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Hester Catharina Kruger 14 May 1882 Rustenburg Baptism.jpg


Rustenburg, South Africa

Father: Douw Gerbrand Kruger Mother: Dina Carolina Briel Witnessed by: Jacob Breed and Janetta Levina Catharina Kruger

People: Jacob Breed b2c4d5e3, Janetta Catharina Francina Kruger b7c2d4e3f2g8, Douw Gerbrand Kruger, b7c2d4e3f2 and 2 others.

William Merriam

AMERICA THE GREAT MELTING POT From Merriam Genealogy by Charles Henry Pope 1906

People: Allen Breed, of Lynn, Elizabeth Breed, William Merriam, Sr. and 9 others.

Martha Johanna Venter (Breed) DN 1874-1951.jpg

September 17, 1951

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Boedel / Estate No. 1155/51

People: Martha Johanna Venter

Nancy B. Nims ( - 1856) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Nancy Sheldon

Breed Descendants Tree

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People: Laura Longstreet

estes-genealogies... p 31

People: Estes Newhall, Ruth Breed, Rebecca Breed and 338 others.

breed, susan death.JPG

December 30, 1895

Hitchen, Hertfordshire, UK

Susan Breed, 88 years; widow of Samuel Breed, a farm labourer; cause: senile decay, certified by Chas. J. Grellet, M....

People: Susan Breed

1851 breed, samuel, susan, etc.jpg

March 30, 1851

Hitchen, Hertfordshire, UK

Samuel and Susan Breed, George Breed (8 years old)

People: Susan Breed, William (2) Breed, George Breed and 3 others.

breed, samuel death.JPG

January 26, 1859

Hitchen, Hertfordshire, UK

Samuel Breed, 47 years; farm labourer; cause: bronchitis, certified; informant: X - the mark of Elizabeth Cannon, pre...

People: Samuel Breed

1841 breed, samuel, susan, eliza etc.jpg

March 30, 1841

Samuel and Susan Breed, prior to George's birth

People: Samuel Breed, Susan Breed, Eliza Breed and 3 others.

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