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1910 US Census for Sylvanus Nye

April 18, 1910

Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States

People: Eleanor Patterson Taylor, Ruth Elizabeth Carpenter, Sylvanus Fisher Nye and 2 others.

Person Details for Amos Woodward in entry for Emmeline Deborah Woodward, "Connecticut Births and Christenings, 1649-1906" —

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People: Emmeline Deborah Carpenter

1920 US Census - Letia Evelyn Ruehlen

April 5, 1920

McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas, United States

People: Emerald Lillian Carpenter, Harold Gilmore Hapgood and Leita Evelyn Ruehlen

1910 US Census - Adelbert Carpenter

April 21, 1910

McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas, United States

People: Minnie Elizabeth Carpenter, Mildred Ruth Miller, Floyd Lucerne Carpenter and 2 others.

1910 US Census - Henry George Hapgood

April 18, 1910

McPherson County, Kansas, United States

People: Lucinda Ann "Lulu" Hapgood, Margaret Beatrice Decker, Gladys "Meroe" H Ferguson and 3 others.

Margaret Westover Census Record in 1930

U.S. Census Record for Margaret Westover in 1930. Uncover your roots with our free genealogy database containing mill...

People: Margaret Westover


People: Jean Custis Carpenter, Colvin (Carpenter), Jim Saunders Carpenter and 1 other.


People: Josephine Carpenter, Howard Kemper Carpenter, Colvin (Carpenter) and 1 other.

Judy Reed Carpenter — Mount Vernon News

By Mount Vernon News October 17, 2015 12:21 am

People: Judy Carpenter

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