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1874: Mary Fortune in Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917

December 6, 1874

Washington District, Westmoreland, Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States

"Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853–1912." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010. Index entries derived from...

People: Sallie Byrd, Robert Fortune and Mary Fortune

Item Display - Home Children (1869-1930) - Library and Archives Canada

July 12, 1871

Quebec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada

Departed Glasgow, June 28, 1871, on the Corinthian arriving in Quebec City on July 12, 1871. Ship also called at Dubl...

People: Robert Fortune

Record Details —

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People: Susan Fortune


November 7, 1922

Green Street, Wexford, Ireland

Birth certificate for Margaret Anne Fortune 1922

People: Fortune (Clowery)

1881 census.tif

April 3, 1881

Alva, Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom

Another female Murdoch aged 9 months and a female surnamed Fortune as a boarder. Numerous Murdoch's residing at 5...

People: Jessie Murdoch, Peter McKenzie Murdoch, John Murdoch and 1 other.


January 9, 1950

Church of Assumption, Wexford, Wexford, Ireland

Marriage Certificate of James Joseph Fortune and Margaret Anne Clowry 1950

People: Fortune and Fortune (Clowery)


May 18, 1963

Private Nursing Home, Wexford, Ireland

Birth Certificate of Martina Fortune 1963

People: Fortune


March 25, 1961

Harpoonstown, BallyCogley, Wexford, Ireland

Birth Certificate for Lucy Fortune 1961

People: Fortune


May 23, 1959

Bridgetown, Wexford, Ireland

BIrth Certificate of Mary Fortune 1959

People: Fortune


July 25, 1955

Sheelagh, Wexford Road, Wexford, Ireland

Birth Certificate for Anthony James Fortune 1955

People: Fortune


February 2, 1952

Tenacre, Kilrane, Wexford Road, Wexford, Ireland

Birth Certificate for James Joseph Fortune 1952

People: Fortune


December 14, 1951

Tenacre, Kilrane, Wexford Road, Wexford, Ireland

Birth Certificate Ann Mary Fortune 1951

People: Fortune

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People: Capps, Page, Page and 703 others.

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