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_MG_5436 LimNieNio-LieDjoeSoean-rip1944_Lie GoanAn_.jpg

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Death of Lie Djoe Soean in 1944.

People: Lim Nie Nio


December 23, 1926

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Lim Ma Hie and Lim Kie Tek reporting death of Lim Tjaij Liong, unmarried, age 53, born in Padang.

People: Lim Ma Hie

DSCN3006 LimGiok-KIE-KOA-LOEN-KOEI_ LimBengSan( Sai ).jpg

May 23, 1929

Notariskantoor Prosée, Fort de Kock- Agam, Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Children of Lim Tek Tjaij ( Tjay ) and Tjoa Sioe Loan Nio in Fort de Kock ( Bukittinggi )

People: Lim Beng San ( Sai ), Lim Giok Koa Nio, Lim Giok Loen Nio and 1 other.

DSCN3012LimTekTjaij-handgeschreven verkl.jpg

May 23, 1929

Natariskantoor A.E. Prosée, Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi - Agam- Fort de Kock, West Sumatra, Indonesia

People: Lim Tek Tjay

DSCN3003testament Lim Tek Tjaij.jpg

May 23, 1929

Notariskantoor A.E. Prosée, Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi - Agam, West Sumatra, Indonesia

People: Lim Tek Tjay

Newspaper Article - MR. LIM BOON HAW.

NewspaperSG is an online resource of current and historic Singapore and Malaya newspapers. You can search our digital...

People: Boon Haw Lim

Telefoongids-Padang 1937_LimGimTjiang_arts.jpg


Padang, Indonesia

Phonebook Padang 1937: Lim Gim Tjiang ( dutch spelling Liem Giem Tjiang, general practitioner address: Plein van Rome...

People: Gim Tjiang Lim




see : [PDF] Vacante betrekkingen Lim Gim Tjiang successfully pa...

People: Gim Tjiang Lim

M.H.I. _LimEkTie_tel_1937,jpg.jpg


Padang, Indonesia

Phone directory *adang 1938, updated 1937. The company M.H.I. { Maatschappij voor Handel en Industrie} co-owner was L...

People: Ek Tie Lim



PADANG, Indonesia

Tiong Hoa Hwe Koan Padang, Lim Ek Tie as advisor to the THHK association. Newspaper cutting from " Bintang Tionghoa "...

People: Ek Tie Lim and Eng Hoat Ang

1948 marriage Lim-Ng, Gim Jock and Huey, Lue Ying.jpg

May 18, 1948

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Gim Jock Lim using surname "Ng" U.S., Consular Reports of Marriages, 1910-1949 Name: Lue Ying Huey Age: 20 Birth ...

People: Gim Jock Lim 林錦泽 and Lue Ying Lim


Courtesy photo-collection Betsy Looho, Surabaya. Family visit of the Gho Sie Hin - family. Location maybe Semarang be...

People: Sim Lam Lim


Courtesy photo-collection Betsy Looho, [Lim Hiang Lie ], Surabaya.

People: Sim Lam Lim and Giok Lie Lie {Li}


Courtesy collection Elisabeth Looho's album [ Lim Hiang Lie .]

People: Lim and Sim Lam Lim

LKB_IMG_4664Tonny in hot BM.jpg


Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Meeting family and friends in hotel Bumi Minang, Padang

People: Mak, Koei Beng Lim, Teng Liong ( Tonny ) Lie ( Gasali ) and 1 other.



Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Vitising Fort de Kock in the rain A day out with Hendra [ Hin ]

People: Koei Beng Lim and Tjia

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