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June 7, 1900

New York, New York, New York, United States

Found the right Nathan Ecker, spelled Nathen

People: Rose Coen Ecker, Samuel Ecker, Esther Grossman and 4 others.

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People: Manus Grossman, N. Gold, H. Gold and 1 other.

GrossmanMax-1940 US Census.jpg


People: J. Grossman, Max Grossman and E. Hornstein

HornsteinJacob-1930 US Census.jpg


People: J. Grossman, F. Hornstein, B. Hornstein and 4 others.

HornsteinJacob-1920 US Census.jpg


People: J. Grossman, J. Hornstein, F. Hornstein and 5 others.



People: J. Grossman and R. Dicov

People: Karl Rensch, Barbara Kastner, Mary Rensch and 8 others.

1920 United States Federal Census

People: J. WEINSTEIN, R. Cohn, Aaron Schulman and 66 others.

U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1

People: S. Greenman, Karen Walczak Bonsignori, C. Machol and 68 others.

Grossman 1900.jpeg

People: Leopold Grossman, J. Grabenstein, R. Grossman and 2 others.

New york passenger list (english).jpeg

People: R. Grossman, M. Grossman, Leopold Grossman and 3 others.

Hamburg passenger list (german).jpeg

People: M. Grossman, J. Grossman, E. Weiner and 6 others.

marriage certificate.png

People: Leopold Grossman, I. Adler, R. Grossman and 1 other.

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