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September 9, 1878

Naranjo de Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica

bautismo de José Sergio Céspedes Barrantes

People: Marta Barrantes, Maura Herrera, José Sergio José Sergio Céspedes Barrantes and 1 other.

1930 census w Luis Aguilar and his family.jpg

April 14, 1930

El Paso, Texas, USA

Family is on lines 33 thru 40 os census image.

People: Bell (Aguilar), Aguilar, Placida Herrera and 5 others.

Genoveva Herrera baptismal record.jpg

March 28, 1963

Guanaceví, Durango, Mexico

Baptismal record for Genoveva Herrera.

People: Genoveva Aguilar, Rosendo Herrera and Placida Herrera

MOH Citation for Silvestre Herrera

Full text Medal of Honor Citation for Silvestre Herrera

People: Silvestre Santana Herrera, SGT

MOH Recipients Buried in Arizona

Listing of Medal of Honor recipients buried in the State of Arizona

People: Frederick Platten, 1SG, William Alchesay, Chief / SGT, John James Mitchell, CPL and 5 others.

Genoveva Herrera Aguilar's border crossing record (possibly).jpg

January 26, 1921

El Paso, TX, USA

Border crossing record, includes photo and physical description.

People: Genoveva Aguilar

Silvestre S. Herrera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Silvestre Santana Herrera (July 17, 1917 – November 26, 2007) was a member of the United States Army of Hispanic heri...

People: Silvestre Santana Herrera, SGT


March 29, 1844

Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica

1844.m.GeronimaHerreraSoto.004238555_00734.jpg p. 25, Geronima Herrera, P___ (información en la segunda página) En la...

People: Pedro Herrera, María Soto and Gerónima Herrera Soto


November 16, 1844

Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica

1844.n.JerónimoRicardoHerreraSoto.jpg p 141-142, 691 Jeronimo Ricardo Herrera (1843 y 1844) (Sello 4.1.Clase, Vale Me...

People: Pedro Herrera, Jerónimo Ricardo Herrera Soto and María Soto

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