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c. 1860

Northern Cape, South Africa

Own Estate file/Eie boedelrekening.

People: Johannes Willem Horn and Anna Maria Jonker

Johanna Jacoba Steyn Jonker

December 28, 1965

Zastron, Xhariep, Free State, South Africa

Johanna Jacoba Steyn Jonker South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files Name: Johanna Jacoba Steyn Jonker Event Typ...

People: Johanna Jacoba Jonker

MOOC8/23.7 - Pieter Jonker/Martha Petronella Langeveld

January 20, 1800

People: Martha Petronella Langeveld and Pieter Jonker, b3

Jonker Beatrice Jeanette_J947 (3) (1).jpg

April 26, 1899

Boshof, Lejweleputswa, Free State, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice Research and photo by Pieter Johannes Taljaard.

People: Beatrix Jeanette Jonker

JONKER Jacobus Petrus_J1204 (11) (1).jpg

September 21, 1910

Boshof, Lejweleputswa, Free State, South Africa

Ei sterfeknnis met erkenning aan Pieter Johannes Taljaard vir navorsing en photo.

People: Jacobus Petrus Jonker

Jonker Anna Magritha Beatrix_J489 (6) (1).jpg

June 19, 1899

Hoopstad, Lejweleputswa, Free State, South Africa

Own death Notice/Eie sterfkennis Research and photo by Pieter Johannes Taljaard

People: Anna Margritha Beatrix Jonker


April 26, 1874

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Name: Johanna Maria Jonker Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 26 Apr 1874 Event Place: Bloemfontein, Free State, Sout...

People: Magdalena Adriana Jacoba Jonker, f13g1, Drieves Jonker, (4) SV/PROG and Johanna Maria Pretorius

Jonker Cornelia Petronella _M2268 (1) (1).jpg

August 23, 1902

Potchefstroom, Southern DC, North West, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis. VAB _ M2268 Erkenning aan Pieter Taljaard vir navorsing en foto.

People: Hendrik Christoffel Marais, Cornelia Petronella van den Berg, Mathys Johannes Jonker and 1 other.

Marais Hendrik Christoffel MHG_17209.JPG

March 28, 1900

Motheo, Free State, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice Researched and photographed by Judi Marais-Meyer

People: Agatha Johanna Richter, Cornelia Petronella Jonker and Hendrik Christoffel Marais


January 13, 1958

Pretoria, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa

Death Notice Original - Susarah 'Sarah' Aletha du Plessis (Jonker)

People: Grobler (Du Plessis), Kritzinger (Du Plessis), Schuneman (Du Plessis) and 4 others.

drievis jonker 5th.png

Family photograph with the surviving children after the Anglo-Boer War 1900-1902

People: Drievis Willem Jonker, (6) b1c2, Susarah Aletta Jonker, c2d2e1f6, Franz Jonker and 5 others.


Proves her relationship with Drievis Jonker. Witnesses: • Stephanus Badenhorst • Catherina Gezina Steijn

People: Catharina Gezina Steijn, ? f13g7, Drieves Jonker, (4) SV/PROG, Magdalena Adriana Jonker and 1 other.

Person Details for Drievis Jonker in entry for Johannes Jonker, "South Africa, Free State Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1848-1956" —

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People: Johannes Jonker


November 5, 1876

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

People: Johannes Jonker

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