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Pioneer Ancestors (absence of name or reference) James Hawn.pdf

Quincy and Nauvoo, Ill.

By the date of this document, any memory or reference of James Hawn had disappeared. Precisely due to his presence in...

People: James Washington Hawn

George Elrod, born abt 1829 - Indiana - 1850 United States Census

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People: Charles Henry Hawn

5 matches for John Allen Hawn-accurate records.pdf

September 14, 15

Fresno, Fresno County, California, United States

Snap-shot of existing 'other' sites info on my dad that to my knowledge, is correct and accurate. Also, Californian ...

People: John Allen 'Happy Jack' Hawn

1880 Federal Census - Charles Henry Hawn and Household.pdf


Fresno, Fresno, California, United States

Census enumeration for 1880, head of household and family members.

People: Charles Henry Hawn

Caldwell County Missouri Plat Map - land claims of Jacob and James Hawn.pdf

Caldwell County, Missouri, United States

Map identifying adjacent land holdings by the brothers in the period leading up to, and during the episode known as "...

People: Jacob Hawn and James Washington Hawn

Source Citations, Hawn Elrod, Celia Lavina.pdf

Fresno, Fresno, California, United States

Mixed multiple record types and source citations, most records include mention of Charles Henry Hawn Record examples ...

People: Celia Lavina Hawn

Death Notice, Hawn, Charles Henry 1932.pdf


Fresno, Fresno, California, United States

Publication noting death of "Pioneer"

People: Charles Henry Hawn

Land Use Record, James Hawn, Caldwell Co. Mo.pdf


Caldwell, MO, United States

Deed to property plot adjacent to the land claim of his brother Jacob, in Caldwell Co, MO.

People: James Washington Hawn

WR Bunn.pdf

Oregon, United States

A history of the people of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Profiling W.R. Bunn, descendant of Jacob Hawn. Narrative m...

People: Henry Hawn of Genesse and Cayuga Counties, New York

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