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Potsdam, St. Lawrence, New York, United States

People: Emma Morgan, Sereno Morgan, Mabel Shaw and 4 others.

Nicholas Easton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nicholas Easton (c. 1593–1675) was an early colonial President and Governor of Rhode Island. Born in Hampshire, Engla...

People: Gov. Nicholas Easton

Mary Kent Easton (1602 - 1629) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Mary Easton

1871 04 07 Census Robert Easton Sr James.pdf

April 7, 1871

Faraday, Dungannon, Hastings North, Ontario, Canada

People: Elizabeth Easton, Robert Easton, Mary and 3 others.

1901 Census James Easton.pdf


Dungannon, North Hastings, Ontario, Canada

People: Pearly Rachel Easton, V.J. (Gerald) Easton, E. Loiselle Simpson and 5 others.

1891 Census Easton James Rebecca Earlie Pearlie.pdf


Dungannon, North Hastings, Ontario, Canada

People: E. Loiselle Simpson, James Easton, Rebecca Anne Foster and 1 other.


Chandler-Parsons: Edmund Chaundeler, Geoffrey Parsons and allied families By Mary Chandler Lowell; T. R. Marvin & Son...

People: Mary Pierce, Mary Wild, Charles Chandler and 308 others.

Gaynor Guth

People: G. POVALL, Jane POVALL, George MYERS and 100 others.


People: Mary Vose, Phebe Vose, Peter Lyon and 935 others.

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