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Jane Hines (Waddle)'s Tombstone.jpg

October 11, 1905

Pulaski, KY, USA

Jane Hinds (Waddle)' s tombstone

People: Jane Hinds

1850 Census Caldwell Co, Texas


Caldwell, TX, USA

People: Gerron Hinds and Margaret Hinds

DeWitt Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Dewitt Colony (ca. 1820s through the 1840s) was a settlement in Mexican Texas founded by Green DeWitt. From lands...

People: Gerron Hinds

Teare Web Site

People: C. Rubio Araya, M. Teare Silva, Sidney Teare Wilson and 171 others.

Birth Record Index .Bdm. Nsw

People: E. Davison, Elizabeth Buck, Fanny Boughton and 337 others.

International Genealogical Index

People: Rose Dunn, H. Adames, and 379 others.

Death Records Index . Bdm. Nsw

People: E. Davison, Walter Blanch, Thomas Mills and 253 others.


People: Thomas Atwell, 3rd, M. Seheult, Judith Rauseo and 240 others.

Descendants of Augustin "August" Hendrichs

People: O. Nollen, B. Hendricks, L. Hendricks and 632 others.

Descendants of Augustin Hendrichs

People: A. Hendrichs, M. Arens, H. Hendricks and 366 others.

People: John HINDS

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