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SCHOUTEN (SCHOUT) scheepbouwmeesters Dordrecht - (gegevens huis Hoogt 14, Dordrecht)

People: Dirck Jans

Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of Schenectady: Tait to Van Amsterdam

Jonathan Pearson's Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of Schenectady is one of the standard works o...

People: Anneke Jans

Revised history of Harlem (city of New York) Pg. 698

Harlem, New York, New York, United States

Revised history of Harlem (city of New York). Its origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands...

People: Cornelia Waldron, Margaret Waldron, Frans Bloedgoet and 22 others.


Sommeling Ouderling Goddijn Godijn te Leiden

People: Jacobus Sommeling, Maria Kuijters, Jacobus Sommeling and 7 others.


May 7, 1879

New York, NY, USA

People: Anneke Jans

Anneke NYT.pdf

February 4, 1896

New York, NY, USA

The story of Anneke Jans farm in lower Manhattan

People: Anneke Jans

1623 - Marriage Intention, Roelof Jansen and Anna Jans -Translation.jpg

April 1, 1623

Reformed Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland Translation from old D...

People: Roelof Jansz van Masterland and Anneke Jans

1623 - Marriage Intention between Roelof Jansen and Anna Jans - Old Dutch.jpg

April 1, 1623

Reformed Oud Kerke, Amsterdam, Holland in Old Dutch

People: Anneke Jans and Roelof Jansz van Masterland

Most Frequent Errors and Incorrect Unproven Lines of Descent from Anneke Jans last updated 9/15/02 permission of the...

People: Anneke Jans

1698 - 1781 - Fine Family.pdf The Fine family was part of a settlement in Hempste...

People: Thomas Fine, John Fine, Mercy "Massah" Fine and 4 others.

Ancestry Family Trees

People: Catherine Scott, Joseph Christy, C. Christy and 1057 others.

Jan de Bone & Willempjen Regterschot

People: J. de Bone, W. Regterschot, Teunis Lamberts and 3 others.

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