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Luksepp Ann nn Kuus laululeht

May 21, 1939

Sangaste kalmistu

People: Ann Luksep


People: Konik, Johann Konik, Mari Konik and 4 others.


People: Eha Konik, Konik, Johann Konik and 7 others.

Hilda Kohk's Envelopes


Tartu, Tartumaa

This shows Hilda's Address in Tartu, Estonia. What I find more interesting is that our coorespondance was during ...

People: Kuus (Lihten)

Hilda Kohk Letter 4 of 4

November 18, 1991

Tartu, Tartumaa

She writes that she will send photographs of her family, but that to get anything done takes a long time. She did get...

People: Kuus (Lihten)

Hilda Kohk Letter 3 of 4

November 18, 1991

Tartu, Tartumaa

Page 3 talks about Hilda's childrens branch. Gives names and dates. She mentions how my grandmother never forgot them...

People: Heihkel Kohk, Kuus (Lihten), Kohk and 9 others.

Hilda Kohk Letter 2 of 4

November 18, 1991

Tartu, Tartumaa

This starts out with a little bit of history about what her grandchildren are doing. Then she starts answering my ...

People: Kuus (Lihten), August Gustave Mõts, Linda Mõts/Jaanson and 7 others.

Hilda Kohk Letter 1 of 4

November 18, 1991

Tartu, Tartumaa

The first page of correspondence Between Hilda Kohk (descendant of My Grandmother's sister, Maternal side) and Mysel...

People: Kuus (Lihten)

Perekonnaseisuameti teatis

Salme sünni aeg on pandud Juliuse kalendri järgi 21.veebruar. 1918.a. kui mindi üle Gregoriuse kalendrile sai tema s...

People: Salme Vilhelmine Raid, Karl Taavits and Julia Taavits

People: Hendrik Kuus

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