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Brinkhurst 1841 p1


Framfield, Sussex, England

People: Harriet Brinkhurst, William Brinkhurst, Lucy Brinkhurst and 2 others.

Farrant - Abraham 1841 Census


Framfield, East Sussex, England

People: Ebenezer Farrant, Harriet Farrant, Friend Farrant and 8 others.

Farrant - Abraham 1861 Census


Framfield, East Sussex, England

People: Harriet Farrant, Ebenezer Farrant, William Farrant and 1 other.

Farrant - Abraham 1871 Census


Framfield, East Sussex, England

People: Ebenezer Farrant

Abraham Farrant probate 1872

September 16, 1872

Sussex, England

People: Abraham Farrant

Farrant 1841 Census


Ditchling, East Sussex, England

People: Abraham Farrant, Stephen Farrant and Thomas Farrant

Brinkhurst/Farrant 1851 Census p2.


Framfield, East Sussex, England

People: Martha Trigwell, Sarah Rebecca Brinkhurst, Ellen Ralph and 11 others.

Boksburg's early history

Boksburg’s amazing history - read all about it

People: Edwin John Farrant, Eileen Farrant and Sheila Unity Farrant


People: Terence Alfred Yarrow, Gover, Yarrow and 17 others.

1911 Canada Census

People: Bucknell, Mabel Eliza Calbeck, Walter Bucknell and 10 others.

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