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Foutz Don Obit 1981 TR.pdf

Dover, OH, USA

People: Donald Foutz

Foutz Charles Ross death cert 1918.jpg

July 1918

New Philadelphia, OH, USA

People: C. Foutz, Jonathan Pfoutz, Rebecca J. Foutz and 1 other.

Foutz Elizabeth (Wilson) 1930 Census Harrisburg.jpg


Harrisburg, PA, USA

1930 Federal Census shows Sherman Foutz's widow, Lizzie, now living in the home of the Parrish family, with foster-da...

People: Elizabeth Foutz

Foutz Grace marriage WVA 1915.jpg

December 28, 1915

Wheeling, WV, USA

Says Grace is 24, Fred is 22. Significant because they marry in Ohio County, W.Va. while Grace's family lives in Harr...

People: F. Chaney and Grace (Foutz) Chaney

Karl coleman 1915 death cert.jpg


People: R. Foutz, Vance Cleveland Foutz, K. Coleman and 1 other.

Rebecca & jonathan 1870 census.jpg


Bowerston, OH, USA

1870 Federal Census

People: Sherman Foutz, Jonathan Pfoutz, Rebecca J. Foutz and 1 other.

Gma-gpa foutz engagement.jpg


Dover, OH, USA

People: Erma Foutz Miller (Johnson), Donald Foutz, C. Johnson and 3 others.

Erma & don bridge engagement announcement.jpg


Dover, OH, USA

This is one of the engagement announcement cards Grandpa and Grandma slipped into the bridge decks they were using fo...

People: Erma Foutz Miller (Johnson) and Donald Foutz

Vance foutz funeral.jpg


Dover, OH, USA

People: Vance Cleveland Foutz

Rebecca foutz obit 1915.jpg


Dover, OH, USA

People: A. Reagan, M. Barthalow, G. Caldwell and 9 others.

Peggy donn foutz marriage announcement 1967.jpg


Dennison, OH, USA

People: D. Foutz, S. Foutz, Erma Foutz Miller (Johnson) and 1 other.

Patty bob wedding announcement.jpg

Columbus, OH, USA

People: P. Foutz, R. Foutz, D. Foutz and 4 others.

Laura foutz obit 1956.jpg


Dover, OH, USA

People: Christina Laurina Katherina Zeigler, Vance Cleveland Foutz, C. Foutz and 3 others.

Janet-fred wedding 1975.jpg

December 21, 1975

Dover First Moravian Church

People: S. Ley, R. Ley, F. Foutz and 8 others.

Charles ross foutz obit.jpg


New Philadelphia, OH, USA

People: J. Foutz, J. Foutz, H. Foutz and 3 others.

Sherman foutz obit.jpg

April 1915

Denver, CO, USA

Local newspaper article likely clipped and saved by Sherman's youngest brother, Vance Cleveland Foutz. Found among Co...

People: Sherman Foutz, Grace (Foutz) Chaney and Elizabeth Foutz

Gpa foutz death cert 1980.jpg.jpg

November 14, 1980

Died of oat cell carcinoma of the lung. He was 66.

People: Donald Foutz and Erma Foutz Miller (Johnson)

Joseph rachel pfoutz 1870 census.jpg


Harrison County, OH, USA

This census record, and the 1880 one that follows it, shows daughter Eliza Fouts, who would grow up to marry her fath...

People: Rachel (Jeffers) Foutz, E. Foutz and Joseph Pfouts

Lizzie foutz 1920 harrisburg, pa.jpg


Harrisburg, PA, USA

5 years after Sherman's death, we find Lizzie living in at a different address in Harrisburg, at 59 N. Tenth Street. ...

People: R. Foutz and Elizabeth Foutz

Sherman & lizzie foutz 1910 harrisburg, pa (page 2).jpg


Harrisburg, PA, USA

Continuation of 1910 record shows Grace and Oscar living at home. But whose son is Ralph? Oscar is noted as "married"...

People: R. Foutz, O. Foutz, Grace (Foutz) Chaney and 1 other.

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