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Moises Eichenwald - Genealogy Data Page 116


People: Willemina Ester Samuel Mogendorff, Hertog Mogendorff, Esther Samuels and 1 other.

Moises Eichenwald - Family tree Jorge Heredia - GeneaNet

Moises Eichenwald - Family tree Jorge Heredia

People: Moises Eichenwald, Meier Eichenwald, Diena Eichenwald and 2 others.

geneanet: meier eichenwald

Source:;p=meier;n=eichenwald The place of death (Sobernheim, Germany) ...

People: Roosje Maas, Gerson Maas, Meier Eichenwald and 4 others.

geneanet:antje eichenwald


People: Gerson Maas and Antje Maas

S t r e e k g i d s . n l : Elke dag vernieuwend!

August 24, 2012

Groenlo, Netherlands, Overijssel

nieuws site voor Oost Gelre Achterhoek Nederland(Groenlo Lichtenvoorde)

People: Roosje Maas and Meier Eichenwald

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