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Pastor Cowley from 'Valiant Harvest'.PNG

This pen sketch of Isaac Cowley appears on Page 91 of the book 'Valiant Harvest -The Founding of the South African Su...

People: Isaac Cowley

Image (23).jpg

Page 2 of 1975 letter to Lois Cowley in NZ/

People: Roderick Cowley

Image (22).jpg

Page I of letter original

People: Roderick Cowley

Alfred Eric Cowley Marriage.PNG

May 20, 1911

Sydney , NSW, Australia

Report on the marriage of Alfred Eric Cowley and Victoria Preciosa Black in the Social Column of the 'Sydney Morning ...

People: Alfred Eric Cowley

Ebenezer Cowley Dissolution of partnership.PNG

March 16, 1886

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This advertisement appeared in the 'Brisbane Courier' of 16 March 1886.

People: Ebenezer Cowley

Ebenezer Cowley Scrapbook.PNG

The Scrapbook kept by Ebenezer Cowley from 1890 to 1898 is available in the State Library of Queensland which is open...

People: Ebenezer Cowley

Ebenezer Cowley death.PNG

February 18, 1899

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

News from Cairns dated 8 February 1899 published in 'The Queenslander' of 18 February,1899

People: Ebenezer Cowley

Ebenezer Cowley New Guinea.PNG

October 29, 1940

QLD, Australia

From an article on the history of the area in the 'Cairns Post' published on Tuesday, 29 October, 1940

People: Ebenezer Cowley

Ebenezer Cowley - work.PNG

February 2, 1894

QLD, Australia

From the 'Brisbane Courier' of Friday 2 February 1894 - an article on The Sugar Industry sent from Mackay o 1 February.

People: Ebenezer Cowley

Bayard and Sylvia Ruth Cowley deaths.PNG

June 7, 1887

Notice of death in the 'Brisbane Courier' of 06/07/1887

People: Sylvia Ruth Cowley

Bayard and Sylvia Ruth Cowley deaths.PNG

June 7, 1887

Death notice for Bayard and Sylvia Ruth Cowley in the 'Brisbane Courier' dated Tuesday, 7 June, 1887.

People: Bayard Cowley

Cowley-Russell marriage.PNG

June 27, 1949

Cowra, NSW, Australia

Notice of marriage on 4 June, 1949 in the 'Sydney Morning Herald' of Monday, 27 June, 1949.

People: Robert Cowley

Cowley-Russell engagement.PNG

January 1, 1949

NSW, Australia

Notice of Engagement in the 'Courier-Mail' Brisbane Saturday, 1 January 1949.

People: Robert Cowley

Richard Roy Cowley Land Ballot.PNG

October 18, 1951

QLD, Australia

Results of Land ballot in the 'Morning Bulletin' Rockhampton, Queensland on Thursday 18 October, 1951.

People: Richard Cowley

William Roy Cowley Estate.PNG

April 1, 1943

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Estate of William Roy Cowley - 'Courier-Mail', Brisbane, Thursday, 1 April, 1943

People: William Roy Cowley

William Roy Cowley Death.PNG

December 17, 1942

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Report on the death of William Roy Cowley in the 'Courier-Mail' Brisbane on Thursday, 17 December, 1942.

People: William Roy Cowley

Marriage Richard Cowley and Margaret Cripps 1654

October 24, 1654

The Diocese of Chichester, UK

"The Contract between Richard Cow[e]ley and Margaret Cripps of this parish was lawfully published the 8th, 15th, and ...

People: Richard Cowley

Frank Coppin Cowley Report on Funeral.PNG

October 26, 1907

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Report in Personal Column of 'The Sydney Morning Herald'.

People: Frank Cowley

Frank Coppin Cowley Funeral.PNG

October 19, 1907

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Funeral Notice in 'Sydney Morning Herald'

People: Frank Cowley

Cowley Centenary celebrations -100 years in Natal.jpg


Article in 'The Daily News', Durban about the Centenary Celebration of the arrival of Isaac Cowley and family in Natal.

People: Isaac Cowley

Cecil Cowley to Maurice Cowley.jpg

July 2, 1959

Letter from Cecil Cowley to Maurice Cowley re Cowley anniversary celebration in Durban, Natal

People: Cecil Cowley, M C

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