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People: June Aiken

William Granger baptism

February 13, 1820

Corsham, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

People: William Granger

Hattie A Granger Griffin

September 24, 1915

Lee, Berkshire, MA, USA

People: Hattie A. Griffin

George Robert Granger Death Certificate

August 14, 1912

Lee, Berkshire, MA, Usa

People: George Robert Granger

1851 census Simon-Margaret Granger family


Kington St. Michael, UK

People: Simon Granger, Margaret Granger, Robert Granger and 2 others.

1841 census Simon-Margaret Granger family


Kington St. Michael, UK

People: Simon Granger, Margaret Granger, Simon Granger and 5 others.

1900 census Thedford family


New York, NY, USA

People: Robert Thedford, Maria Thedford, Thomas Thedford and 6 others.

1870 US census Granger


Albany, NY, USA

People: William Granger, Maria Granger, Maria Thedford and 6 others.

1851 census Granger family

March 1851

Bedford, Bedford Borough, UK

People: Maria Granger, William Granger, William Granger and 2 others.

Maria Thedford death certificate

March 22, 1935

New York, NY, USA

People: Maria Thedford

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People: Elihu Granger

Ancestral File (TM)

People: James Stewart, Joseph Bosworth, Linville and 884 others.

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