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February 23, 1886

Holy Cross, Dubuque, IA, USA

Marriage Record

People: Phillip C. Backes and Angela Backes (Hanley)



McAlester, OK, USA

People: Hanna Switzer / Pitchlynn / Bell, G. Sorrels, L. Sorrels and 5 others.

HANLEY Winefred B 02-05-1864.JPG

May 2, 1864

4 Carrol Street, Preston, Lancashire, England

Birth Certificate

People: Winefred Hanley, William Hanley and V. Crossley


Final Description, 658 William Hanly, of the 18th Regt. of Foot when discharged the Service at Chatham this 15th day ...

People: William Hanley


July 15, 1856

Horse Guards, London, England

Opinion of the Principal Medical Officer at Chatham, June 18/56 After examination of Cororal Wm Hanly, I am of opi...

People: William Hanley


July 15, 1856

Chatham, Kent, England

Medical Report: Rhumatisme Chronicus originated in India in 1849 caused by his Military Service. Muscular and G...

People: William Hanley


February 12, 1830

Certified enlisted

People: William Hanley


Declaration of Recruit - not member of militia

People: William Hanley


Record of Service

People: William Hanley


March 9, 1830

Plymouth, England

Surgeon's Certificate: Fit for Service

People: William Hanley


February 13, 1830

Dublin, Ireland

Attestation for Regiments William Hanley born in the 44th Regiment aged 14 years 9 months. Four feet two and 1/2 ...

People: William Hanley


May 31, 1856

Preston, UK

Service Record: 13 Feb 1830 > 12 May 1833 (underage) : Private 13 May 1833 > 15 Dec 1845 (12yr 217d): Private 16...

People: William Hanley


June 5, 1856

Preston, Lancashire

Discharge Papers, 18th Regiment of Foot

People: William Hanley - World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

August 24, 1918

This is my Great Grandfather Draft Card from 1918. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our Terms and condi...

People: Richard E. Hanley and G. Rosenburg


January 1, 1920

47 Granite St, Fitchburg, MA, USA

People: Richard E. Hanley and June B. Hanley

1910 United States Federal Census

People: Ethel Fiero, Ralph Taylor, E. Tressler and 1272 others.


People: L. Hanley, M. Hanley, Winefred Hanley and 1 other.



Preston, UK

People: Winefred Hanley and William Hanley

People: John Hanley

People: Honora Hanley

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