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Catharina Elizabeth Groenewald (Jacobs) 1832-1860.JPG

April 14, 1860

Boshof, Free State, South Africa

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG J11

People: Catharina Elizabeth Groenewald

ENDRES Alfred Frank Charles 1879-1950 & Maria Christina Elizabeth 1884-1973

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People: Alfred Franz Karl Endres and Maria Christina Elizabeth Endres

Form Of Information Of A Death - Salminia Cornelia Groenewald born Pio.jpg

February 1, 1910

George, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa,140563101

People: Salomina Cornelia Groenewald, b1c?d2e6

Cornelius Jansen Taljaard Groenewald

December 16, 1968

Triangle, Rhodesia

People: Cornelius Jansen Taljaard Groenewald

Bernardus Hermanus Groenewald

September 1, 1952

Que Que, Southern Rhodesia

People: Bernardus Hermanus Groenewald

Form Of Information Of A Death - Salminia Cornelia Groenewald neé Pio.jpg

February 23, 1910

George, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa,140563101

People: Salomina Cornelia Groenewald

G1056 Groenewalad Jacoba Catharina (3) (1).jpg

June 28, 1907

Rouxville, Xhariep, Free State, South Africa

Own DN/Eie SK Research and photo by Pieter Johannes Taljaard

People: Jacoba Catharina Maria Groenewald, b2c6d2e3f3

Petrus Johannes Groenewald

October 4, 1956

Pretoria, South Africa

People: Petrus Johannes Groenewald

Gabriel Jacobus Groenewald

February 18, 1956

Que Que, Southern Rhodesia

People: Gabriel Jacobus Groenewald

Pieter Hendrik Groenewald

December 14, 1925

Bloemfontein, OFS, South Africa

People: Pieter Hendrik Groenewald

Abraham Johannes Groenewald

June 24, 1948

Charter, Southern Rhodesia

People: Abraham Johannes Groenewald

Schalk Alexander Vorster

In this document: Son of Schalk Willem Jacobus Vorster and Susanna Elizabeth Vorster Husband of Alexander Vorster Fat...

People: Schalk Alexander Vorster, Alexander Vorster, Susanna Elizabeth Vorster and 2 others.

Jacobus Hermanus Groenewald

January 2, 1955

Shabani, Southern Rhodesia

People: Jacobus Hermanus Groenewald

Theunis Johannes Groenewald

October 3, 1974

Gwelo, South Africa

People: Theunis Johannes Groenewald

Susanna Alida Groenewald

January 22, 1974

Enkeldoorn, Rhodesia

People: Susanna Alida Groenewald

STIELER, F.W. & GROENEWALD, A.H. Marriage Certificate

January 21, 1878

Middelburg, Transvaal, South Africa

People: Friedrich Wilhelm Stieler and Anna Hendrika Wagenaar

Die Storie van Sparrebosch se Swart Familie

Theodorus Louis Bartolomeus Swart (g9) and children

People: Hermanus Jacobus Swart, Jacoba Margaretha Swart, h3, Jacoba Margaretha Swart and 21 others.

Susanna Elizabeth Pieterse 10 January 1801 Swellendam Baptism.pdf


South Africa

Father: Hermanus Bernardus Pieterse Mother: Susanna Maria Groenewald Witnessed by: Coenraad Johannes Groenewald, Susa...

People: Johannes Jacobus Groenewald, b2c1d1e5, Coenraad Johannes Groenewald, b2c1d1, Susanna Elizabeth Wessels, b2c2d7 and 4 others.

Diederk Roelof Groenewald Death Notice 1942.jpg

February 18, 1942

Boshof, Free State, South Africa

People: Diederk Rudolf Groenewald

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