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Galveston, Galveston, Texas, United States

People: William Henry Adams, Sr. and Bridget Edmondson

Quaker Missionary William Edmundson - 1600s - Edmundson - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -

Forum of community contributed messages helping members research the Quaker Missionary William Edmundson - 1600s/Edm...

People: Elizabeth Edmundson, William Edmundson, Samuel Edmundson and 4 others.

Direct Descendant's Listing -Thomas Edmundson (1540-1590) The Texas State Archives lists an application filed for a confederate ...

People: Grace Edmundson, Caleb Edmundson, Sr., Maria Edmundson and 9 others.

1901 England Census

People: Fletcher, James Fletcher, William Rushworth and 126 others.


People: Elizabeth Swilling, Hill, and 217 others.

Robert Joslin4-1.GED

People: Samuel McKinney, Mary Francis McKinney, McKinney and 5447 others.

Your Family Web Site - MyHeritage

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People: Meyer, Ellen O'Brien, Helen M O'Brien and 234 others.

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