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June 7, 1927

Padang, Indonesia

Death of the daughter of Lim Giok Kie Nio, adopted from a Lie family member. Probably daughter of Lie Teng Goan.

People: Lim Giok Kie Nio

_MG_1979 Death certificate of Oei Lie Hoa Nio .jpg

June 7, 1927

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Daughter ( adoptive) of Oei Hong Soei and Lim Giok Kie Nio. Died at the age of 8.

People: Oei Lie Hoa Nio

Fauske i Fauske 1911-1924

December 8, 1914

Fauske, Nordland, Norge

People: Astrid Emilie Eliassen and Erik Lund Eliassen

DSCN9436 Liem Tjee Swie TjhinTjhik Kong Soe.jpg

Kertosono, Indonesia

Begrafenis vereniging Liem Tjee Swie Tjhin Tjhik Kong Soe

People: Lie Djing Tjay

Lie Djing Tjay-bekendmaking1934.jpg

November 15, 1934

Kertosono, Indonesia

Herroeping volmacht aan Lie Djing Han

People: Lie Djing Tjay

DSCN9863Floor tiles laid in 1919.jpg


Padang, Indonesia

Refurbishment of the grave and construction of the front sight with tiles in 1919

People: Lie Tian Hok

DSCN9854 Lie Tian Hok_wel leesbaar.jpg


Padang, Indonesia

Headstone of Lie Thian ( Tian) Hok in Padang ( Chinese cemetery Bukit Padang)

People: Lie Tian Hok

DSCN9763bongpai LieDjoeSoean_(B)10-6-1944-correctie.jpg

June 10, 1944

Padang, Indonesia

Lie Djoe Soean’s Headstone righthand side. Contradiction is seen in the date ( year )of death, repainted in red, stat...

People: Lie Djoe Soean

DSCN9810 Gouw Wie Sioe_Lie Goan An -bongpay.jpg


Padang, Indonesia

Courtesy collection of Willy D in Padang

People: Lie Goan An

DSCN9542OeiAijGoatNio_mrs LieTianHok 17.tjiagwee 2437.jpg


Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

year of death Mrs Lie Tian Hok 1886

People: Lie Tian Hok

DSCN9543Kwitantie-opgravingen LieTianHok-OeiAijGoat 1997.jpg

April 20, 1997

Padang, Indonesia

Receipt of Expenses paid for the excavations and cremations of the human remains of Lie Tian Hok and his wife Oei Aij...

People: Lie Tian Hok

DSCN9436pintu gerbang Baron_Begraafplaats.jpg

Kabupaten Nganjuk, Indonesia

Cemetery in Baron, Kertosono

People: Goe La Lie and Lie Djing Tjay

Reidar Lie Dødsfall i Norge (1947) 1995-april 2001 - Digitalarkivet - Arkivverket

April 29, 1995

Digitalarkivet - The Digital Archives

People: Reidar Lie

Nord-Trøndelag fylke, Sakshaug i Inderøy, Klokkerbok nr. 730C06 (1924-1933), Ekteviede 1929, side 91.

Inderøy, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

Nord-Trøndelag fylke, Sakshaug i Inderøy, Klokkerbok nr. 730C06 (1924-1933), Ekteviede 1929, side 91. Permanent sid...

People: Inga Aslaksdatter Aas and Ivar Nilsen Aas

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