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People: JOHN BAGER, John Bager, Anna Bager and 891 others.

1900 United States Federal Census

People: I. Frishman, L. Frishman, M. Morrow and 3 others.

Social Security Death Index

People: B. Needleman, J. Renfroe, I. Briskman and 29 others.

California Death Index, 1940-1997

People: B. Needleman, S. Tuler, J. Tuler and 22 others.

1910 United States Federal Census

People: S. Dubinsky, I. Frishman, M. Belkin and 31 others.


People: D. Ordway, G. Doty, H. Doty and 1801 others.


People: Son Gordon, Margaret Gordon, Eliza Gordon and 1007 others.

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