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People: Rabbi Pinchas Halevi Horowitz, "Ba'al Hafla'ah", ABD Frankfurt am Main, Meir Horowitz MaHaRam Tiktin / המהר"ם מטיקטין and Zvi Hirsh of Chortkov


April 19, 1910

600 Schenck Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, USA

How is the 19-year-old Mollie Jacobowitz (Servant) related?

People: (No Name), Tillie Diamond, Marcus Diamond and 5 others.



New York, NY, USA

Detail of 1900 Census on Willett Street, NY

People: Tillie Diamond, (No Name), Jack Diamond and 4 others.



Legible detail from 1910 Census

People: Mollie Jacobowitz, Rose Coen, Abraham Boomy Jacobowitz and 6 others.

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Photos by Sioux, Dec 5, 2009

People: Abeles (Kopelman), Kopelman, Jerry Joshua Kopelman and 16 others.

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