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Genealogy map of the Porter - Phelps - Huntington family at "40 Acres"


Why so many names? Who were the Porters, Phelpses, and Huntingtons?   Actually, the house has three names for one in...

Personen: Rev. Frederic Dan Huntington und Hannah Huntington


Personen: A. Smith, Francis Smith, Rev. Ambrose Smith and 9 others.

The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) of Russell St. Lawrence County, NY A Descendent of Daniel Clark(1622-1710) of Windsor, Connecticut (1966)

Connecticut, United States

ONLY THE 1ST 50 PAGES, OTHER PAGES INDIVIDUALLY UPLOADED The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) o...

Personen: Martha Clark, Nathaniel Clark, Rev. John Warham and 79 others.

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle .... Vol. 1 Pg. xlvii

United States

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven i...

Personen: Mathew Huntington, Abel Huntington, Sarah Tuttle and 4 others.

William Huntington - Find A Grave Memorial

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Personen: William Huntington


Greensboro, VT, USA

Personen: Bethiah Huntington, Mary Comings, Elizabeth and 3 others.

Brown-John-1767-Amie-Nathan H.jpg

Title History of the town of Stonington, county of New London, Connecticut: from its first settlement in 1649 to 1900

Personen: John Brown, Amie Brown und Amie (Amy) Huntington

Gravestone of Benjamin and Mary Huntington Comings

27 Februar, 2011

Comings plot, Lakeview Avenue (City) Cemetary, St Joseph, MI, USA

Benjamin Comings Dec 2 1810 - Oct 26 1872 Mary Huntington Comings Feb 11, 1813- Oct 10, 1874

Personen: Benjamin Comings und Mary Comings



This document has some errors concerning the very early Tracy ancestry. I am going to tag the profiles, but please d...

Personen: Lt. Thomas Tracy, Oliver de Tracy, Sir Knight of Glouchestershire, William de Tracy, Sir Knight of Gloucestershire and 238 others.

Keith Ball

Personen: Wiliam BALL, Mary BALL, Joseph BALL and 64 others.

Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/John Gordon

Personen: A. SCOLLICK, D. SCOLLICK, T. STANLEY and 2104 others.

Keith Ball

Personen: Arthur LEACH, S. HOLLOWAY, G. HOLLOWAY and 55 others.

Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/John Gordon

Personen: P. BUCKINGHAM, L. CHAMBERLIN, D. SCOLLICK and 2018 others.

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