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People: Maria Dueck (Thiessen), Jacob Wiens, Elizabeth Harder and 33 others.

Bergthal Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Bergthal Colony was a Mennonite settlement in the southern part of the former Russian Empire, now Ukraine that em...

People: David N. Dueck, Maria Dueck (Thiessen), Jacob Wiens and 33 others.

2. Russian Mennonite Community | Rocky Cape Christian Community

A morning worship meeting at Chortitza, the "Old Colony" in Russia, in 1910, as remembered by Henry Pauls, Blytheswoo...

People: Katharina Dueck (Barkman), Jacob Hildebrandt, Dietrich Heinrich Hildebrandt and 33 others.


Background history and family documentation of the Starr Family and their ancestors. Some of the information that is ...

People: David Chase, Julius Weinberg, PhD, Ilse Weinberg and 15 others.

Titanic Death Certificate - George Harder

May 26, 1959

New York, NY, USA

Survivor of the Titanic.

People: George Achilles Harder, Sr.

Titanic Death Certificate - Dorothy Harder

December 1, 1926

New York, NY, USA

Survivor of the Titanic.

People: Dorothy Harder

Bilde fra fødehjemet

People: Hans Harder, E. Sørensen and T. Sørensen


People: Petra Caspara Ingvardsdatter, Johanna Nilsdatter, F. Fredriksdatter and 41 others.

Tatum's Family Tree PURE.FTW

People: W. Whitehead, J. Turnbow, Phoebe Edwards and 222 others.

letter to Connie Hampton from Ella Eitel about coming to America.jpg

Letter about coming to America from Ella to Connie

People: Ernst Lehmann, Connie Hampton, Ella Eitel and 2 others.

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