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June 2, 1943

People: Sharon Jean Frans, Whitehead (Frans), Joy Borquist and 1 other.

Obituary for Shirley Fowler

Obituary for Shirley Fowler

People: Shirley Fowler

Obituary for Doris "Jo" Fowler

Obituary for Doris

People: Doris Fowler

Obituary for Marjorie Algire

Obituary for Marjorie Algire

People: Marjorie Algire

JE Young and Charlene Wedgeworth.jpg

c. 1940

Fryeburg, Bienville, Louisiana, USA

1940 Census Papers

People: Benjamin B. Young, Iva Young, James Ellis Young and 5 others.



Farnham, Surrey, England

Farnham Baptisms 1600 TO 1700

People: John Parratt, Robert Frye, John Frye and 11 others.

Alice MYNSION 1530-1600

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People: George Frye and Alice Frye


People: Betty, Cox, Dugger and 372 others.

One World Tree (sm)

People: Norvell, Mary Frances Carey, George W Norvell and 632 others.

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