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People: George B Comstock

Person Details for Fernando P. Shattuck, "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1695-1910" —

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People: Fernando P Shattuck and Sarah Jane Shattuck

1930 Census Eugene W Cable

April 7, 1930

Pittsburgh, Allegeny, PA, USA

People: Eugene Winfield Cable, Maude E. Cable and Charles Dick Cable

Census 1920 Eugene W Cable

January 12, 1920

Crafton Borough, Allegheny, PA, USA

People: Charles Dick Cable, Maude E. Cable and Eugene Winfield Cable

1900 Census Eugene W Cable

June 9, 1900

Washington, DC, USA

People: Maude E. Cable and Eugene Winfield Cable

1910 Census Charles W Cable

April 20, 1910

Nelsonville, Athens, OH, USA

People: Charles Walter Cable, Eugene Winfield Cable, Charles Dick Cable and 1 other.

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