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Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky, United States

Out of the Mist of Times Past by Lieutenant Colonel Teddy H. Sanford Jr. A beautiful and well researched book on the ...

People: Joseph Endicott 1738-1831, Henry Yendecote, John Endecott and 8 others.

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John Endecott: Governor of Mass. Bay Colony - Mabel McFatridge McCloskey

People: T. Ritchie, John Endicott, Governor, Joseph Endicott 1672-1747 and 7 others.

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Gov John Endicott came to America in 1628 on the Abigial Member # 10407 Paul Ryon Flagg Paula Kay Ryon Flagg is dire...

People: John Endicott, Governor and P. Flagg

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United States

Compiled Family History for Endicott

People: Unis Endicott 1780-1831, Hannah Gossling, Polly "Mary" Smith and 7 others.

1940 U.S. Federal Census


Sugar Creek Township, Harrison County, MO, USA

People: V. Gamble, G. Gamble, Bertha Gamble and 1 other.

Historical collections of the Essex Institute, Vol 1. Pg 3.


People: Samuel Smith of Salem, Sarah Smith (Unknown), Mary Endicott and 1 other.


People: L. King, J. Lovegren, H. Lovegren and 9775 others.

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