, A. McCRAY and 1443 others.

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