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Aavik Family Tree by Liivi Aavik

This a write up of the Aavik Family Tree provided by Liivi Hurt, most likely in the late 1980's. There are some na...

People: Peeter Hurt, Johannes Awik, Leena Marie Kirsch and 49 others.

Aavik and Kirsch Census Research

December 18, 1988

Buffalo, NY, USA

This is research conducted by Aare Koll in 1988. He did the work as per Liivi Hurt's request, I believe he was a ...

People: Jüri Awik, Leena Marie Kirsch, Jakob Saare and 20 others.

Tina's Greenburg Family Tree-1


Buffalo, NY, USA

This was the original Master family tree for the Aavik/ Greenburg line. Done on a Typewriter. The oldest generations...

People: Jüri Awik, Kaarel Gränberg, Madi Gränberg and 54 others.

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