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death albina steiner 1

Czech Jewish Registers, Prague, HBMa 2827 @

People: Albine Steiner

death rosalie lowy

Czech Jewish Registers, Slany, HBMa 1864

People: Rosalie Löwy

death markus lowy

Czech Jewish Registers, Prague, HBMa 2793

People: Markus Löwy


c. May 5, 1912

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

People: Dr. Alice Elizabeth Lehndorff and Dr. Heinrich Alfred Lehndorff

birth rosalie friedman

Czech Jewish Registers, Kamyk nad Vltavou, HBMa 751 and HBM 280

People: Rosalie Löwy

Tauber Family of Trencin City

A summary of the TAUBER FAMILY of Trencin City, Hungary [now Trencin, Slovakia]

People: Maurice (Moritz) (Moses) (Moyshe) (Moishe) Tauber, Ella Stampfer, Hugó Demény (Deutsch) and 31 others.


March 23, 1901

Death Certificate for Hermann Löwy, March 23, 1901, signed by his son-in-law Dr. Sigmund Breitenfeld. Dr. Sigmund Br...

People: Hermann Löwy

firma Löwy & Winterberg

firma Löwy & Winterberg document, including pictures of Adolf Löwy, etc.

People: Adolf Löwy

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