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May 13, 1929

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

People: Fani Deutsch

Page of Testimony for Benjamin Weiss

People: Benjamin Weiss, Beila Perl Weiss, Hana Weiss and 1 other.

Sternberg Family

People: Lerman (Fuchs), Poli Berkovics, Wainstein (Fuchs) and 5 others.

Sternberg Family


People: Lerman (Fuchs), Davidovich (Sternberg), Frenkel (Sternberg) and 16 others.

Sam - Solomon Reinitz - Petition for Citizenship.PDF

David Dezso Farkas and Lilian Lieberman were witnesses (he was their uncle).

People: Lillian Lieberman, David Dezso Farkas, Piroska Reinitz and 3 others.

Birth of Ilona daughter of Salamon Reinitz - 1898 - smaller.jpg

October 1, 1898

Nyíradony, Hajdúhadházi, Hajdu-Bihar, Hungary

People: Ilona Grosz, Piroska Reinitz and Salamon Reinitz

GOEHRING, Stella - McIntosh County, North Dakota - Genealogy, Ancestor Research, Family History Records



Stella GOEHRING - McIntosh County North Dakota - Ephraim: 1914 - 1982 Stella: 1916 - 1982

People: Stella Goehring

Life insurance

November 17, 1965

Budapest, Hungary

People: Gábor Jenő (Grosz Jenő) and Grosz Józsefné Engel Eszter

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