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Mrs. Benjamin Huger (Polly Mary Golightly) (1749-1771), (painting) | Collections Search Center, Smithsonian Institution

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People: Mary Huger

John Huger (1738 - 1804) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: John Huger

DEATH OF COL. JOHN M. HUGER. - He Was an Octogenarian of Distinguished Huguenot Ancestry. - View Article -

Col. John Middleton Huger, a distinguished member of an old Southern family, died at his late residence, 537 Fifth Av...

People: Col. John Middleton Huger, CSA

Isaac Huger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Isaac Huger (March 19, 1743 – October 17, 1797) was a planter and Continental Army general during the American Revolu...

People: Brig. General Isaac Huger (Continental Army)

Daniel Huger Horry / Sarah Betteson

I'm Alfred Salzman of 4130 SW 117th Ave # 415 Beaverton, OR, 97005 USA. Welcome to

People: Col. Daniel Huger Horry

HUGER, Daniel Elliott - Biographical Information

HUGER, Daniel Elliott, (son of Daniel Huger), a Senator from South Carolina; born on Limerick plantation, near Charle...

People: Senator Daniel Elliot Huger

Daniel Elliott Huger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Daniel Elliott Huger (June 28, 1779 – August 21, 1854) was a United States Senator from South Carolina. Born on Limer...

People: Senator Daniel Elliot Huger

HUGER, Daniel - Biographical Information

People: Congressman Daniel Huger

Daniel Huger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Daniel Huger (February 20, 1742 – July 6, 1799) was an American planter and statesman from Berkeley County, South Car...

People: Congressman Daniel Huger

Liste des François et Suisses.

Full title - Liste des François et Suisses. From an old manuscript list of French and Swiss Protestants, settled in ...

People: Marguerite Perdriau, Margaret Huger, Daniel Huger, II and 2 others.

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