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People: John Bedford, Jr.

Bedford David and Eulilia - Marriage Certificate.pdf

February 18, 1944

Seattle, King, Washington, United States

Appears to be his 'first' marriage to Ruth. Guessing that they were later ceremonially remarried in New Mexico later...

People: Bedford and Eulalia Rita Bedford


People: Mary Bedford

Bedford Miriam - Polish Birth Certificate.pdf

November 5, 2008

L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

People: Miriam Elfman

Bedford Irving - Affidavit of Support.pdf

January 14, 1939

Bronx, NY, USA

People: Ignacy Bedford, Charlotte Bedford, Miriam Elfman and 1 other.

Miriam Bedford and Raymond Elfman Marriage License.pdf

December 23, 1939

Bronx, NY, USA

Marriage Certificate / License

People: Miriam Elfman and Raymond Elfman



People: Joseph Tompkins and Naomi Bedford


February 1963

Irving Bedford Citizenship documentation

People: Ignacy Bedford


February 24, 1917

L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

Marriage License for Irving and Charlotte Bedford

People: Charlotte Bedford and Ignacy Bedford

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People: Ignacy Bedford

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