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October 1, 1919

Utrecht, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

People: Dorothea Clasina Maria Kimmel and Gerardus Petrus Duffels

Dorothea Cornelia Willebrorda Waterreus | WieWasWie | BS Huwelijk | 28586275

1, 1919

Utrecht, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands bevat een historisch document met Dorothea Cornelia Willebrorda Waterreus uit 1919: BS Huwelijk. Ieder...

People: Henrica Cecilia Maria van Eijndhoven, Johannes Josephus Kimmel, Dorothea Cornelia Willebrorda Waterreus and 3 others.

Death Certificate


Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, United States

People: Tobias Quinter Kimmel

Origins - Victor Family

My grandmother, Sarah Kimmel, was born in Latvia in 1909 or 1910. She moved to Ottawa, Canada as an infant--not yet a...

People: Aizik Victor, Sarah (Sima) Kimmel, Tillie Hanser and 5 others.

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