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People: John Fogg

census 1880 Eliza Delano.pdf


Maine, United States

1880 census

People: Eliza DELANO Palmer Fogg

census 1870 ErastusDelano fam.pdf


Maine, United States

1870 census

People: Erastus Brooks DELANO, Erastus Brooks Delano, Jr, Delano (Goddard) and 5 others.

census 1860 Erastus Delano fam.jpg


Maine, United States

1860 census Fairfield, Somerset, Maine, USA

People: Erastus Brooks DELANO, Delano (Goddard), David Dudley Delano and 6 others.

History and genealogy of the Page family from the year 1257 to the present Pg. 36

England, United Kingdom

History and genealogy of the Page family from the year 1257 to the present; (1911)

People: Susanna Page, Francis Page, Sr., Sabina Redman and 22 others.

Peter Barrow 1871 Census


Windle, Lancashire, England

People: Peter Barrow, Sarah Barrow and Hannah Barrow

Peter Barrow 1861 Census


Hale, Lancashire, England

People: Harriet Barrow, Sarah Ann Barrow, Albert Barrow and 4 others.

Peter Barrow 1851 Census


Hale, Lancashire, England

People: Albert Barrow, Sarah Barrow, Elizabeth Barrow and 7 others.


April 1, 1910

Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, USA

1910 Census Litchfield, Maine

People: Mary PALMER Small, Granville Harrison Palmer and Eliza DELANO Palmer Fogg


April 1, 1920

Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, USA

1920 Census Litchfield, Maine

People: Eliza DELANO Palmer Fogg and David N Fogg


April 1, 1940

Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, USA

People: Eliza DELANO Palmer Fogg, B Raymond SMALL, Mary PALMER Small and 5 others.

Nye Family Genealogy Vol. II


Compiled by R. Glen Nye Collected by L. Bert Nye Edited by Katherine Nye

People: Twyla Marie Herman, Dale Richard Nye, Nellie Johnson and 1264 others.


Chandler-Parsons: Edmund Chaundeler, Geoffrey Parsons and allied families By Mary Chandler Lowell; T. R. Marvin & Son...

People: Samuel Hunt, John Chandler, Jane Gitton and 103 others.

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