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Joseph Brodsky Family 1930 Census


People: Prich (Brodsky), Brodsky, Jacob "Jakie" Brodsky and 1 other.

Guessed date based on child

People: Leiser Falkov, Blankfield (Moloff), Zvi Hersch Heffler and 99 others.

Tussman Ship Manifest - Canada Arrival - Rescheduled - 1925.jpg

October 31, 1925

QC, Canada

Itsik, Riva, and Yosel were not on board this vessel.

People: Itsik Harry Tussman, Riva Brodsky and Yosel Tussman

Tussman - Ship Manifest - Canada Arrival - 1925.jpg

November 6, 1925

Arrival of Tussmans into Canada. They intend to stay with Dov "Louis" Tussman, 330 Pritchard Ave., Winnipeg. Gersh...

People: Shmuel Gershon Tussman, Leah Tussman, Henya Tussman and 6 others.

Tussman Ship Manifest - 1925.jpg

November 15, 1925

# Source Information Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancest...

People: Shmuel Gershon Tussman, Sheva Weiselberg, Henya Tussman and 5 others.

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