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January 19, 1968

Find A Grave memorial for Sir Alfred Chester Beatty.

People: Sir Alfred Chester Beatty


Lots more to tag. I stopped at the Farrows on Page 9, who are what I was really interested in. This PDF document is ...

People: Mary Ann "Polly" Eastham (Farrow), Thomas Hoomes, Jr., William French and 54 others.


Stafford, VA, USA

People: James French, R. S., Mary Beatty, Elizabeth French and 5 others.


Email summary of Mt. Sterling Advocate Article written by Harry W. Mills.

People: Winifred French, Theodocia Hood, William French and 40 others.

Laura Kincaid.pdf

December 25, 1922

Kansas City, MO, USA

People: Laura Kincaid

1900 - Missouri - Saline - Marshall.jpg

June 11, 1900

Marshall, Saline, MO, USA

People: Charles Kincaid, Laura Kincaid, William B Kincaid and 1 other.

Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005

People: L. Beatty and R. Martin

California Birth Index, 1905-1995

People: L. Beatty, R. Martin, R. Martin and 1 other.

Gail Beaty Ellis

People: Mary Beatty, Louis Beaty, Jr., G. Ellis and 3 others.


People: K. Goodman, G. Beatty, G. Beaty and 3 others.

Data Folder: FTW/Kinfolk Pages/Bettye Liberty/Betty and John

People: R. Beatty, L. Beatty, L. ? and 2 others.

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