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May 11, 1940

Batavia, Kane, Illinois, United States

People: Hannah Langer (Shapiro), Sidney Langer, Mildred Jacqueline (Jackie) Lamel (Langer) and 2 others.


February 23, 1886

Maria Wörth, Klagenfurt-Land District, Carinthia, Austria

Am 23.2.1886 In Maria Wörth 11 um 8 Uhr früh geboren, weiterer Eintrag: Zufolge Mitteilung des Stadtpfarramtes St. Eg...

People: Theresia Langer

Joseph "Joele" Bohm - About My Family (1969)


Joseph Bohm - The following pages are not meant to present a family history or biography (and least of all, a literar...

People: Josef Joseph Joele Böhm Bohm, Bernhard Josua Ber Bernat Böhm, Katharina Böhm and 36 others.


March 23, 1886

Maria Wörth, Klagenfurt-Land, Carinthia, Austria

Zusatz: Zufolge Mitteilung des Stadtpfarramtes St. Egyd zu Klagenfurt de 3/6 1912 hat sich Theresia Krammer am 22/1 1...

People: Theresia Langer

Alva Langer Registration

Marion County, IN, USA

This is a registration card for Alva Langer.

People: Alois C. Langer

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