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Molineux of Sefton from Dugdale 1664-65 - p204.jpg

Remains, historical & literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester. Published 1844.

People: Peter de Molyneux, Joan de Molyneux, Agnes de Molyneux and 29 others.

Aart Anthonie DE VILLIERS Marriage 1931

July 1, 1931

Durban, South Africa

Marriage SOURCE :

People: Ermina Odile De Villiers and Aart Anthonie de Villiers

Kriel en de Villiers.JPG


Beaufort West, Cape, South Africa

People: Susanna Johanna de Villiers, a2b5c5d6 and Charl Jacobus de Villiers, a3b6c4d5e10

Arie Jacobus Joubert 9 December 1731 Drakenstein Baptism.jpg


South Africa

Father: Jean Joubert Mother: Maria van Wyk Witnessed by: Jacob de Villiers de Jonge and Louiza Joubert

People: Jacob de Villiers, SV3b7, Louisa Joubert, a1b7, Jean Joubert, a1b5 and 2 others.

Cornelis Juliaan Karel Evenwell 18 August 1909 Bloemfontein Baptism.pdf


South Africa

Father: Cornelis Adrianus Evenwel Mother: Anna Jacoba Joubert Witnessed by: Elizabeth Alida Evenwel, Petronella Corne...

People: Coenraad Grabe de Villiers, Adriana Joubert, Anna Jacoba Joubert and 2 others.

Herman Theodore De Villiers DN 1964.jpg

March 7, 1964

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

People: Herman Theodore De Villiers

PIENAAR Johanna 9 April 1787.pdf

April 9, 1787

Research and photo added by Charlene Viljoen

People: Johanna (Anna) Sophia du Toit, b5c7d6, Francina Aletta du Toit, Johannes Stephanus du Toit, b5c7d7 and 13 others.

Juan Stefano DE VILLIERS Marriage 1921

June 22, 1921

DR Church, Bethlehem, South Africa

Marriage record

People: Christina Maria Johanna De Villiers and Juan Stephano de Villiers

Elizabeth Joubert 9 December 1849 Bredasdorp Baptism.pdf


South Africa

Father: Gideon Johannes Joubert Mother: Johanna Catharina Magdalena Krige Witnessed by: Willem Adolph Krige, Elizabet...

People: Gideon Johannes Joubert, Johanna Catharina Magdalena Krige, Willem Adolph Krige, b4c5 and 2 others. - 14.12.1695.JPG


Drakenstein, Kaap, Suid Afrika

NG Kerk Drakenstein doopboek bladsy 2

People: Christina Snyman b4, Isabeau Joubert, SM/PROG, Christoffel Snyman and 4 others.

Memorials of families of the surname of Archer (1861) Pg. 8

England, United Kingdom

Memorials of families of the surname of Archer (1861) http://archiv...

People: Sir Herbert Croft, Diana Chaplin, Eleanor Archer (Frewin) and 60 others.

Rachel Joubert 16 April 1730 Drakenstein Baptism.jpg


South Africa

Father: Pieter Joubert de Jonge Mother: Susanna de Villiers reeds overleden Witnessed by: Claude Marais and Elizabeth...

People: Rachel Joubert, Pierre Joubert, a1b4 and Suzanne (Susanna) de Villiers, SV2b4

Pieter Joubert 1 June 1724 Drakenstein Baptism.jpg


South Africa

Father: Pieter Joubert Mother: Susanna de Villiers Witnessed by: Hermanus Bosman and Elizabeth Joubert

People: Suzanne (Susanna) de Villiers, SV2b4, Pieter Pietersz Joubert and Pierre Joubert, a1b4

Elizabeth Joubert 5 July 1721 Drakenstein Baptism.jpg


South Africa

Father: Pieter Joubert Mother: Susanna de Villiers Witnessed by: Elisabeth Richarde

People: Elizabeth de Villiers, Suzanne (Susanna) de Villiers, SV2b4, Pierre Joubert, a1b4 and 1 other.

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